There is a terrible contagion spreading through the land, but you aren't reading about it in the traditional media

While the world’s attention focuses on a very contagious, low-mortality disease sweeping the planet, we’ve been distracted from the political virus that plagues us and is certain to cause far more harm to our communities, our future, and our lives.  This disease has already infected most governments around the world, and there appears to be no practical way to either develop herd immunity or flatten the curve.  The suffering just keeps escalating with every passing day.  The infection rate is accelerating, and everyone is going to catch this one.  Nobody is immune. 

This virus has mutated into many strains.  Sometimes it presents (or manifests) itself as narcissistic hypocrisy where politicians pretend they are better than the rest of us (their tax serfs and peasants) as they randomly pass unfettered restrictions on our liberty and freedom while violating those same rules (see here, here, here, and here for examples of this strain).    Some strains impress us with their egregious political and bureaucratic incompetence, so absurd and shocking that few seem capable of digesting the result (see here).  While bureaucrats are lauded for their failures, and politicians are rewarded for their deception, this political infection spreads unconstrained like a California wildfire or a Seattle Homeless Junkie Camp.

While generations of Americans risked life and limb to escape this pandemic which has ravaged the world many times before, it appears this disease has become an uncontrollable contagion in America now.  For a few generations, the Bill of Rights and widespread education inoculated previous generations of Americans from this disease.  It seemed we were safe.  However, the widespread refusal to vaccinate future generations with the Bill of Rights, history of this nation, and the importance (and rarity) of our liberties has ensured that our herd immunity has been greatly weakened.  The cost of this science denial for us and future generations will be high, and the full price has yet to be paid.

The Super spreaders of this disease are the crass, and self-serving political class in our nation, our state, our bureaucracies, and communities who, like the witch doctors and charlatans of old, happily inflict life-destroying and harmful “cures” in our communities.  They pretend their “medicine” is for our own good.  These witch doctors are addicted to lockdowns and the sacrifice of the serfs, the peasants, and the little people like us.  When Governor “Lockdown” Brown of Oregon threatens the peasants and serfs of that ravaged state with $1200 fines and rules which defy common sense – she is spreading the disease of financial destruction, community mistrust, and the death of prosperity.  These are all symptoms of the disease spreading uncontained.  California’s Governor Newsom mocks his own “rules” and “mandates” (because the rulers don’t need to follow the very same rules they impose on the rest of us little people).  Gruesome Newsom is happy to destroy the small businesses, hopes and dreams, and future aspirations of those who wish to survive this pandemic.  Washington’s Governor Inslee mocks the law, common sense, and concepts like math with his ever changing, random edicts from on high – creating snitch lists as he encourages neighbors to spy on neighbors. 

The high priests of the traditional news media and the Tech Tyrants know enough to toe the line and repeat whatever they are told to say.  The concept of critical thinking, independent thought, and liberty are all crushed beneath the groupthink and party messaging of the Ministry of Covid Compliance.  None dare to question the government orthodoxy or wisdom.  The contagion ravages on, consuming the dreams, the future, the hopes, and the freedoms of many.  The elite feel comfortable and safe while they inflict great suffering on the rest of us.  The Bill of Rights is a distant memory to the Super spreaders of all an all-powerful Big Government, and if the recent Supreme Court decision is any indication – we are only one judge away from the total annihilation of all that stands between us and the boot heel of an unconstrained political virus.  It is surreal, and a bit jarring to those who imagined freedom and liberty were safe. 

Like all pandemics, however, this one too shall pass.  Great damage is being done by the elitists and the political overlords they have anointed and blessed.  However, there will be the inevitable backlash.  Many survivors of this Big Government contagion are recognizing that we must band together or we will be crushed on our own.  The luxury of arguing about the little differences between us seems so quaint now.  This pandemic ends when we decide it ends.  Our well-intentioned enabling tendencies are all that keep this creaky, leaky ship of state floating.  Once we stop bailing them out, it sinks.  Only then can we get back to the important business of controlling our future destiny – whatever it may be – without the abuse of the overlords who believe they control us today.   Nobody is coming to our rescue, and it won’t be fixed by someone else.

What if people start to become ungovernable?

The Left recently dusted off an old saying – “Become Ungovernable.”  In the fever dreams of the Left in their protected, and well compensated ivory towers this meant riots, arson, and attacks on the police.  It is a pale imitation of their dreams from the 1960s and the echo of an unrealized 1917 revolution all over again.  For the Socialists who always say “this time is different,” it is just the same old drivel.  It is silly and pathetic, but this is all they know. 

Imagine what it means when the hard workers, the food producers, and those who love the 2nd Amendment become truly ungovernable.  This is why they censor us and all who dare question their contagion persuasion.  This is why they fear some might speak truth to the power they have worked so hard to gain, and why they are so easily spooked.  To have the US Government, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the dying traditional media all join forces against the people, they must be terrified. Temper tantrum riots cheered on and enabled by the media and political class will not be the result of the rest of America becoming “Ungovernable.”  That inevitable event may be the vaccine we need to restore liberty once again.  Ultimately it is up to the people to decide when that happens. 

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee loves lockdowns and believes that it is better to be King than to be Governor
Oregon Governor Lockdown Brown is on a power trip and doesn’t care what you think


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  1. The article read like a brief run of “The Senior Informer” that three of us seniors wrote in 1962, bemoaning the high school administration rejecting our plea to start a paper dissonant with the “approved” school newspaper. Nice to see that you covered many of the then current topics…where have all the flowers gone…?

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