Washington State Governor Inslee demands obedience to his lockdown mandates. He is threatening Spiffy's Restaurant in Lewis County with oblivion for daring to serve food to customers.

The next stage of Washington State Governor Inslee’s harmful and abusive lockdown orders appears to be in the process of launching.  The fight between Governor Inslee and the little people of Washington’s latest confrontation might be at Spiffy’s Restaurant located just off I-5 and Highway 12 (the exit you’d take to White Pass).  This confrontation looks uglier thank Inslee’s tax plan and while the Governor’s heartless abuse of the rural residents and small business owners of Washington State continues during his never ending “state of emergency,” Inslee appears to be escalating the personal targeted attacks now that his election is over. He finally gets to show us he is the boss.

Yesterday I finished interviewing City of Mossyrock Mayor Randall Spasser.  I also interviewed local police chief Roger Morningstar and some other local business owners in Mossyrock.  The City of Mossyrock has been the news lately (see here, here, and here for examples) for passing a local ordinance encouraging local businesses and rejecting Inslee’s one-size-hurts-all lockdown mandates, and recognizing that the laws which might work in Seattle may not apply in rural Lewis County, where Mossyrock is located.  I plan to launch this video Thursday morning (see here).

On my way back home, I stopped in at Spiffy’s Restaurant, which is a long-time iconic diner located just off Interstate 5 and Highway 12.  Like the fortunate restaurants who have survived Governor Inslee’s pretend “phased” approach to reopening after the two week “flatten the curve” headfake “temporary” emergency mandate from last March (nine months ago!), this business was just struggling to survive.  Inslee’s sudden second state-wide punitive lockdown demands are intended to be the final dagger in the heart of their business, their dreams, and their future.  Many small businesses are folding all around the state – particularly small business restaurants, while Wal-Mart, Costco, Amazon, and Big Government get fat profits. Hey, that’s fair isn’t it? Equal protection under the law is overrated anyway! 

Colby Blackwood – Compliance Officer for DOSH (Dept. of Labor and Industries), where his dad, Craig, is the Assistant Deputy Director

I noticed a little group of people milling outside the diner and discovered that I just missed a visit by Governor Inslee’s personal “secret police” (Labor and Industries)– a local Department of Labor and Industries enforcement officer named Colby Blackwood who threatened the business with termination and promised to come back with “a warrant” to shut them down for good.  Their great crime?  Serving food to paying customers and thereby violating King Governor Inslee’s mandates – a grave crime indeed.  A photo of his business card is shown nearby.

After chatting with other L&I employees and sources within this state agency, I discovered that Mr. Colby Blackwood is the son of Craig Blackwood, the Assistant Deputy Director in the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Division of Occupational Safety and Health.  In typical Washington State agency nepotistic style (Just think Gangnam Style without the cool dance moves)– the boss has his twenty-something son out roaming the rural communities threatening to destroy local businesses on behalf of the boss man – Governor Jay Inslee.  In case you want to email Mr. Craig Blackwood (the father) – his email is public record and is  Craig.Blackwood@lni.wa.gov  – I’m sure he would like to hear from you.  (Please remember to keep all communication civil – every email you send is a public record for the whole world to see). 

While Assistant Deputy Director Craig Blackwood and his son Colby enjoy destroying the financial future of thousands of families in Washington State – particularly us hicks in the sticks – they get guaranteed pay raises, and cushy careers, with apparently the extra bonus that they can hire their family members (qualified or not) to work for them too.  Who says we don’t have a government staff infection?  This is exactly what our tax dollars pay for (plus Governor Inslee’s recent pay raise).

The Snazas – Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza is on the Left

According to the Lewis County Sheriff Rob Snaza (not to be confused with his twin brother John Snaza who is also a Sheriff – in neighboring Thurston County), in a recent posting on Facebook, he has refused to help the Governor’s agents at L&I serve the warrant on a local business.  Sheriff Rob Snaza raised the governor’s hackles earlier this year when he told a group of people to “not be sheep” in regard to Governor Inslee’s facemask mandates.  He also annoyed Governor Inslee when he indicated he would not enforce the anti-gun I-1639 initiative championed by Governor Inslee restricting citizen’s access to firearms (full disclosure – I filed a ballot title challenge to that initiative in Thurston County Superior Court (see here) , and also was in opposition to that initiative debating the out-of-state anti-gun mercenaries who championed that poorly drafted initiative in 2018). 

Lewis County is fortunate to have a sheriff like this.  Regardless of Sheriff Snaza’s refusal to help Big Brother, it seems likely the Governor’s nepotistic agents at L&I can probably scrounge up a law enforcement officer somewhere to serve the warrant (they can always dredge the Brady List if necessary)  in an effort to destroy the business, and most expect this effort to commence on Thursday.

Last night, as I was leaving Spiffy’s Restaurant, a confrontational crowd was growing, and according to the Chronicle (see here), they were eager to confront the L&I guys.  The crowds are likely to grow bigger tomorrow.  Many people were calling this a peaceful protest, which appears to be true.  This is not to be confused with the “Mostly Peaceful” violent riots common to Seattle and Portland where arson, explosives, broken windows, and violent assault are common characteristics (please remember – Inslee doesn’t care about “Mostly Peaceful” protests anyway – in fact Inslee will give you a bridge to use if you are in this gang – see here).  Governor Inslee seems content to watch riots in Olympia, Succession zones in Seattle (CHAZ/CHOP), and the rapid proliferation of homeless Junkie camps in all the urban areas.  As long as people are assaulting police and breaking windows – they will get a free pass.  Governor Inslee apparently only wants to direct the vast resources of the state at any business who wants to survive his policies – particularly if they are Republicans.  THOSE people get the full ire and awesome power of the state. 

It is not fair to call Governor Inslee uninspiring.  We are all witnessing Governor Inslee inspire great anger and resentment from the little people whom he likes to trample with his random and ever changing mandates.  Aggressive enforcement and nasty threats like this expose the lies the Governor made to the courts recently when he claimed he was not enforcing his random Covid mandates and dictates (Inslee lied about this to the courts because the judges (who also got large pay raises this year, just like Inslee) are mostly appointed by him, so they will never hold the state accountable and it was an easy excuse for the judges to give him a legal pass – which Inslee has been repeatedly granted so far). 

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee drops Lockdown orders on the peasants and serfs of Washington State

I’m not sure what will happen to Spiffy’s Restaurant.  This is shaping up to be a showdown, but like barbers in Snohomish, Dog Groomers in Clark County, waterparks in Wenatchee, and maggot apples in Eastern Washington – Inslee is demonstrating once again that it is good to be king and sometimes the king needs to punish the peasants and serfs who dare to get uppity.   This seems unlikely to end well for our communities, but those who claim to govern us appear eager and happy with the destruction they leave in their wake.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee loves lockdowns and believes that it is better to be King than to be Governor
There is a terrible contagion spreading through the land, but you aren’t reading about it in the traditional media


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  1. In paragraph 9 of this passage, you stated: “Many people were calling this a peaceful protest, which appears to be true.” While this is partly true in some cases, there are still instances of intimidation and violence against the press. Below is a link to a video filmed by Claudia Yaw and Jared Wenzelburger of the Chronicle. This video clearly shows members of the protest violating the 1st amendment rights of these reporters – Freedom of the press. The owner of Spiffys even asked them to come there himself (According to Yaw), yet these agitators screamed vulgar profanities at them for doing their job, saying; “What you’re doing is illegal”.

    Source: https://fb.watch/28XaiI2Isb/

      • Doesn’t make it okay. Them intimidating and assaulting journalists should scare you as you are one – Freedom of Press is in our 1st amendment, and it must be protected. And what does leftist protests have to do with anything? Doesn’t make what these people are doing right.

        • David, funny how you never cared about this before. I don’t believe in assaulting journalists either, but it happens every time there is a Leftist event. If you just discovered the 1st Amendment, congratulations. I’ve had racist hate cult leaders threaten me with litigation – never heard you say anything about it. I exposed her mega donations to the Democrats and her racist hate videos. You never said a thing. I’ve had plenty of death threats. You don’t care about that. Don’t pretend you really care here. Do you care about the violence in Seattle, Olympia, Portland every time the Antifa/BLM come out to play? Probably not. I don’t see that you’ve said anything about that. I’ve been to Spiffys many times over the past few days. I’ve never witnessed anything except one belligerent drunk who was calmed down by the crowd. That is a shocking contrast to what I’ve seen at every Leftist riot this year. So, yes, this is far more peaceful than any event I’ve seen the Left organize this year.

          • I never “cared about this before” because I haven’t followed this page for a long period of time. As for you exposing a racist cult leader, I applaud you on that. But you saying I don’t really care here is completely unprofessional – of course I care, if I did not you would not be reading the manifestation of my beliefs in the form of these words. And I do agree with you that riots that developed in Portland during the past periods of civil unrest are far worse than what is happening at Spiffy’s currently. Yet when you conveniently ignore the suppression of Free Press as shown in the video I linked above, the fact that the out-of-state organization leading the protest is advocating for blatant ignorance of state law, and the claim made by Peoples Rights that State Police enforcing State law are “criminals in a badge and uniform” – you are practicing ignorant and biased journalism.

            • Thanks for your concern and critique. I’m eager to see you pursue 1st amendment protections – they are genuinely under assault, in far more serious ways than the example you provided.

    • Hey, crusader. The First Amendment of the US Constitution pertains to CONGRESS not interfering with your precious MKULTRA mockingbirds’ construction of elitist propaganda. It says nothing about local people getting fed up with these self appointed Pravda agents coming to our homes to lie about us to strangers to further their careers, or our reactions of well deserved outrage. Far as I’m concerned–speaking as a former journalist and mass communications scholar (Annenberg School/Penn), professor of mass comms, and media research analyst–I think hanging as a punishment for murdering trust and the sanctity of Logos is a relatively light punishment (if I remember correctly the Almighty punishes this Adversarial mendacity far more harshly). But then I doubt you’ve had more experiences with MSM’s inner circles than I have, and I assure you these companies and their people are worse than you can imagine. Spend time at W. Joseph Campbell’s Media Myths Alert site for a tiny taste of how these heroic self appointed priests of truth are in fact the biggest most cynical and sociopathic liars in society. Any self respecting community should run them out of town on a rail.

  2. Your statement on the businesses violation within paragraph 3 – “Their great crime? Serving food to paying customers.” is not factual. According to the CDC, the highest risk of Covid-19 spread comes from “On-site dining with indoor seating. Seating capacity not reduced and tables not spaced at least 6 feet apart.” This is what Spiffys was doing – engaging in the creation of high-risk conditions such as these. They still could have served customers without manifesting a high-risk environment – by having a food service ” … limited to drive-through, delivery, take-out, and curb-side pick up.” This, according to the CDC, would create the “Lowest Risk” environment leading to reduced cases, infections, and deaths while still drawing in customers to purchase their food safely and efficiently.

    Source: “Considerations for Restaurants and Bars.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2020, http://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/business-employers/bars-restaurants.html.

    • Since the CDC is self-immolating this year as they keep modifying their “rules,” essentially the statement is exactly accurate. Serving food to customers is illegal now in Washington State thanks to Inslee…

      • That is an incorrect statement, “Serving food to customers” is not illegal in Washington state. A good example of how to do this while staying safe is the local “Bill and Beas” in Centralia, Washington. That particular establishment serves great food via pick up and drive through, while keeping customers and employees safe. This is not what Spiffy’s is doing, even though doing that would follow CDC guidelines – excepting them from future possible fines of up to $10,000.

        • It is illegal to serve food to customers if they sit down. That is the great crime committed here. I realize there are plenty of people who want to stop living their lives and are consumed by the fear porn. You can stay home. You don’t have to ever leave. Maybe in a few years Inslee will let you go, but they seem to enjoy the lockdown too much to let you go (they are exempt of course, because the rules don’t apply to them – just us peasants and serfs out here).

          • It is not “Fear Porn”, as you stated. Nearly 300,000 Americans are dead, and of course that should be feared. Also yes, serving customers sitting down should subject businesses to a fine, as according to the American CDC, the highest risk of Covid-19 spread comes from “On-site dining with indoor seating. Seating capacity not reduced and tables not spaced at least 6 feet apart.” This is a government institution led by minds far greater than you and I, and listening to them is not being afraid – it is respecting the well being of others.

    • Your complete ignorance of viral “pandemics” is painfully obvious. You are completely unaware that to date no one in the entire world has isolated an actual HIV virus all the way back to 1984. No one in the entire world has isolated an actual SARS virus or proved it has anything to do with the flu-like illness in Canada in 2003. No one in the entire world proved that a virus has anything to do with the Swine Flu in 2009. Ditto for polio and the Swine Flu in the 1970s.
      The one thing all these maladies have in common is media hype and the only new thing is that the mass media of the world united at the command of various governments to create the present mediademic. To date weakened old people with one foot in the grave are claimed to die from “Covid-19” infection. There is a financial incentive build into the so-called “CARE Act” that handed out newly created “money” to hospitals supposedly overwhelmed by the mediademic of $19,000 for every “Covid-19” patient admitted and $39,000 for every “Covid-19” patient they could put on a ventilator.
      The purpose of the “Covid-19” mediademic hoax is to cover a massive breakdown of the world fiat-money system with an equally massive usurpation of liberty. The 9/11 government operation was a major step in eliminating the Bill of Right in the name of “protecting the people” whose rights are being eliminated. Now we have an eternal TSA, completely ineffective against any real terrorists, and the ominous “Homeland Security” blocking freeways in the Southwest, and stopping trains and buses as training for a whole new generation of zealous national socialists – Nazis.

  3. The Spiffy’s drama is bringing much needed attention to the enforcers and bureaucrats who inflict harm on peaceful citizens. I’ve already shared your excellent article and received feedback from 40 people.

    • Thank you for sharing. Please make sure it is shared widely. The more who know, and the more who are inspired, the sooner we can stop the insanity. They can’t arrest or destroy all of us…

  4. Wow, so sad by this article, I’m a former resident of Mossyrock. It does my heart good to see you fight back! I’m deeply saddened by what is taking place at Spiffy’s & w/all the sm.businesses
    Jay Inslee has been on a rampage for quite sometime doing the bidding for the Democrats! This Pandemic as well as this 2nd Lockdown are all planned events from the start to fulfill their agenda! We Must Keep Fighting Back, We Must!!!

  5. Wow, I’m so saddened by this article! I was a resident of Mossyrock prior to getting my low income apartment here in Tenino. I was so proud to see the people of Mossyrock standing up for their rights against Jay Inslee’s Tyranical behavior! It is so sad to me what they are doing to Spiffy’s and ALL of our small business owners but this 2nd lockdown was intentional to finish them off! This has all been a planned attack from the beginning of this crazy pandemic! It was intentional to take over our White House & Country, please don’t be fooled not for one minute!!! Keep fighting back & standing up!!!

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