The City of Olympia continues to impress the state with the rapid state of decline as homeless junkie camps proliferate and grow. It doesn't have to be this way, but the local political elite do nothing to change this trajectory.

This was the second video we produced in the last few months documenting the size, scope and unfolding disaster of the drug camps spreading throughout Olympia. The first video is linked here. These drone shots were taken in January, 2021, and primarily we focused on three camps here – the Capital Lake Camp, the Ensign Road Camp (behind the pot shop), and the Wheeler Camp. These camps have all expanded and become more polluted in a significant way since that time. We have also written a variety of articles about this topic in the City of Olympia (here, here, and here) over the past few years.

While the City of Olympia’s city council is obviously not serious about doing anything that improves the situation in the city, there are some steps that could be taken to help both the people in this situation and the community they are impacting.

This would help improve the current trajectory…

For example, as we have recommended in the past (see here), the nearby Evergreen State College campus could be converted on an emergency basis into a drug rehab/homeless facility for a few years to help with the short term needs. The college itself has been in a steep decline for several years anyway. This 1,000 acre campus has ample parking, extensive dorms, adequate kitchen facilities, and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as classrooms which could be put to good use. Additionally, the nearby Maple Lane facility could be converted into a drug detox facility as well as the McNeil Island facility. A recent video produced by Eric Johnson from KOMO news called “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” (linked here), addresses this issue from the Seattle perspective, but it applies in Olympia as well.

This video was originally produced and made public on January 20, 2021…

Here are some nice photos of the scenery in the City of Olympia, and while there was once a group of people here who claimed to care about the environment, they have gone silent…

Nice trails in Olympia…
Keeping Olympia’s trails and green spaces colorful
Needles are easy to find, but the supporters of these camps want to pretend that drug addiction isn’t a big part of the problem…
What’s upstream in Olympia? Homeless addicts dump trash into salmon stream in City of Olympia – local environmental groups do not care (Photo 1/15/2019 – Percival Creek)


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  1. >the nearby Evergreen State College campus could be converted on an emergency basis into a drug rehab/homeless facility

    Says the man who has never managed, built, designed, maintained, or planned infrastructure in his entire life. Good lord, Glen, I realize you exist primarily as a media operation…but this just makes you sound clueless and worthy of nothing but ridicule.

    Or do you maybe serve the real estate mavens who are trashing downtown with the dream of buying up distressed properties at pennies on the dollar, then exploding development of the West Side via socialist “health” “care”?????

    Why don’t you locate the homeless druggies in Olympia proper, instead of unincorporated Thurston County? How about Capitol Hill, or Boston Harbor? Or East Bay or West Bay Drive? How about the neighborhood around the Olympia Food Co-Op or Bigelow or Crestline? The Unitarians over on Division Street have been welcoming indigents for decades–why not locate them there?

    The politicians serve those heavily Dem/socialist neighborhoods. Let them take the problems they created. Not those of us who have been advising against farming people’s weaknesses for power and money via the socialist “social” “work” state run by globalist corporatists and their spineless GOP enablers.

  2. Mentally ill folks are vulnerable. Drug addicts are not; they chose their lifestyle. Nice try; no cigar.

  3. Okay Democrats, we’ve rarely agreed on much. The time has come for you Traditional Democrats to join the conservatives in taking back our city and state. You have been cheated and dismissed by the Progessives. I think we can all see where this is leading. You need to step up and take back your party so we can all get back to our Parties honest differences. I never thought the 2 Partys were as close as we appear to be now.

    • Sorry, Leslie, it is the Dumbocrats who caused the mess to begin with. And I hate to burst your bubble, but the two parties have never been further apart than they are now. Are you sure you live in the USA?

  4. Truly the crime of our generation is how we have treated our most vulnerable, the drug addicts and mentally ill. It is truly a disgrace, God forgive us and those in power that turn a blind eye to necessity of action.

    • Drug addicts are not “our most vulnerable.”

      “Our most vulnerable” are our elders. Our infants. Our children. Our working men and women injured on the job and given nothing but Sackler brand Demon Drugs to numb them out…then offered state-sponsored drugs to get number.

      Drug addicts have chosen a disgusting lifestyle, and they need to pull themselves out of it. Don’t troll me for pity for them. I spent my entire life saying no, often under great personal and professional pressure, to be one of them. I always refused. It often cost me. Now, so many years later, I see how the road to perdition is paved with so many moments of WOAH DUDE YEAH COOL.

      Just stop it. We’re sick of all this degeneracy, and sick of degenerates foisting their narcissism on society.

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