Trans Radical Witch Boudicca Walsh is the Democratic Party's best hope for the Progressive agenda in the City of Olympia, capital city of Washington State



Boudicca Walsh, a self-described Trans Radical Witch has officially registered (see here) to run for the Olympia City Council (position 3).  Olympia is the Capital City of Washington State.  Boudicca Walsh is the former chair of the Thurston County Democratic Party (see article here).  Democrat supporters of Walsh view Boudicca’s campaign as the greatest hope for the true Progressive Agenda in the City of Olympia.  I couldn’t agree more. 

I might find little political common ground with Boudicca, but there is much to admire in Boudicca’s campaign effort.  First of all, Boudicca is an unusually honest political candidate.  At a recent (May 14, 2019) Olympia City Council meeting (see link here – (starts at 23min)), Boudicca admitted to struggling with mental health issues.  Judging from the Olympia City Council’s past policies, votes, and decisions, most of the incumbent council members also appear to suffer from mental health challenges, yet they continue to live in denial.  Honesty counts in local elections, and Boudicca gets honesty points for being so truthful on the public record. 

A Trans Radical Witch might appear to be an exotic way to describe oneself when planning and launching a serious political campaign.  However, this is a Left-leaning city and Boudicca has already proven that the Trans Radical Witch credentials were essential in Walsh’s successful 2017 election as Chairperson of the Thurston County Democrats.  The Democratic Party has proven a Trans Radical Witch is the perfect leader for the party (great podcast of Boudicca linked here).  I agree and applaud their choice.  It was with great disappointment that I noticed last year Boudicca voluntarily resigned from this position. However, in light of Boudicca’s current political campaign for the Olympia City Council, it appears last year’s resignation merely helped Boudicca lay the critical foundational support needed to win political office.

Successful Fundraising efforts like this one proves that Boudicca has local support from people willing to support a campaign – an important criteria for a candidate
Proposed Evergreen State College logo features blue tarp tents, burn barrel, and used needle tree

For example, in a pretty effective demonstration proving widespread local grassroots support, Boudicca recently successfully launched a GoFundMe effort to raise $500 (see above).  This campaign was quickly successful, and proved at least 16 local donors were willing to give Boudicca financial support.  In addition to demonstrating fundraising prowess and grass roots support, Boudicca is a former Evergreen State College student (See how Evergreen should become a homeless camp here, and a proposed new logo for Evergreen College here).  Evergreen is the primary place from which so many local bureaucrats and government employees have matriculated.  This local alumni network should also be helpful in getting the first Trans Radical Witch elected to the Olympia City Council.

Boudicca Walsh has travelled around Washington State and created some popular Youtube videos like this one and this one.

Despite the obvious policy differences between this author and a Left-leaning Trans Radical Witch, there is always common ground which can be found if we bother to look closely.  For example, at a recent Olympia City Council meeting, Walsh demanded that a variety of local Democratic Party politicians and bureaucrats resign.  I wouldn’t mind seeing these politicians resign either.  Maybe we have different reasons for the same policy goal, but it is important to be open minded when common ground can be found. 

JZ Knight claims to Channel Ramtha – a 35,000 year old warrior spirit who donates big cash to Democrats

Finally, the main reason why this author has become a fan of the Trans Radical Witch Boudicca Walsh as a candidate for political office is Walsh’s skepticism of and willingness to reject the Thurston County Democratic Party’s biggest donor, JZ Knight.  JZ Knight is a local cult leader who claims to channel a 35,000 year old homicidal Lemurian Warrior Spirit named “Ramtha.”  Ramtha, it turns out, has travelled through space and time, violating laws of physics and common sense to speak through JZ Knight at her Yelm compound and make a variety of hateful and racist comments about Jews, Catholics, Mexicans, and others.  JZ Knight has donated over $300,000 to local Democrats and is the largest donor to the Thurston County Democrats in history (see complete list linked here). 

Boudicca Walsh was the only Thurston County Democratic Party Chair with the gumption to stand up againt cult leader JZ Knight

I’ve written in the past about JZ Knight’s endless litigation efforts attempting to silence this author after I released videos exposing Knight’s racist ramblings (see here, here, here, and here).  However, while the Washington State Democrats wisely decided to distance themselves from the cult leader, the local Thurston County Democratic Party was purchased and controlled by JZ Knight (see here).  It wasn’t until Boudicca Walsh’s election to the Thurston County Democratic Party that JZ Knight no longer continued as the major financial supporter of the Democrats in Thurston County. 

Nobody could predict it would take a Trans Radical Witch of Olympia to stop a racist cult leader from Yelm and her ancient warrior spirit named “Ramtha” from forever owning the local Democratic Party.  Now this same Trans Radical Witch promises to improve the Olympia City Council as well.  Why should that claim be doubted? It can’t get much worse than the current council. Let’s cheer from the sidelines as we watch the Democratic Party shine. Who says local politics is boring? 

**Update 5/30/19 – This appears to be Boudicca Walsh’s campaign website linked here for reference**

Not your parent’s witches anymore…


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  2. Jesus Christ this is a pathetic website. You spend time doing this shit for maybe 3000 page views? lmao dude, how have you not swallowed a bullet yet? I really do genuinely feel some pity for you. You’re very clearly an empty person.

  3. I thought mental illness disqualified running for any office?
    That definitely would be a no brainer…

  4. The democrat party has turned into the weirdo party. I am ashamed that i was at one time a member of this weird dysfunctional group. As a Christian i cannot put 1 single vote for them as it gives credence to the the whole body.

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