The phony water crisis continues, legislative style, Hirst Heist rolls on

Yesterday, the Washington State Legislature started the new Legislative session with great ceremony and fanfare in Olympia.  On the first day of session, every year, the legislators walk down the aisle, Democrats on the...

Jay Manning fined for Cult PAC violations, State Democratic Party pays tab

On August 24th, Jay Manning, former chief of staff to Governor Gregoire and former Director of the Washington State Department of Ecology settled the lawsuit originally filed against him for his many violations of...

State of Washington vs. Jay Manning, cult-funded SuperPAC director exposed

On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, another campaign finance lawsuit was filed against Jay Manning in Thurston County Superior Court (see complaint filed yesterday linked here - Thurston Superior Court #17-2-02568-34).  Jay Manning, in his capacity as director...

The Hirst Heist and our diminishing legislature

On October 6, 2016,  Futurewise, with the assistance of six Washington State Supreme Court Justices, managed to win the lawsuit lottery.  The Supreme Court ruled in Hirst v. W. Washington Growth Management Hearings Board...

Jay Manning fined $4,800 by Attorney General for violating disclosure laws

In a rapid settlement last Friday, Jay Manning was fined $4,812.50 by Washington State’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson last week.  A press release was issued Monday by the Attorney General announcing the fine and...

Tales of Tyranny – Art Thomas – The crime of washing a car

This is the first in a series of videos which will be produced by the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) in Washington State.  These are short video stories about people who have been...

Thank you, government whistleblowers

A short message for the government whistleblowers who are willing to expose the truth about where they work.  Your willingness to come forward, even anonymously, can be the beginning of the process to clean...

Be Anonymous, be a government whistleblower – TV ad #2

This is another one of our Whistleblower Ads running on television – started in January, 2016.        

Be Anonymous, be a whistleblower – TV Ad 1

This is one of our Whistleblower Ads running on television - started in January, 2016.

Stifling Human Ingenuity

For Whistleblowers, please go here to learn more  There is something cruel and malignant in today's Central Planning departments.  It is manifested in a desire to force everyone into "compliance" and "submission" to "The Plan"...

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