Evergreen State College could become home to the many addict/homeless camps like this


We’ve written a few articles (linked here and here) critical of the political incompetence and corruption in the City of Olympia which led to the absurdity of the recent explosion of Addict/Homeless camps. Olympia, home to Washington State’s capital does not have to turn itself into a shantytown wasteland, but they choose to do so anyway. While the city has responded with a low-energy, ambiguous video justifying their failures (linked here), there are real criticisms of this author’s writings because no solution to the problem has been presented.  Let’s consider a real solution now.

Waterfront Property in Olympia under 4th Avenue Bridge – Addict/Homeless camps proliferate throughout the City of Olympia, and some have great views like this.

First, this proposed solution does not ignore the fact that replacing all the politicians on the Olympia City Council is probably a necessary first step towards rational local government.  This solution also doesn’t intend to ignore the fact that enforcement of existing laws would be a good first step.  This solution doesn’t address the Homeless/Addict Industrial Complex which siphons millions of dollars to grow the problem and make it worse.  Finally, this solution also doesn’t entirely address the apparent collusion between the illegal drug trade and local homeless/addict recruitment efforts ongoing in the City of Olympia and elsewhere.

Evergreen State College is a failing institution and the facilities can be repurposed to address local problems

Evergreen State College is broken.

With a significant 20% drop in student enrollment over the past few years (heading towards 50% collapse in freshman enrollment), multiple rounds of staff layoffs, and rated as one of the worst colleges in America for free speech (see list here), Evergreen College has become the joke college of the nation.  With no formal grades issued and with enough dysfunction to justify the production of videos like this one labelled the “Red Queen of Evergreen,” there just doesn’t seem to be a point squandering more tax dollars on this experiment any longer. 

In addition to this, the lawlessness which has swept the college over the past few years, litigation filed by professors driven from the campus by angry mobs of chanting students, a recent lawsuit filed against the institution by the former college police chief, and the low value placed by the private sector for a degree from this institution, there just doesn’t seem to be a point for taxpayers fund the place any longer.  In a recent gathering of several dozen local parents who were discussing college for their children, they unanimously and adamantly stated they would not allow their children to apply to or attend Evergreen.  Many employers from around the state have privately admitted to this author that applicants who admit obtaining a degree from Evergreen are rated lower than those who have degrees from institutions which issue real grades. 

Time has run out on the experiment at Evergreen College – Let’s try something else (Evergreen College Clock Tower)

Evergreen College graduates can still find employment, but mostly this is in various government bureaucracies which have an insatiable appetite for students who have been properly indoctrinated by the theories of intersectionality, Marxism, and the robotic hivemind of the college.  Students who still want the Leftist radical experience on college have plenty of options today and are not limited to Evergreen.  Students can still riot, protest, silence alternative thought, and burn things at other institutions like Berkeley, from which the final diploma represents more value to the student later in life for future employers. 

Most major structures on the Evergreen State College campus are sturdy, concrete construction, perfect for sustainable addict/homeless occupancy.

Finally, Evergreen College has many structures, dorm rooms, lecture halls, and classrooms which can be repurposed into all weather housing for addicts and homeless.  The large parking lot can handle hundreds of mobile RV meth labs and other rolling/towing stock.  The campus is already on the bus route to transport addicts/homeless to their favorite panhandling, neighborhood theft, and stolen property fencing locations elsewhere in the community.  Residential neighbors are buffered by the 1000 acres of wooded campus.  It will also be harder for anyone to photograph or witness the innovative garbage piles that seem to accumulate in places like this.

Evergreen College – Sustainable Future as Addict/Homeless Camp

Moving Addict/Homeless Camps like this to Evergreen College would help hide a few visible eyesores in the City of Olympia

There are many aspects of Evergreen College today which would seamlessly integrate into a great solution for the current addict/homeless camp “crisis” created in the region.  Let’s review them in detail here:

the Evergreen College campus could easily accomodate homeless residents like these
The Evergreen College campus can easily accomodate homeless residents like these

  1. Indoor living spaces – With millions of square feet of available, covered, heated indoor space – the college could house an estimated 10-15 thousand homeless in indoor comfort and safety.  Out of the weather.  Not just the dorms on campus.  The lecture halls, classrooms, common spaces, and large hallways could allow thousands of addicts/homeless people to live in far more comfort than any of the alternative options they find under overpasses, in alleys, and in local parks today.
  2. Bathroom facilities – There are hundreds of bathroom facilities on campus, and these will greatly improve the current environmental challenges of open defecation on downtown sidewalks and in local parks.  Just having this waste processed in a responsible manner will be a clear environmental improvement over the current situation.
  3. Available staff – Many of the Evergreen College staff have been advocating for more rights to drug addicts and homeless on the streets of Olympia for years.  Some of them have even been recruiting more addicts to come to Olympia.  Many staff members could seamlessly transition from Leftist professors to Leftist counselors for the addicts and homeless on campus.
  4. Multi-use facilities – The large variety of lecture halls, gyms, and classrooms could be segmented into specialized facilities like distributing needles, safe injections sites, overdose monitoring, voter registration, etc.
  5. Large parking lots – For the more mobile, independent entrepreneurial addict/homeless population they could use the large parking facilities.  This would save a lot of hassle for the Oympia police and visitors because by parking the mobile meth labs and other rolling stock at Evergreen, they would no longer be blocking businesses, parking spaces, or driveways in the neighborhoods nearby.  Additionally, these unlicensed and barely roadworthy vehicles would be less likely to cause car accidents.  It is estimated that 500-700 vehicles like this could be in the paved parking areas alone.  Even more could be located here with parking on greenspaces.
  6. 1000 acre campus – If for some reason, the population of addict/homeless grew beyond the capacity of the Evergreen campus to house them indoors, then there would be acres of beautiful woods where tents could still be pitched, and they could remain close to all the amenities the Evergreen campus has to offer.
  7. Durable facilities – most of the buildings on Evergreen’s campus are very durable and built out of concrete.  This architectural design will be resilient to the inevitable abuse of the facilities caused by a large concentration of addicts and homeless transients.  There is also the added bonus of being more difficult to catch fire from errant burn barrels or random camp fires.
  8. Cooking facilities – The campus already had commercial cooking facilities located on campus which can effectively produce and cook food and the staff already exist to operate these facilities
  9. Access to public transit – Evergreen is already connected into the mass transit bus system, and if light rail ever makes it to Olympia in 50-60 years, this would be a logical stop.  While light rail might be a pipe dream (or nightmare) right now, at least there would be easy transport to optimal panhandling locations and Olympia area neighborhoods to case for items to steal in exchange for more drugs.
The 1000 acres of Evergreen’s College Campus is the perfect venue for solving the addict/homeless camp problem. It has a sustainable capacity of more than 20,000 addict/homeless residents

If the activists and special interests which claim to care about addressing the addict/homeless problem in Olympia (and the surrounding communities) are serious, this simple conversion of the Evergreen State College Campus can’t be ignored as a legitimate option.  In addition to the previously mentioned features which make the campus perfect for this application, there are several benefits to the State of Washington taxpayers as well. 

Addicts/Homeles camps will help add their own decorations to the forest floor in the wooded campus of Evergreen College

First, running an addict/homeless camp is much less costly, staff-wise, than pretending to operate a serious secondary education facility.  For example, most of the existing and very expensive upper management would no longer be needed, so the tens of millions of dollars saved every year on their salaries (and future retirement) could be redirected to other, more worthy institutions in Washington State.  Secondly, since the state already owns this property and these facilities, there is no need to make major land purchases or exercise eminent domain to acquire property.   Finally, since the facilities already exist, the time to transition could be almost immediate. 

Thanks to a US 9th Circuit Court decision last year, the city of Olympia claims they can’t tell these homeless addict/campers to move

Another bonus to using Evergreen immediately is that it would address the concerns raised by the US 9th Circuit Court decision (linked here) which has become the foundation to justify zero incarceration or removal of the thousands of addicts and homeless who camp in the woods and on the sidewalk downtown.  No longer could anyone claim there were not available facilities for addicts and homeless to live.  Evergreen’s campus is big enough to house them all, which would allow law enforcement to actually shut down the many illegal “Coopervilles,”  “Bateman Motels” and “Jonestown” addict/homeless camps found throughout Olympia (named after Olympia City Councilmembers Jim Cooper, Jessica Bateman, and Nathaniel Jones). 

Moving Addict/Homeless camps like this away from the downtown Olympia bus station and onto the Evergreen College campus would be a major upgrade.

Sure, there would be some pushback from students trying to finish their degrees – perhaps there could be a transition period where the campus has a dual use – part addict/homeless camp and part college campus.  It is likely very few students or faculty would even notice the transition phase much.  The college was founded as an “experimental” facility, and a seamless conversion to an addict/homeless facility could be easily considered just another part of the continuing experiment. 

It is worth debating the merits of this proposal and comparing it to the fiasco and incompetence on display every day in the City of Olympia.  Nobody can claim there are really any better options available.  Build new, expensive “tiny home” villages over the next few years at $300 per square foot? Fill the parks and greenspaces around town with tents and mobile meth labs? Wait for the Olympia City Council to figure out that turning the city into a drug addict destination nirvana is not a great plan? The Evergreen College campus presents a real solution to a real problem and it can be implemented immediately. 

The trails of Evergreen College could soon be decorated like this by the innovative addict/homeless population from the City of Olympia.


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  1. I own a local business, employing 8-11 people, depending on the season. Most of my employees have 4-year college degrees. However…anytime I get a resume from an applicant that states they attended Evergreen, I immediately toss it in the trash. I don’t want to deal with an idiot who wasted their parents’ money on a completely useless Evergreen degree. I don’t want to deal with the self-entitled attitude of the person who thinks they’re enlightened because they went to Evergreen. I don’t want to deal with that divisive, arrogant, hypocrite, dismantling the fun, harmonious working environment that exists in my business. Nope, Evergreeners can go bother some other employer. I’ve hired them in the past and will never do so in the future.

  2. Turn the dorms into Low income housing. Low cost rent would help the low income but make them work in the community as well such as garbage cleanup

    • That is a good idea. The addict/homeless encampments that would be piling up around the campus are going to be dumping their trash all over the place (as is their custom) and this would reduce the cost of trash pick up and used needle discovery. Thanks for the input…

  3. Oh, my! Now that’s what I call a creative solution!

    If the Evergreen administration fails to get its act together — and soon — that’s where they’re headed: the trash heep. It’s one thing for a private college to squander private funds. It’s another thing for a public college to squander tax dollars.

    And speaking of dollars, shame on the Olympia City Council for trying to pass the buck by blaming this horrendous situation on a court ruling. The judge didn’t create this situation. The Council did! Poor policy, budgetary, and policing decisions.

    I don’t blame Police Chief Ronnie Roberts for the failure to enforce Olympia laws. That instruction undoubtedly came from someone (or someones) above him. If Ronnie is smart — and he is — he should start applying for jobs elsewhere.

    Point well made Glen. This situation is cringe-worthy, yet you found the humor. That’s a hard thing to do sometimes.

      • I love it! Evergreen has went down hill so far from the low it was 40 yrs ago. Time to clean house in this state, so glad I no longer live on the west side, and wish we could break off into our own state on the east side.

        • The challenge with terrible policies and terrible politicians is that their disasters tend to spread like a disease. You can’t outrun it. You have to confront it and defeat it. Moving to the East side (or Idaho or Texas) is merely temporary delay. The idiocy that produces these disasters has already crept into your community and infected your bureaucrats and politicians even if they haven’t found a way to implement the insanity. Best to defeat it here and then it is almost certain to not spread…

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