Bob Ferguson appears to be attempting to create his own Ministry of Truth inspired by George Orwell's 1984 and a recent similarly stalled Biden administration effort.

Washington State’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson appears determined to try to create his own Ministry of Truth to silence and destroy all independent thought, free speech, freedom of expression, independent thought of any kind, and any real or imagined threats to the political orthodoxy which he follows. He is doing this by drafting and endorsing House Bill 1333 in this year’s Washington State legislative session. Sometimes I wonder if these guys are trying to parody themselves, but it does appear he is serious this time.

This recent effort by AG Ferguson and his fellow Extreme Leftie followers in the Washington State Legislature appears to be a watered-down version of a similar Federal Government effort launched by the Biden Administration to national ridicule last year. The Biden crew backed down and put the plan on ice for now, but there were many rumors that the Feds would try to get their minions to do the dirty work at the State level. It looks like Ferguson volunteered for the job in Washington State.

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Here is the video we recently released about this (originally published on YouTube on February 1, 2023):

If you want to read the original bill you can go here. If you want to see what type of goofs sponsored this bill and where it is in the legislature go here. We’ve linked a variety of articles about this dumb idea down at the end of the article along with other helpful source links and background articles.

In the meantime, Ferguson has inspired us to provide some Meme fodder for our social media friends out there. Feel free to copy, paste and fill in your own Memes as you feel inspired. The first one is a blank one, and we’ve attached a few samples below which you are also free to share and post widely.

Please, let’s stop guys like Ferguson so that we can at least try to make Orwell fiction, once again.


Background articles and reference links:

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson official website

Original draft of HB1333

(In Case they memory hole this embarrassment, I’ve copied it also here for you download)

Official Legislature page (2023) for tracking progress of HB1333

HB1333 – “An Obscene Gesture to our Constitution”

HB1333 – “The bill that creates Washington’s Ministry of Truth”

Stop the Creation of the Disinformation Ministry

Free Speech and Conscience Rights under attack in WA State with HB1333

Federal Version from last year:

RealClearPolitics – “Biden’s Ministry of Truth”

The Hill – “Biden’s Ministry of Truth”

Washington Times – “Disinformation Governance Board – Biden’s Ministry of Truth”

Biden’s Minnistry of Truth on Pause


  1. Glen,
    I tried to call the 800 number and say no on HB1333 and the lady who answered was very opposed to my comments and would not post them unless I left my name and address. I said that was against the 4th amendment and said she didn’t care, so I had to go. Every thing I said she had a come back objection to and said the bill was not about freedom of speech but about domestic violence which I told her I did not agree as that also violates the 4th amendment. I said the government has no right sticking its nose in the business of Americans. My two cents

    • Yep, although I have to say that when you leave comments on pending legislation, they are not anonymous. If it was possible to make anonymous untraceable comments, then someone would just program bots to leave millions of pro-abuse anti-freedom comments on every bill and there would be few people involved in the process.
      Thank you for calling them regardless. They do generally report back to their respective legislators and tell them what is happening.

  2. Mr. Morgan,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE the word “Law” or “law” which by the way are different. The law or laws you usually refer to are ARE not law but are codes. So when us use that term they get a great big smile and know that really they have won. PLEASE USE THE WORD “code” “statue” “rule” “dictate” “mandate” “executive order” “regulation” “ordinance” or other words that refer to the codes. After all isn’t it from the Revised Code of WA. The constitution is Law or even law. So how will the people know which you are talking about when we use Law or law when talking about code. Or is it the constitution or the Constitution. MOST people have never read the Constitution for The United States of America, Unincorporated. The Constitution was for the DeJure or unincorporated government. The code is for the DeFacto or incorporated government. DeJure is with We The People at the top and DeFacto is with we the people at the bottom and the corporate government at the top to be sure to ignore the We The People. Our “government” is not our original government. In 1860 President Lincoln by the stroke of a pen converted our DeJure government into a DeFacto government and placed our government by our founding fathers in mothballs.
    I have heard you many times at rallys and CAPR mtgs and when ever you said the word law I wanted to tackle you and tell you. Thanks for the opportunity to say what I know and believe and feel in my heart.
    Lincoln tried to fix what he had been tricked into and was shot for it. WE GOT OUR FIRST EXECUTIVE ORDER from him executive order 100, the Lieber code nor converted into the Hague convention documents. So wouldn’t it make sense that when we got our first executive order (a device of corporations) that is when everything changed and has been going down hill ever since. PLEASE do not fuel their egos and call their codes laws. All that does it tell them in their minds that they have already won. Get everyone of the truth movement to say code, at best statues, or any of the other ones mentioned above and call them at their own game. They win by semantic deceit and trickery. Evil never sleeps and keeps coming back. Its like when the basketball game or football game final buzzer goes off, the other team runs for a goal and declares themselves winner because we weren’t paying attention.
    In conclusion PLEASE STOP using the word law and use the word code. Lets call it what it is and stop fueling their monstrous egos.
    Thank you very much for this forum to say my peace.
    Hope this makes a difference. – Scott
    I can always be reached by email.

    • Thanks for the critique. There is a clear and significant difference between the Constitution (Federal or State) and RCW (Revised Code of Washington). RCWs, in theory, require a majority vote of the state legislature, and the state senate, and signed by the Governor. All of these people are supposed to be elected officials. They have the ability to draft these RCWs provided, in theory, that they don’t trample on the rights outlined in our state (or Federal) constitution. They are clearly subserviant to our State and Federal constitutions. However, the entire set of “laws” in our state is based on what is approved by our elected officials. This has become one of their primary “jobs” during the part time legislature. So, you can claim that the statutory framework which states that murder is illegal in Washington State and that you can go to prison for life if you commit murder and are convicted in a trial court for the same – you can claim that shouldn’t be called a “law” but I can promise you will still be in prison if convicted of that crime, which is defined in the RCWs. Using the term “law” for RCWs is probably not as great a verbal crime as you may think, although I completely agree that a vast number of RCWs that have been passed over the years should be repealed and our RCWs greatly need some streamlining and some constitutional pruning.

      I will point out that RCWs are generally recognized as laws and distinguished from WACs, for example because WACs have never been formally approved by any elected official at any time – they are essentially rules created and invented by bureaucrats in back rooms and used mostly to enhance the power of the state. The real bloat and abuse of the administrative state can be found at the state and federal level in this type of agency rule-making and more recently, at the Executive level of government with “Executive Orders” which may be even more flimsy than the standard WAC abuse we witness all too frequently today.

      However, I really appreciate your comments on this one.

  3. I have said it for many years now. This man is perhaps the most dangerous politician in our history, at least in my 61- year old adult lifetime. He is the designated heir apparent for Inslee and the People’s Republic of WA by it’s Comrades. All the voters a Liberal Socialist statewide candidate like him or crazy Liberal unconstitutional Amendment Initiatives like his I-1639 need for election or passage; can be seen from the top of the Space Needle.

    • I’m sure that is his attitude. The funny thing (not so funny, but worth observing) is that he has only gotten worse the longer he has been in office. His authoritarian tendencies have really become far worse the longer he remains in public office.

  4. I read the copy of HB1333. What are they talking about when they say “a public health response?”
    Since when are differences in opinion a public health threat?
    Also notice how they include every group except for white Americans. Apparently we don’t exist?!
    Do you have a copy of their study on Domestic Terrorism ? I’m really interested in how people become radicalized.
    Our government has become just like an abusive partner. All the signs are there.
    Thanks for reporting on this!

    • Yep, I saw the study, and I’ll try to remember to link it to the source docs above. The “public health response” seems to be modeled on their recent experience with Covid19 and the mandates they could justify from that excuse. They want to claim that people they don’t like are a “public health” and therefore they have more flexibility to suspend constitutional protections. It is very bizarre and absurd, and if the political tables were reversed and people imposed this program on Ferguson’s political allies, you would be hearing it screamed from the temples of every Leftist organization in the nation. Of course, since they seem to want to do this to their political enemies, they are silent.

  5. Bob Ferguson is likely going to be our next governor. Word on the street is that he’s hanging around with state employee union leaders. God help us.

    • I’m sure that is Ferguson’s aspiration. The only reason he didn’t run last time is because Inslee got so shellacked at the Federal level with his silly and embarrassing run for President that Inslee had no other place to go, so he leveraged his failure into a 3rd term and convinced Ferguson, Dow, and Franz to drop out.

      • I have no doubt about this but Inslee will just be moved up the ladder to WEF/NWO , or UN post as reward for his excellent tyranny here , he so tight with Gates that is inevitable

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