Washington State Governor Inslee has inspired creative expression in the people of the state. They have made many images to express their feelings about Governor Inslee

Who says Governor Inslee isn’t inspiring? There is evidence of creative inspiration across the state as Washingtonians are moved to express themselves in visual ways about Governor Jay Inslee. For those less familiar with the term – the official definition of “Meme” is nearby. Since these images are sometimes lost on Facebook or other social media platforms, we thought we would provide a service to those interested in this visual snapshot in time about how many people in Washington State think of their governor. A picture can say a thousand words, but sometimes a picture with just a few words can say so much more…

The Evolution of a Meme – one example

Often a Meme is created by some inspired individual, then it is posted. After that, it tends to be modified by others. The primary meme image used in this post is just an example. In the span of less than a day, this image evolved very quickly. Here is how it started:

Version #1

This Meme started out with the “KOVD 19” mock up for a local news station, and addressed the long-time rumors of Governor Inslee’s goals to abandon the state and go to the other Washington as soon as possible… (The creator also misspelled “Inslee” but this is often done on purpose)

Version #2

Essentially, sticking with the Green mask theme, and the “KOVID 19” style of news screen grab, the creator emphasized Inslee’s obsession with the Gang Green priorities, and the spelling of Inslee is corrected here.

Version #3

Someone decided to go with a Star Wars theme in this version…

Version #4

Someone decided to mix the Grinch theme with the Star Wars theme and it all works with the Gang Green angle…

Version #5

This creator was inspired to improve the Grinch theme, keep the other elements the same, and improve the resolution of the final Meme (this is the thumbnail image we used for this post)

Not all Memes shared on social media go through changes like this, but they do tend to stick to themes. Here are some common Memes bouncing around out there about Governor Inslee, organized by thematic element:

Governor Inslee as “Maggot Man”

These were basically in response to Governor Inslee’s bringing Maggot infected apples to communities in Eastern Washington who were ravaged by the late summer wildfires. It was uncovered that he violated Apple Maggot Quarantine rules, which have been in place for decades to protect local apple growers, which is a big financial part of many communities in Eastern Washington. We wrote about this here. Just a sampling:

Inslee has a gift for Washington. Here are some maggoty apples from his tree. Handing out these infested apples in Eastern Washington has earned him a new nickname. “Maggot Man” is sure to be remembered by many.
This isn’t really a meme, but it serves a similar purpose…

Inslee – the Lockdown Man:

In 2020, the Memes were mostly focused on Inslee’s lockdown orders

There is a terrible contagion spreading through the land, but you aren’t reading about it in the traditional media
Washington State Governor Jay Inslee loves lockdowns and believes that it is better to be King than to be Governor
When the Inslee administration dropped random and poorly drafted agritourism and farm regulations recently, there was little concern from the Governor’s office about how he hurts local farms. This has been a pattern with the Inslee administration.
Washington State Governor Jay Inslee drops Lockdown orders on the peasants and serfs of Washington State
For those who have read Orwell’s 1984…
Inslee isn’t happy that he is getting caught making so many mistakes. He is angry at the people for being “insubordinate”
Washington State Governor Inslee wants to create an army of informers who will turn in their neighbors to the state so he can punish them for being insubordinate to his virus proclamations.
Inslee supporter and a Green Party Governor candidate failed to convince a judge to allow her to proceed with her recall effort on Yakima City Councilman Jason White who dared to question Inslee’s proclamation policies and for calling Inslee a “tyrant.”
Washington State Governor Inslee has suspended background checks for childcare workers, which seems like questionable virus policy at best
Governor Inslee wanted to be President, believes he is savior of the world, acts like he is king, and some people believe he is a dictator. However, he remains a Democrat in good standing, facing a little rebellion now and then.
Governor Inslee is angry about “insubordination” by Washingtonians, and he must distract people from his $200 million Nigerian Fraud Ring fiasco. It is time to unleash the bureaucrats on the people…

Just About Inslee In General:

Sometimes, Governor Inslee is so inspirational, that Meme creators seem to be willing to explore all types of ways to express their feelings about the Governor:

Memes in Real Life

Sometimes people express themselves in the physical world, and those expressions become the fodder for memes via photos spread online:

Businesses closing forever due to Jay Inslee’s lockdown orders know who to blame
A sky sign pulled by an airplane over the state capital earlier in 2020
Masks are mandatory in King County, Thurston County and elsewhere, inevitably these become a fashion accessory and political statements…


Background articles and documents:

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Seattle Times – King County settles vote records suit from 2004 governor race

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Thurston County Auditor bends the rules to benefit Allen Miller (and Jim Cooper)

Vote by mail fails when postal workers are corrupt, look at Washington State

Democratic Dinner Committee pays over $6k for lawbreaking, promises to sin no more

King County Democrats suffer another setback with $36k judgement for breaking the law

King County Council receives Bureaucrat Pinocchio Award

Attorney General sues Democrat Speaker Frank Chopp for campaign finance violations

Tempted by Turd Tax, King County Council and Staff shocked by citizen disgust

King County Dumps the Turd Tax after overwhelming rejection by angry residents


  1. I stopped listening to Inslee back in May.
    Husband and i were waiting to see if Loren Culp would win. Since he did not, and too many people in WA state (idiots in Seattle mostly) are DESTROYING the state with woke Bolshevism, we are planning to move to Texas or South Dakota.

    What we are witnessing is literally the communist takeover of our country..i had a friend way back, older than i, from China, who survived Mao’s revolution and told me about it.
    This is what it looks like.

    Inslee needs to face a criminal court..since he has repeatedly violated the bill of rights- the highest law of the land- he is unfit to hold office.

    look up on Bitchute :Crimes Against Humanity- Reiner Fuellmich.
    Class action lawsuits are starting all over the world.
    Mr. Fuellmich is the international attorney who smacked the cr*p out of Deutschebank and Volkswagen.

    Hopefully idiot Inslee will be tried in the ICC for genocide among other things.
    (as in sticking covid patients back in nursing home to deliberately kill old people and boost his death numbers )

  2. Well, our “King” was legally elected by the majority of this state and will be inaugurated in January to serve his term for the next 4 years. Better not waste too many memes now, at this pace you’ll run dry soon.

    • Nope; this bozo will be the source of endless memes. And it would be a waste NOT to make fun of Slimeslee, especially since he provides plenty of material. Your point is?

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