To have a successful political party, a cast of supporting characters must be assembled, and the Thurston County Democrats have quite a crew (from Left to Leftists - JZ Knight, Boudicca Walsh, Steve Segall, Joe Hyer)



Frequently, I am asked about the Republican Party’s inability to effectively compete for many local elected positions in Thurston County.  After all, Washington State’s capital, the City of Olympia is located here, and the Republicans send respectable cohorts of legislators to the capital every year.  In recent times the Republicans have controlled the state senate.  However, politics is about a lot more than politicians.  No matter the quality of the candidates, their ability to obtain and retain political office is often a function of the support network which nourishes and sustains their efforts.  Republicans fail to pay attention to this support network, which might be why they often struggle with local election success.

It is educational and helpful to write about the important political players behind the scenes and successes of the local Democratic Party in Thurston County.  These are the unsung heroes, the moneybags and the colorful characters who have joined forces to create the dynamic political powerhouse called the Thurston County Democratic Party.  Consider these profiles to better understand their success.  The diversity of experience needed to produce political dominance at a local level is fascinating.  If the Republicans ever want to compete for local political office, they will have to equal or beat this cast of characters before they can attain the political nirvana of more frequent election night celebrations.

This is Part I of an inevitable series.  It takes a village (or a coven or perhaps a cult) to raise a political party to such great heights

The Cult Leader

JZ Knight claims to Channel “Ramtha” – a 35,000 year old homicidal Lumarian warrior spirit and donates big cash to Democrats

JZ Knight is the local cult leader who claims to channel a 35,000 year old Lemurian homicidal warrior spirit named “Ramtha” at her compound located in Yelm, Washington.  It is impossible to discuss any recent successes of the Thurston County Democratic Party without highlighting their largest financial donor.  JZ Knight has admitted contributing over $300,000 to local Democrats (see complete list with all source documents linked here).  JZ Knight is a long-time cult leader who has been preparing for an apocalyptic invasion of the lizard people for many years now (apparently, according to Ramtha, they live under the glaciers on Mt. Rainier).  JZ Knight/Ramtha has made many other apocolypic predictions. In addition to the prestige and cash contributions that come from having a famous charismatic cult leader fund your party, JZ Knight has been helping the Thurston County Democratic Party finance the growth of its power base.  While many candidates JZ Knight funded have still failed in their election efforts (Kelsey Hulse for Commissioner, Jim Cooper for Commissioner, Bruce Lachney for state legislature, and Steven Klein for Yelm Mayor, etc), notable others have succeeded like County Auditor Mary Hall and Representative Laurie Dolan(22nd LD).

In addition to supporting the Democratic Party, JZ Knight is also an important author

No honest story about JZ Knight is complete without referencing the release of her racist video tirades against Mexicans, Jews, Catholics, and others which this author exposed in 2012 (see articles linked at the end).  The publicity of these videos unleashed a furious torrent of litigation against former cult members to plug the leak (and prevent even worse videos from being released).   This also inspired cult leader JZ Knight/Ramtha to initiate a variety of lawsuits against this author for exposing the truth.  In 2012, the Washington State Democratic Party understandably distanced itself from JZ Knight, but the Thurston County Democrat chair at the time, Roger Erskine, promoted JZ Knight “JZ Knight is a very good strong Democrat and she totally supports our platform and our goals and I think that’s good enough,” (see article here).  He was right. The Thurston County Democrats wouldn’t be the party they are today without the generous six-figure donations from this cult leader.  Every successful local political party needs a major source of cash, and for the Thurston County Democrats, nobody dumped more cash to fund their political goals than cult leader JZ Knight. 

The Witch

Boudicca Walsh was the Thurston County Democratic Party Chair until last year

This author’s favorite former chair of the Thurston County Democratic Party is Boudicca Walsh, who self-identifies as a Trans Radical Witch of Olympia (see articles here and here).  While Boudicca was elected as chair of the Thurston County Democrats in 2017, Walsh unfortunately resigned in 2018.  Happily, my disappointment with this resignation (and my faith in the future of the Thurston County Democrats) has been mitigated by the happy fact that Boudicca has officially registered with the Public Disclosure Commission and the Thurston County Auditor to run for the Olympia City Council (position 3).  This political race is certain to generate tremendous excitement and volunteer support.  Boudicca has honestly admitted to mental health challenges (see public comment at Olympia City Council linked here – Boudicca speaks 23 minutes into video).  Judging from policy choices and voting history, much of the Olympia City Council has similar struggles, but they won’t admit it.  Boudicca’s honesty shines through for all to see.

Trans Radical Witch Boudicca Walsh is the Democratic Party’s best hope for the Progressive agenda in the City of Olympia.

Boudicca is credited with generating a lot of Democrat excitement and has the magnetic personality and charisma to ensure that this Trans Radical Witch can help provide street-level credibility and check unusual intersectional demographic boxes in a convincing manner.  This helps demonstrate the Thurston County Dems are truly #woke, but also helps drive activist energy.  A former Evergreen College student and born as a male named “Gordon”, Boudicca is currently a Democrat PCO, but has made real impact on the local party, and not just when Boudicca was county chair.  Many people now properly associate Boudicca as having achieved the pinnacle of Democrat activism and this has become the idealized image of what most local Democrats aspire to become.

The Disbarred Attorney

Steven Segall frequently testifies to the state legislature on how to keep the unions less transparent

Often it is the workers behind the scenes who contribute more than most people appreciate, and they deserve the greatest praise.  Steven Segall is a disbarred attorney from Colorado (Colorado Supreme Court disbarment document linked here).  He was disbarred in 2005 for defrauding at least 8 clients and not paying his child support However, he abandoned Colorado and apparently some of his client’s money when he arrived in Olympia and along with his wife Sarah, generously contributed over $24,000 to the local Democratic Party (see spreadsheet for details of contributions linked here). 

JZ Knight funds Sarah Segall’s litigation efforts in Thurston County

The Washington State Department of Health and Human Services (DSHS) decided Seagal’s resume matched exactly the criteria they were looking for, and he was hired as a level 3 adjudicator responsible for some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens.  Interestingly, he also joined the union (WFSE Local 443) and has been not just a shop steward, but also on the union’s political committee, responsible for dispersing additional campaign funds which, of course, are given to local Democrat candidates.  His wife, Sarah, is a local artist and is supported and funded by JZ Knight in litigation (along with JZ Knight’s son and other local Democrat Party standouts) in an effort to silence this author and prevent the exposure of local Democratic Party corruption (Thurston County #16-2-04464-34).  This powerhouse duo help ensure that the Thurston County Democratic Party retains the moral high ground in Olympia.

The Felon

In 2010 Joe Hyer was convicted for selling drugs in a school zone

Joe Hyer is a former Olympia City Councilmember and Treasurer for the Thurston County Democratic Party.  He is also a convicted drug dealer (see here, and here) and has been charged with financial fraud in the past as well (see here and here).  He has also struggled with campaign finance laws recently, as this warning letter from the Public Disclosure Commission proves.  However, despite these colorful resume enhancements, Hyer is probably the brightest light in the Thurston County Democrat universe.  He was the first pick to be appointed Thurston County Treasurer when a vacancy occurred in that seat in 2010. Unfortunately, the felony drug dealing (in a school zone) conviction derailed that career path for now. 

Joe Hyer in happier pre-felony days

However, Hyer is very good at raising money (he was the co-master of ceremonies at the recent 2019 Kennedy Day dinner). His close affiliation with the Olympia City Council has guaranteed that he is a major recipient of grant dollars from local government for various reasons.  Of all the local Democratic Party leaders, Hyer is probably the best at understanding math and budgets (I’ve always believed drug dealers tend to be more skilled with budgets, cost projections, and keeping multiple sets of books), and whenever money is involved or needed, he can be found helpfully engaged.  Hyer’s charisma and well-rounded real-world experience help guide the party in the right direction.

The Death Threat PCO

Laurien Weisser in front of Olympia City Hall – apparently not threatening to kill anyone here.

Laurian Weisser is not currently a Democrat PCO (Precinct Committee Officer).  Unfortunately, he has lost his last two PCO elections (see here and here).  However, in many ways, his enthusiasm and exuberance helps keep the party moving forward.  While Laurian during the 2016 election cycle, made the mistake of leaving this author a voicemail death threat (which he made from his home phone), at least the restraining order has now expired (this was his second no-contact order).  On the positive side, when KOMO news interviewed the Thurston County Democrats after the death threat was made public, for the first time in their history (finally!), they officially disavowed political violence, which was a big progressive step forward (see article linked here). 

Shortly after threatening to kill the author, Laurian posted this friendly comment. These Facebook posts help build his credibility in the party. (Source: Laurian Weisser Facebook page)

This progress could never have been made without Laurian.  Laurian’s donated labor and regular commentary left on Facebook, comment areas, and other places helps ensure the Democratic Party’s ideals are properly distributed for all to see.  Laurian may never hold an important leadership position in the Thurston County Democrats again, but his high energy and eloquence has helped propel the party to unpredictable places. 

Thurston County Democrat Party Official’s death threats made KOMO TV news

Can Republicans even compete?

This article only covers five local titans and critical influencers of the Thurston County Democratic Party.  However, it is clear the party wouldn’t be where it is today without these colorful characters.  In future articles, I will continue to document and recognize the effective leadership and capable volunteers who have all joined forces to make a permanent impression on local politics.  These political heroes have grown the local Democratic Party into a juggernaut that continues to endorse political winners and crush all political opposition and dissent. 

Showcase Homeless/Addict camps in the City of OlympiaPride of the Democrats

Despite setbacks like the recent campaign finance lawsuit (and settlement for $27,000 + $20,000 attorney fees – see article here) with the AG’s office (initiated by a complaint filed by this author), and despite losing every Democrat seat on the Thurston County Commission in 2016 for the first time in state history, the local Democratic Party appears to be reaching a golden era of policy success like their impressive homeless policy programs in the City of Olympia.  Photos of these policy successes are included nearby (also see articles here and here). 

What’s upstream in Olympia? Homeless addicts dump trash into salmon stream in City of Olympia – local Democrats don’t really care (Photo 1/15/2019 – Percival Creek)

It will be tough to beat a political team that includes a weird cult leader, a Trans Radical witch, a disbarred attorney, a felon, and a death-threat PCO, but until the local Republicans can craft their own team of even more impressive winners, this Democrat crew will be tough to beat. 


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