Washington State had 7,228 voting dead participate in the recent elections. Nothing to see here.

7,228 voting dead Washington State “voters” voted from the grave this November. A miracle of sorts. People joke about the dead coming back to life to vote, but this may be happening more often than anyone realizes, and not just in Michigan, Chicago and PittsburghWashington State, it appears, is no exception to creating a safe environment for the voting dead.  Based on a recent “social security” scrub done on the Washington State Voter Registration Database dated November 5, 2020 voter data (right after the election), it appears that 7,228 dead people voted.

Some dead voters are legal voters in an all-mail voting system.

Please keep in mind, with mail in voting, there will always be some people who are dead when their ballots are counted at the auditor’s office.  This is because in Washington State, ballots are widely distributed (similar to confetti at a parade) all over the state three weeks or more in advance of the election.  So, some voters, on death’s door will fill out their ballots as one of their last earthly acts before they are shuffled off this mortal coil (read Shakespeare linked here if that doesn’t sound familiar).  They may not be the walking dead, but they are the voting dead.

So, this number would never be zero, but based on Washington State’s annual death statistics (just under 60,000 per year – see here), and in consideration of the fact that this information is obtained from and verified with the Social Security Administration (among other public sources), it often takes 2-4 weeks or more to update the death rolls.  We might expect to see MAYBE around 2,000 dead voters.  Maybe 3,000.  However, 7,228 dead voters indicate some funny business is afoot.  It appears 5,000+ of these “voters” are ballots that should not have been “voted” (and I don’t want to hear stories about how someone raised them from the dead for one last vote – call me a skeptic on THAT resurrection theory). 

More evidence the state voter’s database is not being “cleaned up.”

Beyond the number of dead people who actually voted, as further confirmation that the Washington State Voter Database is not being “cleaned” every “30 days” as claimed by all loyal government folk, despite policies, procedures, rules, WACs, and laws that claim they must do this.  They are clearly doing it a little bit (otherwise we would see 400,000 plus dead voters still in the system).  However, why are they not doing it every 30 days as claimed?  As we have discussed in our previous two articles linked here and here, the Washington State Voter’s Database continues to be significantly screwed up. This is an open invitation for bad actors to commit fraud, which I’m sure never happens. 

Beyond the 7,228 voting dead who voted, we can see that the Washington State Voter Database contains 10,695 voters who are dead, and should have been removed from the voter database.  Again, to reiterate, because people die every month, we would expect to see some number of dead people be removed every 30 days, but there should not be 10,695 of them still in this database.  Part of running honest elections, particularly in the brave new world of all mail voting, is to keep the voting records current and clean.  This needs to be cleaned up, and it isn’t being done well now. 

This is vote fraud – unless they voted for Democrats

My last two articles which presented evidence of problems with the voter database, but not necessarily fraud.  This example proves fraud.  How much?  That takes a bit more diving to sort it out, but we can use the Washington State Department of Health data, assuming everyone votes (they don’t), assuming monthly death rates are consistent (they are not), somewhere around 4,000 – 5,000 votes in November were filled out by the living on behalf of the dead.  Yeah, that is not legal, and it is a felony, although expect Washington State prosecutors, AG Bob Ferguson, and everyone with power and in charge to give this a pass. Hey, it is just vote fraud, and Inslee and Biden won, so it doesn’t count, right?  Once I can verify the death certificates and dates for all of them, we should have a more accurate number on the actual fraud numbers.  I plan to publish that list along with their death certificates for all to see. 

Don’t buy it or you think I’m making this up?  Awesome (distrust and verify is an excellent policy).  You have an opportunity to prove I am wrong.  You can hire someone to run the same report on the same data and you will get the same information we did, unless I was really stupid enough to fake this data, which would be super cool and fun for someone to expose.  It will cost a bit more than $5,000 (up to $7,000), or you can hire a consultant to run the voter records through the Social Security scrub yourself.  If that seems daunting, but you have money to burn, you can hire a consultant for $40,000 and they can do it for you.  This will not change the results, but it is an excellent way for you to verify this report.

The next story in this sorry saga?  I hope to visit some of these resurrected voters and ask them the question on all our mind – “Is there more to life after death than just voting?” Exposing the voting dead by name, date of death, and their miraculous vote from beyond the grave, and perhaps we can get to the fake voters soon too…


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  1. The lady that registered her dog to vote. That was back around 2007 as I recall.

    Does anyone remember? Didn’t she vote in the dog’s name a couple times before anyone said anything? She put a paw print on the signature line?

    I seem to recall, she deliberately mis-voted so the dog’s ballot would not affect any election, she was just trying to make a point.

    How many times did the dog vote before she was caught?

    What I’m getting at, is even if you stipulate that the voting process is scrupulously accurate, the ballots were counted properly. Do we have any way of knowing about the votes harvested from a nursing home memory care unit? Dogs? Other fictitious names duly registered?

    In other words, a fictitious ballot was fairly counted.

    I really like being able to take my mail-in ballot and sitting down and researching all the down-ballot candidates. Looking at the Seattle Times and the Stranger endorsements and voting opposite. Their endorsements are helpful that way. But sometimes to my surprise, once in a while I will agree with them. Not often, but it happens…….

    I’d hate to lose that convenience, but I really do have to wonder how many dead people vote, how many are registered to empty lots, how many more dogs, how many harvested from the nursing home memory units, scooped up, but counted fairly and accurately.

    • There are a lot of problems with the mail in voting, and for those who pretend to care about “every vote counts” they seem to have litter interest in addressing obvious voter fraud or looking very closely at anything else…

  2. I obtained a copy of the voter db and I was able to find almost 1k individuals over 100 years old, some as old as 120, that voted in the 2020 election.

    • And remember that we do have plenty of folk over 100 years old who still vote. THAT by itself is not indicative of voter fraud, although anyone over 120 years old is probably worth visiting…

      • The Japanese had a scandal with that a few years ago. The mayor of a Japanese town learned of a resident who was over a century old. They went to present the lady with some award. When they looked for her, they lady did not exist. A mummified body was found. No murder, the daughter simply failed to report the death, in order to continue collecting benefits from her mother. Usually they’re not that spectacular. They bury the bodies, but still failed to report the deaths. The mummified body got the authorities attention, and they checked around, found a fair number of cases like that. Seems the Japanese had a rather sloppy practice of recording these deaths. Some of the allegedly living Japanese were old enough to have witnessed Commodore Perry and the Meiji Restoration. In fact, they had been dead for decades, but the deaths were not registered. They were still alive to the Japanese government. Never mentioned in the reports if they continued to vote…….

  3. I could easily imagine someone filling out a dying (or dead) relative’s ballot and justifying the action with, “This is what Uncle Bob would have wanted.” As you mentioned in your last article, it’s a crime of opportunity. With that said . . .

    . . . the opportunity is open to all political parties. No matter who does it — and your numbers suggest 3,000 to 6,000 people did — it’s a crime and an attack on our democracy.

    Go get ’em, Glen! And thank you for looking into the actual numbers and verifying.

    • Thank you, we are now sorting out the specifics. Obviously, many of these people died AFTER they filled out the ballot and presumably mailed it, but we will see what we find in the specifics. Interestingly, it appears the Canvassing Boards are admitting to a larger number of votes cast by long-dead voters this year than normal. So, we will see how many more than what they admit can be found…

  4. Hey Glen, well, your memes are to the point. Can’t say #’s resonant with my sophmoric, sarcastic mind but glad to see you “allegedly ” [i say because i didn’t watch u do it] put in the time to do something rated out statistically between 7k and 40? Sounds like a good analysis of the CAFR and certainly as convoluted. And just like the CAFR; fraud eventually can be traced and published, GOOD ON U! Wondered if u are in touch with Jon Petit these days?
    Hoping your holiday wreaks of family, love and laughter;people caring, sharing and engaging in mass “distance assassination” . Cheers, Dear; robin

    • Jon Pettit is doing well and continuing to hold Thurston County accountable (or at least expose them) when they violate the law, which seems to be their typical operating procedure – something likely to continue well into the future now that they have at least two commissioners willing to facilitate and encourage lawbreaking moving forward. We realistically, won’t know just how many dead people actually voted (as opposed to filled out the ballot and THEN died after the fact) for a bit, but it is likely to be far more than what political and bureaucratic insiders want to admit. However, the truth is the truth, and we will see what we expose…

  5. 7,000 indicates to me how many people are hired to collect and file voter applications for these people. Every State now has staff to do this, apparently. That any Republicans won in California further indicates staff was sent off to swing states to perform these tasks. We would do well to provide rewards to those who can report who these people are and better yet, who instructs and pays them.
    In reviewing with a personal tour of my local election agency, I was most pleased with the sincere attention given to matching signatures. Staff is incredibly honest. Hold your Assessor to the same intense scrutiny. Sit in as they verify problem ballots. This treasonous fraud can not continue, especially now it has become incredibly complex, hidden and widespread. They now have their A Game down pat.

  6. 60,000 deaths a year in Washington State / 365 days in a year = 164 deaths per day.

    164 deaths per day x ballots out three weeks in advance of election day (21 days) = 3,452 people could, conceivably have voted while alive, but died before election day. Assuming all deaths were people of voting age, and that deaths evenly distributed thoughout year. Assuming 60,000 deaths a year in Washington State is accurate.

  7. I’m glad this is published electronically. I would hate to think any plants had to die to spread this bilge.

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