The problems uncovered in the Washington State Voter Records database are troubling, and by themselves don't prove vote fraud, but they appear to prove the records are not being "cleaned" every 30 days as claimed
Voter Records are stored digitally, and a public record

In a recent review of Washington State’s voter Database (from November 5, 2020 – right after the election), it appears, according to the US Post Office, at least 6.5% of the listed voters do not have valid addresses.  Washington State is entirely a vote-by-mail state (since 2011).  When every voter is voting by mail, and there is no practical way for them to receive a ballot, this is a problem.  It is unclear what happened to all of these ballots, but there was no practical way for most of the “voters” to receive these ballots, although many “voted.”

Truth telling is not common in government

This was a follow up to the article we recently posted about King County’s voter registration problems (see here), which also revealed many uncorrected problems with their voter database records as well.  The recent reports (combined in one file) attached at the end of this article clearly indicate that this problem is widespread throughout Washington State. 

This does not mean that 6.5% of Washington’s votes in the unusually high voter participation in this recent 2020 election (83.83% +) were fraudulent.  I feel like I must repeat this statement.  This DOES NOT mean that 6.5% of these votes were fraudulent or that the voters were fake.  Some of them inevitably are, but we have yet to determine the exact number with certainty. That will take some footwork.

What these reports clearly prove is that there are problems in Washington State’s Voter Registration Database, and the bureaucrats or vendors we pay to maintain these records are not doing their job.  They are not doing their job, despite the repeated, false claim that they in fact do “clean-up” the voter records every 30 days.  These recent reports clearly and unambiguously prove they do not.

You can repeat this test and get the same result

Don’t believe me?  That is awesome! (trust, but verify is the best moto), because this is a repeatable test.  Here is what some intrepid concerned Washington citizens did, and you can do the same thing and come to the same result.  Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the Washington State Voter Database.  It is a public record for all to see.  The list we used in this recent evaluation was downloaded on November 5, 2020.  It contained 5,236,437 voter’s records.
  2. You can break this list like was done here into one list of 3,000,001 records, and the balance of 2,236,436 to do the CASS and DSA certification report.  This makes it a bit easier to manage.
  3. It costs money to run this report, as anyone who has ever worked in commercial mailing will confirm.  If you choose to go directly with a vendor, it will cost you around $6,000 or so.  If you want to hire a consultant, you can pay about $40k or so for the same result, if they don’t screw it up somewhere along the way.
  4. These addresses are then run through the US Postal Service National Change of Address system, and you will get the reports that I’ve attached at the end of this report (I’m posting the DSA certification first, the CASS reports reflect the same basic information).  If you add up all the voter addresses provided, and the addresses which had problems – you will find that 6.50% of the state’s voter registration database are not deliverable to the address recorded in the system.

Voter registration databases are neither static nor perfect.  Perfection is impossible, however, there is an acceptable level of address problems in this database.  IF this database was actually “cleaned up” every 30 days as is currently claimed, we would expect to see defective problems with about 1-1.5% of the addresses.  Primarily, this is because people move.  Nothing nefarious about that.  Roughly 10% of the people move every year.  What we find, instead is a volume of problems which indicates not just that the “30 day” myth is false, but that this certification test proves the problems are much higher than they should be.  More concerningly, tends of thousands of the hundreds of thousands of problematic voter addresses have been reported (by the post office) as inaccurate for 4 years or more.  Many of these are addresses that never have existed. This means someone in government, or their vendors (or both) is lying.

Right now, it is hard to pin this stinky tail on the lying donkey.  However, somewhere between the local county auditors, the vendor (ERIC) to which Washington State pays big bucks to essentially run the same reports, or some employees at the Washington State Secretary of State’s office are not doing their job.  Plus, they are lying to the public and claiming they are.  We really don’t know exactly who is lying and everyone will point fingers at someone else, but at this point – it doesn’t matter.  The lies need to stop and someone needs to the do the job we’ve been told for years was being done. Laws, rules, policies, and procedures are meaningless if they are not followed.

This is a problem.  Here is why it matters

Screwed up voter database records do not by themselves prove fraud.  However, they open the door wide open to those who are willing to commit fraud.  It is sorta like leaving all your cash out in the open on your kitchen counter, exiting the house, and leaving your door wide open.  This doesn’t mean someone robbed you, but it sure makes it easy if someone decides to do so.  There are plenty of bad actors willing to do the stealing.

Just another day at the office

Crufty voter records (particularly in a vote-by-mail system) that bad people can easily identify as voter IDs which can then be safely and anonymously voted when necessary with little chance of exposure are obvious invitations to bad behavior.  Please don’t give me the child-like response of “but nobody would do that.”  Seriously, in our state, just a few blocks away from the Secretary of State’s office, some genius (or corrupt) state employees at the Employment Security Department decided to let almost one billion dollars slip off to Nigeria in a fraud scheme, which they didn’t detect until the Feds told them to shut it down (see here).  We can’t trust anyone or assume anything anymore.  Our bureaucracies are filled with clowns.  Not everyone who works there, but enough to fill a circus tent (or a prison if you don’t like the clown reference). 

What’s next?

As I indicated in the last article (see here), this is just another part in the series.  The problem exposed here is just the start, and it indicates there are more problems to expose.  This isn’t a deep, dark secret.  It just takes a lot of legwork and some capable people willing to volunteer their time, skills and expertise.  It costs money, but not as much as the state wastes every day on far less useful activities. 

Here is the voter fraud that isn’t covered in this article, but which will be uncovered in future articles:

  • Voting after death.  I have to be specific here, because approximately 5,000 people die per month in Washington State (even before Covid) and presumably several thousand of them fill out their ballot before they die, so on election night in an all vote by mail state – some number of dead people have voted.  We are just interested in the ones who voted long AFTER they died, and that is sorta miraculous.
  • Non-Citizen Voting.  This is illegal, but the Washington State Department of Licensing appears to have sent many H1B visa holders, Green Card holders, student visa holder, and others ballots when they got driver’s licenses.  Yeah, I know – they say they don’t do this, but they say a lot of things that just aren’t true.
  • One voter with multiple voter IDs.  Yeah, “they” say this shouldn’t happen either, but I’ve seen enough examples to know it is also far more widespread than most of us naïve people realized.  If this is applies to you, just remember if you didn’t mail in all your ballots, you haven’t broken the law, and I’d love to see the additional ballots as evidence – for those who already sent me the photos – thank you.
  • Felon voting.  Yep, it is probably hard to vote from jail and you shouldn’t vote as a convicted felon unless you’ve gone through the process to have your rights restored.  However, the same Dept. of Corrections that early releases violent felons by the thousands due to a computer glitch so they can murder and commit mayhem (see here) is probably not a very effective agency.  It doesn’t appear reporting this information to the Secretary of State’s office is much of a priority either.
  • Fake voters with good addresses.  This is always fun to find, and it wouldn’t show up on this list above.
  • X-marks the spot voting.  Since the best way to avoid the signature match test is to just X-mark the signature and get two unverifiable “witness” statements, this has been a known loop-hole for years and needs to be addressed.
  • Multi-state duplicate voting.  This is mostly unique to mail in voting because it allows you to vote in a variety of states at the same time.  It is a felony (not that the AG or the prosecutors in this state care).  This will take a while to sort out, but a list that probably needs to be published as well. Theoretically, ERIC and the Secretary of State figure this out for a few fraudsters, but why wait for them when we can blow the whistle months earlier?
  • Intercept and switch the vote – I’ve discussed this in one of my videos, but really, this New York Post article lays it out best.  We’re still working on how to find and expose these efforts.

None of these vote frauds would be uncovered by the 6.5% defective voter roll list problem, which is the main focus of this article.  However, it is worth it for those concerned or interested in this subject to realize this rabbit hole is deep, interesting and exposing many more fun tunnels to explore.

Oh yeah, I forgot, vote fraud doesn’t happen and it isn’t real.

Let’s stare into the abyss of voter fraud….

Note: for those who download the reports, I have censored the vendor name used to run the reports not because it is some deep, dark secret, but those who love vote fraud – which oddly enough seems to be my Left-leaning Wokester friends who practice cancel culture – want to harass vendors who are hired to do this mundane work.  This censorship doesn’t change the results of the reports.  If you don’t understand the reports, feel free to share them with people who do.  When in doubt, you can always run these reports yourself and verify the same thing. 

Please note: This initial document just contains two DSA Certification reports in the same file (again, this is based on USPS records – not ours, not some other party making them up). Certification reports were all run on November 18, 2020 using the November 5, 2020 complete Washington State Voter Records Database

This report is broken down into two certification reports – one with 3 million records, and the other 2 million plus on the second report ( See report here ) – 6.5% defective when averaged between the two. The global number of defective addresses can be found on the second page of each report (listed as page 1). Feel free to share link far and wide, or download the file for yourself.

Cleaning up the voter records database can be a big undertaking…


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  1. Thanks Glen.

    Before vote by mail what was the voter turnout of register voters in WA state?

    Now with vote by mail what is it?

    Could the difference be (along with what you have documented herein) that those who would not otherwise care enough about WA to turnout to vote now get harvested by TPTB (i.e. unions, etc) whereas we now have a government in WA that the determining factor could be those who do not really care?

    IMHO a government determined by those who could care-less doesn’t sound like the best government one can have.

    Explains why WA state keeps electing morons like Inslee.

    One thing for sure if you have to vote in person it sure makes it hard for the dead to vote.

    • The percentages of participation didn’t change too much with vote-by-mail, although many thought it would. This recent election was sorta an outlier in that sense. However, the answers to the questions you ask take a lot of footwork to verify, which is being done right now (for the first time that I can find). All we can do is expose the truth and be vigilant and relentless in doing so…

  2. You don’t need any valid RESIDENCE address to register to vote in Washington State. With the “homeless” option, you can pick any identifiable geographical location and have your mail ballot sent to the mail drop of your choice. See link for instructions.

    The “homeless” feature is further enhanced by same day registration. If you don’t have ID, you can vote with a provisional ballot that is not supposed to be counted until you present your ID. Co-mingling unverified provisional ballots with legitimate ones is a very old election fraud technique that used to involve busing people around to different precincts.

    The “homeless” are an ever expanding mobile voting block coming soon to a community near you if they are not already there.

      • The voter registration forms has 2 address fields:
        residential address in Washington State
        mailing address, if different

        The registration address does NOT have to be a legitimate mailing or residential address. It could be a park or two cross streets. It just has to be specific enough to identify a voting precinct.
        The mailing address obviously has to be real to receive a ballot.

        Here is the English voter registration form. It’s also available in 22 other languages.

        • Yes, that is correct. However, the MAILING address has to be a real address. We are only talking about MAILING addresses. If they are defective, the ballot can’t be sent to the voter, and in theory, this is supposed to be “corrected” or “cleaned” every 30 days (so we are told), but this isn’t happening…

        • You do raise the issue which is worth looking into for a future investigation (not the highest priority, compared to the other obvious problems), of possible fake voters who are setting up their goofy registration in that manner too, but frankly, I don’t see too many like that at this point.

  3. Get a life, really. Do you live in a plastic bubble where you dream all this shit up. If just 50% of what you claim is true Trump would have lawyers galore in the state of Washington. More crap reporting by a nobody.

    • It isn’t hard to verify for yourself. Just run the same reports. The original records are public and anyone can get them. It will cost you $6k or so, but you can replicate the data I found pretty easily. I post the original records. I’m not sure why Trump would be involved in Washington State on this issue because at this point, it only proves incompetence and deception (possibly willful malice, but that has yet to be confirmed) on the part of some government employees and/or vendors. Hardly uncommon in government. It could be that the next parts in this series are more oriented to specific fraud examples, but even then, I think Washington is sorta a backwater on this stuff. It doesn’t tend to matter in big national elections with how Washington votes. Which doesn’t mean we should clean up. You are right in one part however, I am certainly a nobody which makes it so funny that I’m reporting on this and not the tamed government media….

    • In Mason County the Election’s employee with the title of Voter Outreach, proudly informed us (community volunteers) that she is looking forward to going into the Olympic Forest to find citizens that are “living off the grid” to register them to vote. “How will they receive their ballot?” The ballots will be sent to the Hoodsport post office where the (homeless, off the grid) voter can pick it up. She already has a system for registering the local and transient
      We can’t make this stuff up!! Great opportunity for that voters ballot to be printed off MyVote, filled out, signed with X and no way to dispute.

      We have asked Wyman to require a record of voters who sign with X, and at least a count of how many were sumitted this way. Wyman has laughed saying that very few X signatures are used, how does she know? A count is not kept.

      Thank you Glen for your work.

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