Anything Governor Inslee reads to the camera is an approved message by the Ministry of Covid Compliance

This article is absolutely NOT approved by the Ministry of Covid Compliance, and might be involuntarily censored and banned once Governor Inslee’s staff write his next batch of Covid Virus Proclamations“CCCP” is  NOT a Ministry sanctioned acronym, but will be used in this article for clarity and brevity.  The plan is summarized below, concerns are explained, and suggested steps you can take to make a positive impact are provided below.

Washington State Governor Inslee read the script prepared by his staff last week on Wednesday May 12, 2020 during his “press” conference announcement.  While Inslee will be the face of the state’s virus policies, few believe he actually acquires these goofy ideas on his own.  Every politician is controlled by advisors, and Jay Inslee is no exception.  However, there must be a sliver of doubt in Inslee’s inner circle, somewhere, that he is not just making a major, catastrophic mistake, but that he is approaching the policy cliff and plans stepping off into the policy abyss – unless someone changes direction.  This is the best reason to confront this proposed policy disaster now and expose it widely to influence government to stop and not take the leap into the abyss.

Governor Inslee appears ready to inflict this plan on the state.  Whoever championed this idea originally should be removed from any influential positions in government.  For the safety of Washington State and all who live here, we need rational people in these positions, and these appear rare in Governor Inslee’s inner circle.   Concerns have been raised by others:

State Rep. Jim Walsh (19th LD)
  1.  On May 12, 2020, 11 Republican legislators, led by State Representative Jim Walsh (LD 19) has requested Federal Attorney General Barr review the unconstitutional rules being used to implement this policy and the certain violation of civil rights (see letter here).
  2. The ACLU has even sent a formal lukewarm memo of concern to the Governor (linked here), in which they raise concerns with the proposed policy agenda.  This is unusual because they have generally been silent about government’s violations of citizen civil rights at this time. Interestingly, this might have had a slight influence as Governor Inslee backpedaled on mandatory restaurant data collection and now claim this policy is temporarily “voluntary” – for now.
  3. On May 13, 2020, Republican Legislative Minority Leader Representative Wilcox has expressed concern regarding Inslee’s personal attacks on all who oppose him and Inslee’s unwillingness to consider the downsides to the Governor’s policies.

Let’s review this proposed public policy fiasco and the inevitable disaster which will result. 

The Proposed Plan (but NOT the final solution):

This is Washington’s Contact Tracing Program  (Approved by the Ministry of Covid Compliance and presumably part of the Civilian Covid Compliance Plan (CCCP)) – 5/12/20. For an article about the Covid19 Tracer Course and how it is a guide to suspending your rights read this linked article from The Federalist.

1.  If you have been in contact (or presumed or accused of being in contact) with a person who tests positive (whatever that means as the flawed testing fiasco bumbles forward) for the Wuhan Corona Virus, you and your family will be put under formal involuntary house arrest by the 1500 Health Officers and armed National Guard only to leave for medical emergency (presumably only with permission and who knows what an “emergency” is?) , no trips to the grocery store or anywhere else.   Presumably they can verify/enforce this with the cell phone tracking data they are using currently to measure compliance with the existing lockdown orders.

2.  Every member of the household will be tested and required to give a list of all people they have come in contact with (presumably they will use cell phone tracking data to verify this information). All of those people will be put under house arrest including their entire families.  All of those people will be tested, etc.  The CCCP crew will then use the patient confidentiality excuse to conceal the identity of the person who supposedly “exposed” you to the virus, so there will be  no effective way to challenge, audit or verify the accusations, test results, or anything else.  Just trust these guys, they would never abuse the process. And you will automatically be dumped into house arrest if you refuse to consent to their tests.

3.  All restaurants will be required to keep lists of customers prior to opening seating (now they are saying this will be “voluntary” “for now”). If a customer tests positive, all other customers will be required to self-quarantine (no clarity on whether the National Guard will enforce this one, but presumably they will have to do this).   It appears that RCW 43.20.050(5) is the police power authority the state is claiming. This will really help the restaurants open back up in a profitable manner.

4.  If people do not comply with the house arrest the WA State Administrative Code – WAC 246-100-040 states that they will be subject to the following:

Historical Quarantine Notice from 1930s
  • Put under house arrest by Court Order, at the sole discretion of an unelected bureaucrat with an ex parte court order (meaning you can’t contest the initial order, you can only petition the court for release AFTER the fact with your attorney (WAC 246-100-040(3)(b)(vi)(d), and WAC 246-100-055). Note this is all an unelected bureaucrat needs to violate 4th Amendment rights (WAC 246-100-040(1)). Even if you petition the court, you’ll have to stay locked up until the court might get around to hear your case (WAC 246-100-055(3)). Of course, if the unelected bureaucrat wants to prevent you from having your day in court, it looks like they can prevent the court from giving you a hearing (WAC 246-100-055(6)). And, the unelected bureaucrat can keep you locked up in 30 day increments if they want (WAC 245-100-040(5) and WAC 245-100-045(6)(b)).
  • Up to $2000/day fine – and they do need more cash in this time of collapsing budgets. It looks like they can put you in jail for 90 days as a bonus (RCW 70-05.120 (4))
  • Required to wear electronic monitoring (Ankle Monitor).  This appears redundant to the cell phone tracking, but it will be intimidating to the people who have to wear it. (See website here – below is a screen capture)
Screen Capture from Dept. of Health – 5/19/2020
  • A state official will check daily to ensure that all people are at their house, and if you don’t have family members who want to get your food and supplies for you, they will theoretically try to do your shopping for you – maybe.
  • Possible removal of children from parents if the Contract Tracers decide this is necessary, and these kids will be moved to a state facility to be supervised by childcare workers (some of whom Inslee exempted from background checks, after he helpfully finished early releasing sex offenders from prison).

We do have a pandemic in our bureaucracy, but it is a simple government staff infection that can be solved with downsizing and budget cuts.  Unfortunately, in Washington State, the worst of the incompetent tend to be promoted to the highest echelons of policy making.  We shouldn’t be too surprised they are pushing this scheme.  Inslee read this as it was presented to him.  If we didn’t have a tame and compliant media, this would have been aborted before it got this far.  The Republicans couldn’t have politically sabotaged this Governor any better than these proposed policy disasters are doing right now.  However, political self-immolation is no excuse for the Republicans to not become more assertive, grow some spines and toss water on the inferno before it hurts real people (politicians don’t count).

The problems with the Civilian Covid Compliance Plan (CCCP)

The contact tracing game as a legitimate policy tool ended months ago – once the Covid19 genie left Wuhan and thousands of people started spreading it all around the world.  This is a policy exercise in futility for a disease as contagious and widespread as this virus.  Game over.  We should all be thankful the fatality levels of this one are so low and manageable.  There could still be a place for voluntary contact tracing notices and communication (similar to what the health departments sometimes do for STDs), but involuntary lock-downs are a predictable disaster.

The flawed models used to hype this virus have all proven to be false, fraudulent, or just orders of magnitude divergent from reality.  We overreacted to the virus and our government is doing more harm to society with the “cure” than the disease itself ever will.  No matter what, it is going to take many years to recover from the self-imposed economic destruction.  The economy is off the rails, and all we can do now is mitigate the damage.  However, Inslee is choosing to make this crash as traumatic and destructive as possible.

I get it.  Three months ago, we were all concerned.  Nobody wants to take a chance at catching a disease. We couldn’t trust any information coming out of China, and the scary computer models (garbage in – garbage out) were enough for conservative people to be cautious.  Better safe than sorry.  People adapted quickly to forced homeschooling, prepping, and a little bonus rioting over toilet paper. We are drinking more, binging on Netflix, gaining weight, and wearing cool masks in public.  We flatlined our economy and have created epic collateral damage throughout society in addition to the virus deaths.  We’ve done this, and we can’t take it back.  However, in Washington State, it is long past time to stop the self-destruction.  We don’t need to jump off the cliff with Governor Inslee and this Contact Tracing (CCCP) scheme.

Reasonable people will not trust this crew to manage a complex and problematic contact tracing program months after the lockdown destroyed our economy (and the dreams, hopes, and plans of millions along with it).  Many people question if it was worth it.  The vast majority of the people who supposedly have the virus never even know.  Who would trust the testing?  I don’t.  Forced house arrest on your political enemies is a gift to the politically corrupt – which may explain why this is so popular on the Left today.  Plus, punishing their families and anyone they ever met as a bonus?  Political insiders and partisan hacks are jumping for joy.  Does anyone think this will go down well with those they target?  Forced blood tests?  Armed agents at your door?  No search warrants?  Zero due process?  $2,000 per day fines?  What is next?  Yellow Covid Patches you need to wear before you leave the house?

This CCCP plan makes the craziest conspiracy theorist look like they were not crazy enough.  It isn’t a theory when they launch the “plan.” Seriously, this is the sort of government overreach that actually leads to violence, a breakdown in civil order, and real justified rebellion (or “insubordination” as Governor Inslee likes to call his subjects when they misbehave). 

Attorney General William Barr

We suffer from a  hyper-politicized bureaucracy in this state, an unpopular governor who believes he has found salvation from low poll numbers by milking this crisis and dragging it out as long as possible, and a shockingly spineless or inept Republican opposition. 

As mentioned above, 11 Republican legislators formally asked Attorney General Barr to review some of the bureaucratic administrative codes (WAC 246-100-040) among others for their unconstitutionality and likely use to violate the civil rights of the citizens who live here.  The brain-dead defense of these codes is that they are “old” – apparently they have been on the books for 20 years – as though old stupid rules crafted by bureaucrats are somehow immune from question due to their age (apparently, like wine, they improve with time).  I’m sure people defended Jim Crow laws using the same justification.  Regardless, this was a good step towards pushing back on this insane policy, but it is not enough.

Productive steps you can take to stop the CCCP

I’m hoping that Inslee will keep backpedaling on this stupid policy, and like his extreme lockdown orders – people will just ignore him and get on with their lives.  However, hope is not a plan.  In the last day or so,  his health department has been waffling, but they may also be shifting the dirty work to the local health departments and then playing “point the finger” bureaucrat blame game, and the local health departments will do it because they need the grant cash.  If this insane policy is actually being implemented, law enforcement will be drafted along with the National Guard to enforce this CCCP scheme.  This is the time to push back.  As citizen activists who care, we need to expose this right now.  Here are some specifics:

  1. Call, email, message, or contact every elected official you can find (get off Netflix for a few hours during the day), and let them know you oppose the CCCP scheme the governor is pushing.
  2. Reach out to your neighbors (respect their virus concerns, call them, etc), and let them know you care and they are not alone.  We have to help each other.  We need to protect our neighbors and communities from the abuse of the state.  This might include formal offers to help them by the community if they feel pressured or threatened.  I believe people are less likely to respond violently if they know others are there to help them.
  3. Start recruiting insiders, whistleblowers, and law enforcement officers who can give you accurate, insider information – and spread it far and wide – including source documents, planning documents, etc.  Including inside your local health department.  We all know some of these people. Sometimes bad ideas are aborted when they are exposed in advance.  This might make the more radical policy ideas go away and not be implemented.
  4. If they start the forced, involuntary confinement of citizens – we need to publicize who they are, video the events and highlight the truth about how this program is implemented.  Offer to help those who are forcibly confined.
  5. We need to file records requests or recruit insiders to provide us the data (even the data exempt from public records requests) to verify the budget and identities of who is profiting from these programs.  This must be exposed.  The opportunity for corruption in darkness where no audits or transparency exists is guaranteed to attract the worst that human nature has to offer, and by exposing it, perhaps we can reduce the damage and destruction
  6. We need to post articles, videos, and documentation about every aspect of this effort.  Forget the tame media – they have abandoned the truth and decided to side with the state.  It is up to us to expose this ourselves any way we can.

We should not tamely comply with horrible public policy.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and a major spotlight needs to be directed at this fiasco and those who support it.


Background articles and documents:

The Federalist – May 18, 2020 – “The Covid19 Tracer Training Course is a guide to suspending rights”

May 12, 2020 – Letter from 11 Republican Legislators addressed to Attorney General William Barr asking for review of potentially unconstitutional enforcement of Washington State laws/rules

ACLU Letter to Governor Inslee – May 4, 2020

Interview with Rep. Jim Walsh (LD19) about budget cuts and Inslee’s emergency powers overreach

PDF file (146 pages) of the first public records act request of the complete snitch list

Corona Virus lawsuits against Governor Inslee – the list.

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  1. If WE the PEOPLE don’t take a stand NOW then Washington State is doomed. Can we sue him? Arrest him? Charge him with cruel and unjust punishment?
    There is NO way I’m going to comply with these instructions. He’s not my king nor my GOD. WE elected him!! Don’t forget that. Remember, SILENCE IMPLIES CONSENT

  2. Please write to Tucker Carlson! If enough people notify him o Inslee’s deceptive statements theee show will do a piece on why is really going on here. Insley statements make it sound like he has a very reasonable and forward moving plan, until one looked at the details and realizes his standards are virtually impossible to meet. Trump said Insley was a snake. The way he is to facing this whole affair demonstrates how accurate Trump’s description is. The few investigative journalists just need to be alerted as to the truth of what is going on here, then they will expose it, and Insley will crumble.

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