At Tuesday’s Olympia City Council meeting, in Washington State, the new Thurston County Democratic Party Chair, Gordon “Boudicca” Walsh introduced himself as a “Trans Radical Witch of Olympia” and as the new chair of the Thurston County Democrats.  Boudicca’s  main goal during his public comment was to threaten various members of the Olympia City Council with removing the endorsement of the Thurston County Democrats (and presumably campaign services, etc) if they voted for a proposed ordinance that would make disrupting a city council meeting a misdemeanor.  

Gordon (Boudicca) Walsh is the new Thurston County Democratic Party Chair

Boudicca Walsh pointed out that all the members of the council were self-identified as Democrats (which is true) even though their positions were “non-partisan” and this discussion about party affiliation caused Olympia Mayor Selby to interrupt the self-identified trans radical witch with a point of order for legal counsel (If there is a revolution in this country, like Shakespeare warned (Henry VI, Part2, Act IV, Scene2), the lawyers will be killed first). However, after legal counsel mumbled that Walsh could proceed with his public comment, the new chair of the Thurston County Democrats proceeded to deliver his ultimatum to the Olympia City Council with appropriate gusto and sufficient cheers from his supporters in the audience.

It is moments like these that make the Olympia City Council meetings worth attending, and I regret not being there to witness this in person.  The video linked below is the best I can do.

This Trans radical witch of Olympia has many messages to share (source: Facebook)

First of all, I’d like to say that I agree with Boudicca Walsh, the trans radical witch of Olympia, this proposed ordinance is stupid.  Everyone who attends a public meeting of the Olympia City Council should be able to interrupt the council as they get bored or annoyed without fear of a jail sentence or fine.  In fact, a nice, loud interruption to the agenda of the Olympia City Council should be a civic duty if not a requirement before graduation from the nearby Evergreen State College.  These interruptions, which should be frequent, help keep the audience awake and the council on their toes.  It also feels like this would be a retro flashback to our roots as a nation, long before the idea of a three minute limit on public comment was concocted.  What could possibly be more civic oriented than a little public rebellion and civic interruption of the Olympia City Council?

Boudicca Walsh is wrong here. Walsh’s life will profit the Thurston County Democratic Party with strong, unique leadership (Source: Facebook)

I am overjoyed that the Thurston County Democrats have finally elected a chair with the willingness to speak truth to power and confront these elected officials, even if they self-identify as Democrats.  Boudicca Walsh is the perfect leader for the Thurston County Democrats, and I am sure the local party will thrive under the leadership and direction that only a trans radical witch of Olympia could provide.  

I am also eager to see the new energy that will be injected in Thurston County Democratic Party politics with a trans radical witch in charge.  This is just going to be awesome.  It makes me want to attend Thurston County Democratic Party Central Committee meetings now.

The politics of Thurston County has never looked more interesting than it does today.  

Thank you, Boudicca.

Witches just aren’t what they used to be…



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  1. I agree with the tran guy but I can’t wait to see his reaction when the tables are turned. Radical leftists (even if only in name) like dissent perhaps even less than those they oppose.

  2. I think your article is very, very funny, and yes! Boudicca, Make the D Party proud! You just can’t make this stuff up. And then, there is JZ Knight to top it all off. The question haunting me is, did Ramtha know Boudicca somewhere along his 15,000 year life span? I think these two souls must have met somewhere in time. Let’s give it for Boudicca, Ramtha, JZ and all the civil disobedience the council’s little heart can take….The D Party has earned it.

  3. I have known her for years, and she is a lovely person. Disagree with her politics if you wish, but to go after her personally is just not very nice.

    • She is the perfect person to lead the Thurston County Democrats. I support her in her leadership role, and I’m sure she will do well. Here is my question for you – I may have to correct the article to reflect the correct pronoun – does Boudicca use the pronoun “she” and “her?” If so, I will correct it.

    • Joseph, could you please confirm optimal pronoun to use here? I want to get it right, if at all possible. Like I said, I think Boudicca Walsh is the perfect leader for the Thurston County Democrats, and is clearly my favorite County Democratic Party Chair in the state right now.

  4. Trans Racial? Well what is his alternate race because he sure looks white to me …. so if he is a transgender and transracial pardon my being Redneck but that makes him a dually ….

    • No, she/he (I am trying to verify proper pronoun here – see above comment) said “Radical” not “Racial” Boudicca is a “Trans radical witch of Olympia” as said in the public testimony…

  5. The erasure of biological women is taking place. It is very real and people are such fools. Blind to everything or afraid to say this is all crazy. Saying nothing is not a neutral act. George Orwell was right.

  6. Can’t believe this is really happening. A man taking what is suppose to be a women’s position and that isn’t the worst thing but a WITCH. So the value of the real woman who has more experience and was recommended has no value as a real women to run for a woman’s position when compared to a man and a witch. This is sexual discrimination! Ironic how Title IX is being used by males to take what belongs to a biological woman.

    • Tina, in the original vote for this position, the Thurston County Democrats had a choice between Boudicca Walsh and Rhenda Strub (former Olympia City Council & recent candidate for the state legislature in the 22nd District). Boudicca was chosen by a vote margin 2 to 1, so there should be no doubt that Boudicca is the preferred person to lead the Thurston County Democrats at this time. This is Thurston County.

      • Tina is right. Men need to knock it off with usurping women’s positions and women’s prerogatives just because they want to “perform femininity”. Boudicca is not a woman and it’s an insult to all women that he has stolen this position. He shouldn’t have been allowed to run in the first place. Trans need to understand their place in society and it is not with their boots on the necks of women, thank you very much.

  7. Okay, Glen, let me see if I can ask this question without offending anyone. I looked at all the photos, and I can’t figure it out. In your judgment, would the new TCD Chairperson be more comfortable peeing while standing, or peeing while sitting? (Is that question legal??)

    • I’m sure any question you ask is legal, I’m just not sure if they are “allowed.” I don’t pass judgment, I just report what I see here. A least this keeps Thurston County interesting…

    • Missy, don’t feel hesitant to “offend” perverted freaks with twisted mentality and their corrupted enablers who promote further moral degradation of this country. …Their “being offended”, a.k.a. “victimhood” is just their tool of convenience to shut the people of common sense and healthy mentality down.

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