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Compliance with the law can be challenging sometimes.  For many Democratic Party political committees in Washington State, this fact has recently been proven true.  While this author’s efforts to expose the truth about the campaign finance laws have been criticized by some traditional media, and praised by others (see here,  here, and here) there has been no overview of the difficulties faced by Democrats struggling with campaign finance compliance.

A worthy goal that will never be achieved…

This author will not defend the campaign finance laws as they exist today.  I am on record indicating that some long needed reform is in order, but along the road to reform, it appears that widespread lawbreaking is the default posture today for many politicians and political committees.  Some of these cases are worth reviewing.

First, blame the Republicans for everything

Just like the Democrats struggling to comply with Washington State’s campaign finance laws, I blame the Republicans for the current woes of local Democrats.  As I’ve written about before, our state’s campaign finance laws were enacted in 1972 as the result of a citizen initiative.  Part of this initiative created the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) which was later codified into statute by the legislature.

An underlying assumption of the campaign finance laws was the belief that political contests would involve at least two parties attempting to compete for the same position or issue.  Built into this assumption was the complaint driven process created by statute and rule where each side of the political fight would file complaints against the other when someone strayed from the path of compliance.  Nobody wants to get caught violating the rules.  This, in theory, creates substantial incentive for honesty and following these rules.  However, nobody envisioned a scenario where one side just stops playing.

For some reason, over the last decade or two, most of the local Republican parties or organizations stopped filing complaints against their opposition.  With a few notable local exceptions like Whatcom County and the Tri-cities, the Republicans generally didn’t file PDC complaints against Democrats.  In fact, over the past 18 years or so, Democrats represented more than 80% of all PDC complaints filed (including intramural complaints between factions of Democrats).  The downside to this trend begins subtly.  When Democratic committees or candidates broke the law, no complaints were filed.  There became no consequences for law breaking.  Human nature, being true to eternal form, led to more widespread lawbreaking by the Democrats, abetted by apathy from the Republicans.

I interviewed many Republican activists, treasurers, and others around the state.  They reported their perception that the PDC was politically biased and after experiencing complaints filed against themselves, they claimed discouragement.  They tried to comply themselves, and ignored their political competition.    Whether bias exists or not, the result of this widespread belief was extensive lawbreaking by Democratic committees and candidates around Washington State.  Without consequences, the breadth and scope of these violations became more dramatic.

In all fairness to the Democrats featured in this article and future articles, while nobody forced them to violate the law, they certainly have a reason to blame the Republicans for the Democrat’s current legal woes.  Had those darn Republicans been filing regular complaints against Democrats over the years, it is likely the Democrats wouldn’t have strayed so far from the law.

Jim CastroLang was the former chair and paid executive director for the Spokane County Democrats

Spokane Dems – Habitual dysfunction and egregious violations  

The Spokane County Democrats were sued by the Washington State Attorney General (AG) on May 11th in Thurston County Superior Court.  They had already gained media attention after the complaints were filed originally.  This case is probably the worst example in Washington State of a local political committee egregiously and maliciously violating the campaign finance laws in recent memory.  In addition to suing the local county party, the AG also individually sued the previous County Chair Jim Castrolang and former Treasurer Justin Galloway individually.  

The AG extended their investigation well past the violations this author identified in the original complaint.  As the AG’s press release summarizes – the Spokane County Democrats failed to timely file at least $110,554 in expenditures and $104,190 in contributions over several years.  Even when they finally got around to reporting this information, they purposefully hid over limit donations

Spokane County Democratic Chair Andrew Biviano has a tough job, but he may not take campaign finance laws very seriously

from local tribes and unions.  They also hid the payroll costs of their executive director and former chair Jim Castrolang. Despite the complaint and investigation, they are still failing to comply with the statute.  In a particularly odd recent development, the Spokane County Democrats are not reporting their attorney fees, among other continuing violations.  There is some irony in this because their attorney, Michael Connelly, is the former chair of the PDC and was on the PDC board for five years.  

Biviano’s new Facebook Profile Pic right after AG informs him he is being investigated, but it didn’t prevent the lawsuit. The jury is still out as to whether this will impact the final judgment and fine.

Spokane County Chair Andrew Biviano was not responsible for the majority of these major violations, although his failure to ensure the Spokane County Democrats comply with the statute since February is under his leadership and direction.  This is particularly true because Biviano has a history of filing his own complaints with the PDC and makes regular podcasts ranting about Republicans.  If a major lawsuit by the AG (even after Andrew included Attorney General Bob Ferguson in Andrew’s Facebook Profile picture), isn’t significant enough to convince him to pay attention to the law, what possibly could?  Many political committees around the state are watching the results of this case to see just how much trouble a local committee will experience if a committee just completely ignores compliance with campaign finance laws.

Thurston County Democrats struggle with PDC compliance and leadership churn.

Former Thurston County Democratic Party Chair Katie Nelson had a tough job losing the Thurston County Commission, renouncing violence after a PCO threatened to kill this author, and leading the local party into a variety of campaign finance lawsuits.

The Thurston County Democrats were the first political committee sued by the AG based on this author’s complaints.  The AG filed suit on March 6, 2017, and this case is still in court.  The dollar figures are far smaller than the Spokane County case, but the violations are clear.   According to the AG’s press release, they determined that the Thurston County Democrats failed to timely disclose a $1,250 in-kind contribution, over $21,000 in expenditures, and $4,827 in debts incurred.  

Jim Cooper and Kelsey Hulse – they were the only Democrat choices for Thurston County Democrats, and they both were sued by the Attorney General for violating campaign finance laws.

The Thurston County Democrats had a particularly tough 2016 election cycle.  Not only were they sued by the AG, so were both Democratic candidates for the Thurston County Commission.  Olympia City Councilman Jim Cooper lost his race for the county commission seat, and is currently in court with the AG filing cross motions and arguing over how many violations of the campaign finance laws he actually committed.  Failed candidate Kelsey Hulse was also sued by the AG for her violations, but wisely settled her case for a $2,920 settlement in mid-February.  Successful candidate for state Senate in the 22nd Legislative District (Olympia) Sam Hunt was also sued by the AG and remains in court at this time.  Senator Hunt inspired this author to get involved in the campaign finance reforms late last year.  Additionally, the JZ Knight/Ramtha cult-funded local SuperPAC (People for Thurston PAC), managed by former Director of Ecology Jay Manning is also in court over their campaign finance fiasco.  Jay Manning also experience a personal campaign finance lawsuit from the AG in February when he was forced to pay $6,385 for violating the campaign finance laws with is personal financial disclosure documents.

Gordon (Boudicca) Walsh is the new Thurston County Democratic Party Chair (photo source: Facebook)

In an earlier monthly meeting, former Thurston County Chair Katie Nelson complained extensively about this author and how I caused her to lose sleep.  Apparently, the sleeplessness convinced her to resign her position with the party, and last month a new chair was elected.  Gordon (Boudicca) Walsh, a Democrat Precinct Committee Officer from the Olympia 38 precinct was elected 2 to 1 over aspiring chair Rhenda Strub.  Strub was formerly on the Olympia City Council, and she also was a candidate for the state legislature.  Interestingly enough, State Representative Dolan (who prevailed over Strub and others to be elected as the new Representative for the 22nd District in Olympia) spoke in favor of Strub at the meeting, but the PCOs overwhelmingly chose Gordon (Boudicca) Walsh.  

An interesting opportunity exists for the Thurston County Democrats with the election of Walsh as their new chair.  For years, the Democrats have complained about the archaic law that requires local parties elect a man and woman for the top two positions of the local party (RCW 29A.80.30 – “At its organization meeting, the county central committee shall elect a chair and vice chair of opposite sexes.”).  Since the vice chair identifies himself as a male, and Walsh was a male, but now identifies himself (herself) as a woman, perhaps there is a chance for some enterprising LGBTQ activist to challenge the statute and get an official ruling by the court as to whether gender identities really mean anything anymore.  At the least, it could be a cool fundraiser opportunity for the Thurston County Democrats, and it would possibly launch the local party away from the failures of the recent past into a more colorful and interesting future.  While the Thurston County Democrats struggle to comply with the campaign finance laws, at least they are staying on the cutting edge of cultural and societal evolution.

King County Dems – PDC bomb scare, and a general disregard for the law

Bailey Stober was well aware of the many problems the King County Democrats had with campaign finance law compliance. Cleaning this up was part of his platform.

As the recently elected chair of the King County Democrats, Bailey Stober knew he was stepping in to clean up a real mess.  Part of his campaign platform was to fix the failure of the King County Democrats to comply with the campaign finance laws.  Previous to Bailey’s election, the former treasurer made PDC lore by quitting the position, driving to Olympia and depositing the cash box, computer, and other files in front of the door at the PDC.  In the morning, seeing a strange package at their door, staff contacted Olympia Police to verify it wasn’t a bomb.  This drama is what ultimately led to the current legal woes the King County Party is experiencing with the AG lawsuit filed against them on May 12, 2017.

Bailey Stober – King County Democratic Party Chair

By dollar volume, this is a large case against a local county party chapter, second only to the Spokane County Democrats case in scope and significance at this time.  Among other violations, the King County Dems failed to file a total of $65,442 in expenditures and $74,261 in contributions during the 2016 election cycle alone.  Chair Stober is also in a bit of hot water with the AG for his own history of campaign finance violations, and is also dealing with the AG’s office on some legal matters related to an investigation into his own campaign finance challenges as a public employee at the King County Assessor’s office and during his previous campaigns for local office.  Stober has been fined by the PDC for previous violations, and Stober has filed at least two different complaints with the PDC against others.  This one he filed against a Republican representative – spending the first paragraph complaining about my complaints against other lawbreakers.  

Although this author filed all the Citizen Action Notices related to Stober and the King County Democrats, I believe Stober is a good choice for chair of the King County Democrats and they are fortunate to have him lead their largest county party committee.  He is only 25 years old, but when this whole process is finished, the fines paid, and all the lawsuits are settled, he will be a genuine PDC compliance veteran.  His ability to weather this storm will demonstrate true leadership for a local party that desperately needs it.  He also appears to be the original author (or co-author) of this helpful primer to local candidates and committees on how to survive complaints filed by this author.  While some of the details are not accurate, there are some good suggestions found here.  It is more practical help for local Democrats than anything the State Democratic Party has offered recently.  Finally, despite the chaos, confusion, and challenges presented by the thankless task of being King County party chair (imagine herding cats which attack each other and blame you frequently), Stober happily soldiers on, which is a respectable character trait I admire in others. 

Not everyone has this attitude…


To be continued in Part II…



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