What other people say about Glen Morgan…

The above “Anonymous” Yakima threat was posted back in November 2023 – but we didn’t notice it until March of 2024. Misspelled Glen’s name, he only has one “spouse,” and everything else is just silly posturing on their part.

“Glen Morgan is a political conservative with a knack for annoying elected Democrats and their progressive allies.”

Jerry Cornfield – Journalist – Everett Herald – October 25,2018 (link here)

“Glen Morgan is the most effective conservative activist in the State of Washington…”

Todd Herman – Talk Show Host – KTTH 770am – January 3, 2019 (link here)

“Morgan’s tactics have helped deplete Democratic campaign coffers by vilifying Democratic donors, while also attempting to split the Democratic votes in Washington elections to benefit the Republican candidates. It’s brilliant — in a pretty twisted way.”

CJ Priebe – Blogger – Ebbtide – November 2, 2018 (link here)

“The club (King County Democratic Party) currently has a little over $13,000 cash on hand with $23,000 of debt, thanks largely to a judgement against them in a campaign finance lawsuit filed by Glen Morgan…”

Rich Smith – Blogger – The Stranger – November 29, 2018 (link here)

“Morgan could sue the organization (Pacific County Democrats) and its committee officers. He has gone after Democrats from other counties and some of the organizations have been forced to disband or ordered to pay penalties…. With that in mind, Wolfe said, local Democratic leaders decided to shut the party down as of Dec. 31.” (2017)

Amy Nile – Reporter – Chinook Observer – March 20, 2018 (link here)

“Glen Morgan, a conservative activist who has a seemingly Herculean stamina for staring at campaign filings, has set his sites on the Clark County Democratic Central Committee…”

Jake Thomas – Journalist – The Columbian – April 6, 2018 (link here)

“Do our state’s campaign finance rules need reforming?
Glen Morgan, a conservative activist and self-styled campaign finance reform advocate, says they do—but his choice of targets has raised questions about whether he’s more committed to reforming campaign finance laws or bringing down progressive candidates and causes.”   

Erica C. Barnett – Journalist – Seattle Magazine – February 8, 2018 (link here)

“Whatever Morgan’s true intent, his complaints have resulted in settlements, fines, an unprecedented case backlog at the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC), and the closure of at least four Democratic political committees, including two in Seattle. Last year, according to PDC spokeswoman Kim Bradford, the agency received 283 citizen action complaints. Of those, 246 were filed by Morgan.” 

Erica C. Barnett – Journalist – Seattle Magazine – February 8, 2018 (link here)

“…Before the Morgan era, he says, the PDC could work with organizations to get their books in order. Now, he says, all bets are off.
“It’s an immediate crisis, because these [party officers] are volunteers, and they are scared,”…”

Erica C. Barnett – Journalist – Seattle Magazine – February 8, 2018 (link here) quoting Democratic Party Attorney Dmitri Iglitzen

“Morgan is a former employee of the conservative group Freedom Foundation. As the Seattle Times has noted, he has been praised as a state government watchdog and blasted as a partisan annoyance by his critics.”

Rose Lundy – Journalist – Tacoma News Tribune – February 6, 2018 (link here)

“But the bulk of complaints against Democratic organizations and committees – including those filed against the Spokane County Democratic Party and several local legislators – come not from a GOP organization but from a conservative citizen activist, Glen Morgan of Thurston County.”

Jim Camden – Journalist – Spokesman Review – December 10, 2017 (link here)

“In the face of some of Morgan’s complaints that have been turned into lawsuits, the Island County Democratic Party and two Democratic Legislative District Committees in Western Washington have shut down their political action committees.”

Jim Camden – Journalist – Spokesman Review – December 10, 2017 (link here)

“Either way, Morgan’s crusade hasn’t earned him many friends on either side of the aisle. He exclusively targets Democrats, but Republicans aren’t happy with him either. “

Daniel Walters – Journalist – Inlander – July 21, 2017 (link here)

“Morgan is by far the most prolific filer of PDC violations in the state. He’s filed seven complaints this month alone. Biviano (Spokane County Democratic Party Chair) compares the stress that Morgan puts on the system to a hacker overloading site with traffic as part of a denial-of-service attack”

Daniel Walters – Journalist – Inlander – July 21, 2017 (link here)

“There’s something you should know about Glen Morgan, the serial filer of campaign-finance complaints aimed at Washington’s Democratic candidates and organizations. He isn’t done.”

Joseph O’Sullivan – Journalist – Seattle Times – May 30, 2017 (link here)

“His office sits in his home in Tenino, a tiny town about 15 miles south of Olympia. From there — and the occasional coffee shop — Morgan has launched a volley of campaign complaints. They can be seen, depending on one’s politics, as necessary watchdog actions against the Democrats, or as time-sucking, frivolous distractions by a partisan rival.”

Joseph O’Sullivan – Journalist – Seattle Times – May 30, 2017 (link here)

“The spike in complaints has strained the PDC, Lopez (former PDC Director) said in late April, shortly before she left the position. She is now running for mayor of Tacoma, a nonpartisan office. “I’ve told him a couple of times, ‘You’re killing us, and you need to really, really pull it back,’ ” said Lopez, who described her working relationship with Morgan as good. “But he just doesn’t see it that way.”

Joseph O’Sullivan – Journalist – Seattle Times – May 30, 2017 (link here)

Most of the dozens of PDC complaints filed by Glen Morgan, a Republican activist from Thurston County, against Democrats are, admittedly, part performance art. While formerly with the conservative Freedom Foundation, he’s been subject of more than one PDC complaint himself, and he wants to make a larger point: All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the state’s Byzantine campaign finance rules…
First of all, Morgan got access to internal party documents — several Democrats suspect that someone within the party had leaked them. And second, Morgan says, the problems were so catastrophically severe as to make his other complaints pale in comparison. That includes the complaint against state Speaker of the House Frank Chopp that resulted in a nearly $6,500 penalty.

Daniel Walters – Journalist – Inlander – April 13, 2017 (link here)

“Morgan runs a website specifically for wannabe whistleblowers who scrutinize the financial profiles of candidates and public officials. When they see anything that looks off-kilter, they submit a complaint. Kids these days call this activity “trolling.”

Tacoma News Tribune Editorial Board – March 18, 2017 (link here)

“None of this would have come to light without the capeless crusade of conservative activist Glen Morgan, who’s made it his mission to comb through Public Disclosure Commission documents, looking for offenders.”

Tacoma News Tribune Editorial Board – March 18, 2017 (link here)