Governor Inslee is angry about "insubordination" by Washingtonians, and he must distract people from his $200 million Nigerian Fraud Ring fiasco. It is time to unleash the bureaucrats on the people...

This message is NOT Approved by Governor Inslee’s Ministry of Covid Compliance, and it is likely they are working to suppress this story right now. It is no secret that Washington State Governor Inslee is deeply offended by the fact that so many Washingtonians refuse to blindly obey his emergency proclamations.  He has complained about his “insubordinate” subjects to the tame media (see here, here, and here).  Reportedly, he has been enraged when local sheriffs have refused to arrest anyone who defy his random orders and dictates (approved by no elected body in this state), and this is why the Snohomish County Sheriff is facing a recall election effort mostly from Inslee supporters right now.  Sheriff Fortney obviously rattled the Governor by being honest about not arresting people on Governor Inslee’s whims, which is why the pro-Inslee politicians in that county decided to give their unelected health bureaucrats the approval to arrest people instead. However, as the Governor’s frustration mounts, Inslee has turned to his truest and most loyal supporters, the state’s bloated bureaucracy. 

Specifically,  the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has enthusiastically been drafted as the fangs and claws of Inslee’s otherwise toothless proclamations.  As announced Tuesday on their website (see here), this agency will be sending enforcement officers into the state’s business community to randomly and indiscriminately impose $10,000 daily fines on businesses who are not appropriately “subordinate” to Governor Inslee’s demands (presumably, unless they are campaign donors to Governor Inslee).  The Governor knows they can’t arrest us all, so they plan to bankrupt us all instead.

This new plan presumes your business isn’t already facing bankruptcy anyway due to Governor Inslee’s radical and extreme lockdown orders. 

An effort to distract from Inslee’s Nigerian Fraud Scheme

Some observers are speculating that this move by Inslee’s politicized followers at L&I is an effort to distract from the spectacular failure of Inslee’s Employment Security Department (another failed bureaucracy).  The ESD crew recently made national news for squandering hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars on a Nigerian fraud ring scam.  This level of taxpayer waste is spectacular, even by Washington State’s admittedly low standards.  In addition to turning Inslee into the butt of many jokes and Internet memes, this also highlights how a mountain of corruption is easily concealed by the ocean of bureaucratic incompetence found throughout Washington State’s taxpayer subsidized bureaucracy.

Inslee has a message for his “insubordinate” subjects

This speculation is supported by the fact that these new rules were instigated at the orders of the Governor’s office whose staff contacted L&I last week, shortly after the Nigerian Fraud Scandal broke.  Rumors from the 5th Floor at L&I (the Director’s office is located there), indicate that the Governor was originally pushing for the rule to be officially announced Friday and have even steeper penalties than the $10,000 penalties referenced in yesterday’s press release from L&I.  This is warp speed for rule making, and entirely outside the norms for L&I.  Traditionally, L&I harmonizes their rules with the Federal rules issued by OSHA. This theoretically is supposed to occur within six months, but new rules tend to be adopted in about 18 months on average.  Normally, they have stake holder meetings, collect public comment, and verify they are not doing something crazier than normal.  Whipping out a serious and aggressive rule like this in a matter of days without public input or moderation is unprecedented, and is entirely political in nature.  This has nothing to do with health and public safety – it has everything to do with distracting people and the tame media from Inslee’s policy failures elsewhere.

Inslee can’t jail us all. There is not enough room.

There is some concern that this recent effort will be used to punish political enemies quickly, and if Inslee gets lucky he can provoke someone to respond violently, which will then completely distract the remnants of the tamed corporate media from looking any closer at Inslee’s Nigerian fraud scheme operation.

Regardless of whether this recent decision by L&I is merely bureaucratic saber rattling, or if it is Inslee’s effort to distract from his Nigerian fraud scheme fiasco, our concern about the state’s government staff infection continues to remain high.  Decades of inattention, and a willingness to tolerate egregious incompetence was certain to manifest itself in scandal, and the scandals are piling up quickly.

AG Bob Ferguson knows how to use the law as a tool
to destory his political enemies

Meanwhile, Washington State’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson is prioritizing attacking small health clubs and other critically important criminal enterprises with the full force and power of the state.  Ferguson is unlikely to do anything about the Nigerian Fraud Ring because that was just the theft of taxpayer funds, and it won’t help him raise money for his reelection.  The political elite wish this fiasco never received any media attention. This is particularly a concern because the theft probably involves government insiders somewhere. Hopefully, they can be found before they end up floating in a lake somewhere to ensure their silence.  The political elite want to quickly distract the peasants – move along, nothing to see here.  It isn’t like these fraudsters were trying to run an anti-tax initiative like Tim Eyman, right?  Some peon and serf dares to reduce taxes?  Now THAT my fellow peasants is the definition of an unforgiveable crime against bureaucracy in Washington State and will be worthy of the full force, power, and resources of the state to prosecute. 

For some reason, people don’t want to live next to this.

Washington State can be a weird place at times.  Our state’s largest city Seattle is becoming a mecca for drug addicts, illegal immigrants, and socialists.  While one of the city’s largest employers (Amazon) is planning to cancel all commercial leases (except the Bubble building) in the city and move their operations somewhere else, the Seattle City Council is striving to make the city even less attractive to anyone who would consider living there and paying taxes.  For some strange reason (it clearly mystifies the Seattle City Council), people are not clamoring to move near addict/homeless camps and they don’t enjoy removing used drug needles out of their children at the park.  Strange.  At the same time, the state is posting the largest unemployment numbers in the nation (helped by that Nigerian Crime Ring’s diligent efforts), and the Governor is openly bragging in interviews with Bernie Sanders that this crisis will help him push his Gang Green agenda (see here).

Inslee is angry at the “insubordinate”

Outside the self-delusion found in the urban core, the average Washingtonian is questioning the Governor’s judgement.  Inslee is acting more like a petulant king or an emperor than a duly elected official.  When the normally tame and subservient local media actually dare to ask him tame follow-up questions (see here), he gets visibly angry that his fake and phony straw man arguments are questioned.  The Governor is going through the motions of running for office, yet he clearly has no concern about the wholesale destruction he is inflicting on the people who live here.  Every political insider in Olympia (Democrats or even the rare Republican) all know Inslee is staging himself for some type of political appointment next year in the other Washington presuming Trump loses this election.  Inslee’s total lack of concern about the harm he is inflicting on the citizens of the state is reflective of this plan.  He doesn’t expect to be in this Washington much longer anyway.

What can we do? 

Inslee’s vision for the people

We know there are tens of thousands of Washingtonians who are eager to harm their neighbors, based on Inslee’s snitch list we exposed over the past few weeks.  L&I is certain to start selectively crucifying businesses who are defiant of the Emperor and particularly those who claim he has no clothes.   Here are some suggestions:

  1. We need to insure massive publicity and support for any business attacked by this bureaucracy using this rule.  These business people are trying to feed their families, stay employed and save what is left of their business.  They do not deserve the Inslee or Ferguson crucifixion for the crime of “insubordination.”
  2. The Department of L&I needs a major microscope on its budget, rules, senior management, and activities.  They have been able to operate in the dark for far too long, and it is time to put a major spotlight on the gang who run this place and their role as Inslee’s enforcers in this very controversial situation.  Massive state budget cuts are coming, and this agency seems like a good place to start.
  3. Recruit whistleblowers inside this agency. Like every government organization in Washington State, they don’t promote based on skill, intelligence or ability.  The Peter Principle is in full effect at this place.  Let’s start exposing the truth about this agency, the nepotism, the corruption, the incompetence.  It is there to be found, but we have to start digging now.  Do not expect the tame media to do it for you (and yes, the State Auditor’s office has become a politicized joke – they see nothing, hear nothing, and will find nothing).
  4. If you are an employee at L&I – send me documents from inside your agency which they don’t want published.  While I need to verify that the documents are not forgeries, I can protect your identity and I will publish the truth – particularly the truth they want concealed. 

In times of government overreach, we can be thankful that the worst behavior our government agencies have to offer will be presented just in time for budget cuts next year.  They should not be surprised when they get cut first.  If they continue to treat us like serfs and peasants, we will become far more than just “insubordinate.”


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  1. Is it possible that since most small business owners are conservative he and SideShow are pounding them? I know it’s a conspiracy theory but this stuff has zero logic. So something else is up. We have entered a very bad place and few people are taking a stand. My business didn’t shut down for one second. If every owner did the same the bluff would have been called 60 days ago.

    • I am pretty sure that is considered an added bonus. They can be sure they only penalize their political opponents, and if somebody is provoked into some type of violent response, that will be the cherry on top for these guys. They can then distract the tame corporate media, which will allow them to avoid tough questions about their other failures.

  2. He is trying to weapanize state agencies like obummer did all of the federal agencies.

    • I think he has weaponized the agencies long ago (probably this started under previous governors), however, he is really pushing them to punish the citizens of this state who disagree with the governor. It is unprecedented that a sitting Governor would be so blatant in how he has weaponized these agencies to punish his political enemies….

  3. Somehow Inslee has it backwards. People are not subordinate to their governor.
    Therefore they can not be insubordinate.
    He and his minions supposedly work for them not the other way around.

  4. As I understand it, if Gov. Inslee imposes large fines and attempts to close your business and take away your method of supporting yourself, you are entitled to demand a trial by jury. There is something about not being able to use Maritime law in a civil court. I would look into it most definitely! What do you know about this Glen?

    • I believe once you are in court, you have the right to a jury trial, but you’d have to ask for that in the beginning of the legal process. This is just a poor policy direction, and it really seems that Governor Inslee is hoping to provoke some type of violent incident to distract from his mismanagement…

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