During the first official 2017 meeting of the Thurston County Democrats on the fourth Monday of January, there was palpable angst in the air.

It was a standing room only affair at the Thurston County Courthouse.  The room’s legal capacity was 112, but more Democrats crowded the space amid jokes about the fire marshall.  Fortunately, the fire marshall never showed and the meeting started fashionably late.  Virtue-signaling was in vogue as is typical at political events.  Buttons for Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock were accoutrements du jour among the attendees. While the meeting itself lasted for two hours, the strange part was the odd obsession with “traditionalists,” spies in their midst,  and me.   

In Search of Safe Spaces

Thurston County Democrats at their January 23, 2017 meeting (Source: Facebook)

One of many strange obsessions expressed was the desire to move the meetings to a new location.  It was the general consensus of the leadership (and not obviously challenged by anyone at this point) that the Thurston County Courthouse was no longer a “safe space” because it was now controlled by “Republicans.”  There are no longer any Democrats on the Thurston County Commission, but it seemed weird to label this public building “unsafe” because there are now three politically Independent Commissioners.  I don’t remember the Republicans making this claim while they met in the Courthouse with Democrats in control.  The new Democrats were frantically searching for a new place to meet that
wouldn’t cost much money.  Also there was a strange paranoid concern that Glen Morgan (yep, this author) couldn’t be denied access to the building and that I might film, take photos or send in my “spies.”  This is interesting because it never stopped Democrats from removing me from their meetings in the past.   

Discovering the value of Private Property Rights

One silver lining, from my perspective, of this decision to depart the courthouse was the recognition that if the Democrats found a location on private property, they could be more protected from “spies.”  They could then deny access to Glen Morgan or any other other deplorables who might want to see their secret sauce plans.  This is positive progress.  The
Thurston County Democrats have been leading the war on private property rights in the county for years.  They actively celebrated every abusive action that government could take to harm private property.  Now, for the first time in recent memory, the Democrats are recognizing private property rights, and I applaud them for this recent discovery.  Sometimes people must find their own path to enlightenment.  It is always fair to recognize when those who view themselves as political opponents come closer, even with a baby step like this, to discovering the truth about our rights.  This recent rediscovery of private property rights should inspire hope and optimism at an otherwise less than positive meeting.

In Orwell’s 1984, they only needed two minutes of hate

A strange and pointless obsession – 45 minutes  of hate

According to multiple attendees, approximately 45 minutes were dedicated to discussing Glen Morgan and his many nefarious schemes to control Thurston County.  While I find the attention amusing, it is also bizarre and a bit obsessive.  In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the Party only dedicated two minutes of daily hate for their perceived enemies.  Thurston County Democrats, however, apparently believe I merit more attention, or perhaps the hate built up over the month and this was the time to vent.  Many attendees understandably were frustrated that so much time was dedicated to me, but it took them a while to speak up.

As boring as I most certainly am to everyone but my free range chickens and kids (yeah, they are free-range too), what the heck was there to discuss?  Here are some examples in no particular order:

Thurston County Democratic Party Chair Katie Nelson claims she can’t sleep at night, worried about Glen Morgan (Source KOMO news)
  • Recently re-elected county chair Katie Nelson told everyone in attendance that she couldn’t sleep at night because she stayed up worried about what Glen Morgan would do next (I didn’t believe this at first and had to check multiple sources – also known as “friends” or “spies” I guess, to verify this strange statement)
  • The entire room erupted in cheers and applause when it was announced that I had stepped down from my position at the Rochester School Board.  Some mumbling was also heard about getting a “Progressive” into that vacant seat (have they ever visited South Thurston County?).
  • Stew Henderson (one-time candidate for the 22nd Leg District in 2010 and TC Dem Chair 2011-13, also Dartmouth College grad “Go Big Green” and former Ralph Nadar acolyte ) took the time to “educate” the masses on the evil genius of Mr. Morgan.  While I once doorbelled Mr. Henderson’s home and I spoke to him on a few occasions before he was hired by the state – I am not sure how this qualified him to become an expert on me.  I must admit, I was laughing at the caricature he painted, but the audience that night was held in rapt awe as my grand schemes to turn the Thurston County Commissioners into my puppets was explained.  If you believed Hillary Clinton’s vast right wing conspiracy theory, then you might swallow this one too.  A particularly delightful nugget of wisdom he presented was the fact that somehow I employed all three commissioners when I was at the Freedom Foundation years ago.  Secretly, of course, as part of my nefarious scheme to take over the commission.  To be fair to those in the audience, many were in disbelief that the Democrat candidates for the commission lost their races, so some of this credulity could be viewed as one of the necessary stages of grief  (see Stage 1 – denial and Stage 2 -anger).
  • Fortunately, there were a few skeptics in the audience when Katie Nelson was trying to
    explain how the Public Disclosure Complaints filed against them had no merit and were “nothing” and were certain to be “dismissed.”  Several people asked her questions about this, and her answers were less than accurate as everyone will discover soon.  (See the PDC complaint here for the details).  What makes this sillier is the fact that the upcoming February 13th meeting they are gathering to discuss how to fund the legal defense for these “nothing” PDC complaints.
  • Great excitement was also on display as people celebrated that I would be going to court with JZ Knight about some robocalls from the last election.  JZ Knight is a local cult leader who claims to channel a 35,000 year old homicidal Lemurian Warrior spirit named “Ramtha” who apparently has travelled through space and time to ensure JZ Knight donates large piles of cash to the Thurston County Democratic Party.  The Washington State Democratic Party divested themselves of all their JZ Knight/Ramtha cash in 2012 after multiple videos of JZ Knight making racist and nasty statements about Mexicans, Jews, Catholics, and organic farmers (my personal favorite) were released to the public and media (see multiple source link articles below for more background). JZ Knight now largely owns the Democratic Party in Thurston County with several hundred thousand dollars of donations given over the past few years.  JZ/Ramtha is bitter about how little this money purchased at the ballot box this year and is now using her son and another Democrat PCO to front another frivolous lawsuit against me.  This brought great joy to the crowd on Monday night, although there appeared to be much confusion and ignorance about how the legal process actually works.
  • JZ Knight claims to channel “Ramtha” a 35,000 year old warrior spirit who apparently supports the Thurston County Democrats

The Bernie Crew – Different People, Same old Game

To be fair to the new crew running the show for the Thurston County Democrats, they have inherited the previous mistakes made by Democrat leadership.  With the exception of Katie Nelson, the current local elected leaders are all new.  Many of them identify with Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton, and they were understandably upset how their candidate was treated by the Democratic Party.  Obviously, Democratic Party Leadership at a national level cheated Bernie Sanders in many ways and this happened at the state level as well.  So, the Bernie Sanders fans did the practical thing and took over the party.  I applaud their success.The success of the new leadership of the Thurston County Democratic Party was based in part on their understandable anger directed at the Democratic Party establishment for rigging the system against them.  Unfortunately, now that THEY have the “power” it looks like they are going to use similar tactics to purge or keep down the Democrats who don’t
agree with THEM.  

During the rest of the meeting when they were not directing hatred towards me, they were talking about how they want to purge their party of the “traditionalists.”  Apparently, that is going to be one of the labels (along with “neo-liberal”) they assign to anyone who doesn’t toe the orthodox line of the new motley crew in charge.  It will be fascinating to see how this purge grows their movement.

Super Secret Sauce and Meetings

The only other topic of significance (apart from a weird anti-Israel rant by Regon Unsoeld, which served as a strange intermission of sorts) discussed was the appointment process for a new county treasurer.  As any good Precinct Committee Officer (from either major party) knows, one real power a PCO can wield is the ability to pick a new political appointee when a vacancy occurs for a local partisan position.  The party affiliated with the recently vacated politician gets to pick three candidates to be chosen by the Thurston County Commissioners.   Thurston County Treasurer Shawn Meyers recently stepped down to go work at the State Treasurer‘s office, which has left a vacancy the new Democratic PCOs get to help fill.

The challenge, of course, is that the new Thurston County Commission is no longer occupied by Democrats.  Instead, the residents of Thurston County voted for Independants.  This similar scenario hasn’t been too much of a problem around the state when these partisan vacancies occur.  However, to the Thurston County Democrats, this dilemma required super secret meetings to choose the candidates.  Much angst and gamesmanship apparently was needed as they were certain the commissioners would pick the weakest candidate so that the new incumbent could then be defeated in the next election by another evil Republican or deplorable or maybe my next robocall.  

When Republican PCO pick candidates to fill vacancies – it is very open – this is last year’s 2nd District PCOs voting for replacement legislator options. Anyone could observe or take photos.

I have observed many of these candidate interviews with PCOs during the selection process at Republican PCO events.  Unlike the Democrats in Thurston County, they were always done in a way that interested observers and media folk could be there.  Recently, in the 2nd District, 28th District, 31st District and a few years ago for the Thurston County Auditor position, this was always done in a pretty transparent way by the Republicans.  Apparently, the Dems are going dark and off the grid for their special secret sauce pick process.  The secret pick process resulted in Jeff Gadman (Lacey City Councilman and Assessor employee), Ann Chaudry (my personal favorite in this selection because of her endless battle with City of Lacey over a code enforcement dispute), and Kevin Pestinger.  I had expected Nick Fediay (current Thurston County Dem Treasurer, who won his PCO slot with a coin toss) to be one of the choices, but he missed the cut.

A Bipartisan Dilemma, and a cure for paranoia

Officially, I am the Bipartisan Liaison for the Thurston County Republicans.  This isn’t an official voting leadership position in the Republican Party, and I’ve been known to go rogue a time or two.  However, it is concerning to see my friends and neighbors in the Thurston County Democratic Party get so paranoid about me, spies, traditionalists in their midst, and others.  Who needs “spies” when you have so many friends who are Democrats?  I officially offer to come speak at their future gatherings so that they can realize  it is possible for all of us to get along in this community, or just to give them a real person to hate instead of the imaginary caricature that has been invented.    

I am also sure that the hatred (and maybe the death threats?) from the Democrats can be reduced.  Katie Nelson made a good step in this direction by renouncing violence late last year.  I am sure that open dialog will produce even better results than secret meetings.  Perhaps even some of the more bizarre concerns can be addressed, and Katie Nelson can sleep better at night.  No need to be paranoid or hateful.  After all, they aren’t “spies” if they are already my friends.

(one minor disclaimer:  Former Democrat PCO Laurian Weisser should be warned that I will be coming in advance so that he can remove himself at least 500’ from the building due to the no-contact order against him for past death threats he made.)



(Full Disclosure:  Ramtha and JZ Knight sued the author in 2014 in Federal Court for providing videos of various racist tirades she/it made in previous years to her/it’s followers as part of a public record to the Thurston County Commissioners (whose political campaigns she/it funded).  Ramtha/JZ Knight claimed that the videos were selectively “edited.”  She/it refused to release a full unedited video to prove the clips were edited out of context.  Finally, she/it wisely chose to drop the hopeless lawsuit in 2015 since it was obvious all JZ Knight/Ramtha claims were bogus. 

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  1. Oh, my! The craziness continues to flourish.

    Nothing secret is ever discussed at the monthly meetings, so I wonder what the real reason is for switching locations. Perhaps it’s a way to legitimize paying select people “rent” money to host their meetings. Perhaps it’s a way to throw off the old guard for a while (who may mistakenly go to the old location). Or perhaps the party has been taken over by a paranoid schizophrenic. Whatever the reason, this is a bad sign for the TCD.

    The TCD slogan is: It’s a good day for democracy! Given their Mussolini-like tendencies (hate speech being only one aspect), perhaps the slogan should be changed to: It’s a good day for fascism!

    It’s worth reading “The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism” by Dr. Lawrence Britt http://www.rense.com/general37/fascism.htm). A wolf in sheep’s clothing . . . fascism in democracy’s clothing.

    Good article, Glen. Thanks for writing it.

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