The death threat arrived via voicemail yesterday.  It was 8 seconds long, and you can listen to it below.  While the caller doesn’t identify himself, he used his home phone number.  The guy threatening to find me and kill me (according to the voicemail) was Laurian Weisser, the elected Democrat Party Precinct Committee Officer of Precinct #223 (Olympia).

Laurian Weisser in front of Olympia City Hall - apparently not threatening to kill anyone here.
Laurian Weisser in front of Olympia City Hall – apparently not threatening to kill anyone here.

Mr. Weisser is a good friend of Thurston County Commissioner candidate and current Olympia City Councilman Jim Cooper and is helping that campaign.  He has not enjoyed hearing the truth about Jim Cooper’s past mistreatment of women or employees who worked for Mr. Cooper.  That being the case, it appears to be second nature for Mr. Weisser to threaten to kill those who expose the truth.  You can listen to the message he received that enraged him to launch this death threat here.

While death threats may be acceptable and regular behavior for officials in the Democratic Party, it seemed prudent to notify the police about this matter (Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Case #16-5708) and obtain a temporary restraining order (UHS 16-243) against Mr. Weisser.  Unfortunately, Mr. Weisser has been a recipient of other restraining orders in the past (Case #03-2-30083-4 – Thurston Superior Court) , when a former girlfriend/roommate of his obtained a restraining order (extended once) against him in 2003.

Laurien apparently has an anger problem (source Laurien Weisser Facebook page)
Laurian apparently has an anger problem (source Laurian Weisser Facebook page)

Mr. Weisser may be the only elected Democrat in Thurston County making official death threats via voicemail right now, however, other types of threats seem to be a common staple in the local Democratic PartyCandidate Jim Cooper has been threatening any local politicians who endorse his political opponents, and his threats appear to carry weight.  They were weighty enough in the past that he could force a collective “gag order” on the employees at Together, a small local nonprofit, when they threatened to collectively quit if he wasn’t fired.  The Board of Directors unanimously voted to fire him, but Jim Cooper’s political threats were convincing enough that the gag order remains in effect.  As the Olympian’s reporter discovered, nobody there wants to talk about Jim Cooper’s firing.  Yet, despite his inability to run a small local nonprofit, somehow he has become the best Democrat option to run Thurston County?

Shortly after threatening to kill the author, Laurian posted this friendly post (Source: Laurian Weisser Facebook page)
Shortly after threatening to kill the author, Laurian posted this friendly post (Source: Laurian Weisser Facebook page)

None of this is new.  We wrote all about it back in June.  Until the recent robocalls forced the Olympian to look closer, this well-known history of Jim Cooper remained buried behind these political threats.

This all raises some real questions for the Democratic Party:

  •  Will the party renounce violence and death threats by one of their own?
  • Does the Democratic Party support the threats of violence if it is done on behalf of other Democratic candidates?
  • Does Jim Cooper’s campaign encourage death threats by their supporters as part of their campaign strategy?

Until the Democratic Party can convincingly renounce threats of violence as part of their campaign strategy, they have no moral standing to question anything I am doing to expose the truth about their candidates.

It is time for the Democratic Party to renounce violence by one of their representatives. These threats have no place in our community
It is time for the Democratic Party to renounce violence by one of their representatives. These threats have no place in our community


Our Constitution begins with the phrase “we the people.”  It was the founder’s intent that government be created by the people, to serve the people.  It wasn’t their intention for the people to serve the government.  It was always intended that government which failed to serve the people should be “altered or abolished.”  Until we return to the founder’s intent, we remain We the Governed

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  1. I thought the D’s were against abusive, threatening language. This fellow’s language and behavior are beyond bullying! Getting a restraining order was the right move. I hope the Olympian covers this story. If not, the Newspaper is an accessory to gangsterism–that’s not exactly modeling good behavior for young people.

    • @Dan – Following the campaigns, it appears that violence is a paid behavior condoned by the Democratic Party. When threatened credibly with a death threat, it is appropriate to report that to the law enforcement agencies of jurisdiction; if directly related to national campaign politics, ie any registered political party, the FBI may have an interest.

      While a restraining order is nice, the paper on which they are printed does not stop threatened violence, including death. To be governmentally assured of one’s safety, one need be a candidate, a politician in office, or a celebrity. In the alternative, one can be a citizen, rather than a subject; firearms are personal tools used in the arena of threatened violence, though education in firearms law is highly recommended, as is training and practice with a sidearm having a caliber starting with “4.” There is no shame in assuring your own safety, and the alternative is to rely on legal papers to make an attacker stop, call law enforcement and wait for them to draw a chalkline around you, or beg for the compassion of any who assault you.

      Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

    • Read the Olympian article…it’s called the cut and run. The D Party could have said “he’s a good fellow; he just lost his cool”. But they act like they don’t know their own worker! So much for D Party loyalty to the foot soldier working for Cooper’s election. And the Olympian is in cahoots demonstrated by making slight of the incident. That isn’t journalism; its propaganda!

  2. Just sick. Absolutely sick. Sorry you end up having to go through this kind of crap Glenn Morgan.

    According to today’s Olympian, Katie Nelson, chair of the Thurston County Democrats says that “…the Democratic party is well-known and well-associated as the party of peace.” Laughed out loud when I read that one.

  3. Glen, I was totally shocked by one of the accusations against you. I didn’t know you ate paste. BTW, if the Dems are still accepting donations from Ramtha, am not surprised that Mr. Weisser is considered one of their stalwarts.

  4. Remember the good old days in 2012 when Laurien threatened you under the name “Sage 3?” I sure miss those days. And how did he find out you had goats? You must make clear to him that you love your goats, but not in that way.

  5. Uh dude, listen do yourself a solid and leave “my” Sound Transit out of your mental space. Time to take out the trash in Thurston County who can’t handle some truth and call in what you gotta call in to be safe. Hope the coward goes to jail.

  6. If Glen Morgan has committed a crime then the caller should be using our legal system to peruse him. Making direct threats of violence, specifically death threats, is not just unacceptable behavior, it’s more than likely illegal! This is disgraceful and pathetic behavior.

      • As I referenced in the article – there is a police report with the Thurston County Sheriff’s department as well as a restraining order – issued today in district court.

          • We will stay safe. One way to ensure safety is to widely publicize this type of behavior. It should discourage this guy from carrying out his threats, and it should discourage others from making them as well.

        • @Glen Morgan – Being printed on paper, neither a written report by law enforcement personnel nor a restraining order signed by a judge stops violent behavior which has been threatened. In the end, you are responsible for your own safety, as neither LEOs nor judges have any duty to protect anyone but themselves (per SCOTUS). Either take the responsibility or don’t. It’s your life in the balance, not anyone else’s.

          Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

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