Inslee supporter and a Green Party Governor candidate failed to convince a judge to allow her to proceed with her recall effort on Yakima City Councilman Jason White who dared to question Inslee's proclamation policies and for calling Inslee a "tyrant."

Judge Spanner

On Wednesday, Benton-Franklin Superior Court Judge Bruce A. Spanner rejected a recall petition filed by local perennial candidate, pot shop owner, and now candidate for Governor Liz Hallock against Yakima City Councilmember Jason White.  Hallock claimed that Councilman White should be recalled from office because he dared to question Governor Inslee’s lockdown proclamations, called Inslee a “Tyrant” on Facebook, and apparently he didn’t vote in lockstep with the other councilmembers.  These arguments did not persuade the judge, but Hallock claims she will appeal this ruling.

Yakima Councilmember Jason White

In order for a recall petition to proceed to the stage where signatures can be gathered, the petitioner must demonstrate to a judge that the politician committed some malfeasance or misfeasance in office.  Hallock argued, unpersuasively, in the Zoom video remote court meeting (the Covid Chaos is producing some very weird drama) that Councilman White should not be allowed to disparage the Governor, he should not be able to express dissention from the majority of the city council, and he certainly should not disagree with any political policies pushed by the Governor.  Councilman White’s attorney was Zach Stambaugh, and he argued that none of the claims met the legally defined threshold to justify a recall petition, free speech still exists in America (even in Washington State), and that an elected official is allowed to be a dissenting vote from the group think on the council.   For those interested in the recall statute in Washington State – you can go here to learn more (please note, you can start at RCW 29A.56.110). Also note, many of the court filings are linked at the bottom of this article.

Fortunately, for the residents of the City of Yakima, there are still judges in Washington State willing to rule on the legal merits rather than the political cause of the day.   

appears to be the rare dissenting vote in the City of Yakima on many local policies, and this appears to have riled up the more Leftist and Big Government leaning special interests in the city.  After the hearing he stated “I’m glad to see a local judge uphold freedom of speech.  I have a right to disagree with other elected officials” 

White’s attorney, Zach Stambaugh added “Fundamentally this case held that your elected officials work for you – not for other elected officials.”

Some local voters were not impressed with the effort to recall Councilmember White.  “Jason White is the one city councilmember who stands for the people of Yakima, for freedom, the constitution, and all the things that make America great.  This guy represents them.  Nobody should be surprised that the Liz Hallocks of the world want to stop him.”  Said Sandra Belzer, City of Yakima resident and voter. 

Liz Hallock – Green Party Governor candidate

The primary person who didn’t believe that Councilman right had a right to dissent or think differently from the rest of the City Councilmembers (sorta like the Borg for those into Star Trek out there) was Liz Hallock.  Currently Liz Hallock is running for Governor (see here) on the Green Party ticket, which is interesting because other than removing councilman White from office, it isn’t clear how she would be different than Governor Inslee.  Hallock has a reputation as a perrenial candidate, see her election results here (38.99% running as a Democrat for the Washington State Legislature in 2018) and here, page 16 (41.86% running for Yakima City Council in 2019).  Like many political candidates, she has also struggled to comply with Washington State’s glorious campaign finance laws which have resulted in a variety of Public Disclosure Complaints filed against her including this one (resulting in a reminder letter to do better next time), and this one (which resulted in a formal Warning letter from the PDC), and this one (which resulted in a $300 fine).    Mostly, she has been able to fund her political ambitions by selling pot to the residents of Yakima, and as a retired school teacher (I am unable to verify her claim) she appears to understand her business very well.

Political Pot Campaign Cash is influencing some elections

I appreciate activists of all political stripes.  They can provide the necessary balance in a representative republic form of government, and if focused properly, they can expose many truths that government would prefer to conceal from the public.  However, in this case, it appears Hallock has an ax to grind against Councilman White for daring to dissent from the group think of the current Yakima Council.  There is no crime in that, and most of us would prefer a bit more diversity of opinion in many of these cities, not just in Yakima.  Her effort to recall Councilman Jason White has been chopped down in court before it made much progress, and her appeal seems equally Quixotic, but maybe it will impress Inslee. 

It seems Yakima Councilmember Jason White is doing the right thing and speaking up against Governor Inslee is not yet a punishable crime in Washington State (although many presume Inslee will try to have his Ministry of Covid Compliance criminalize dissent next).  Judging from the citizen reaction against Inslee across the state, the Governor knows he can’t arrest everyone, so putting Washington State into permanent, endless lockdown appears to be the only way to punish us all.  We need more elected officials questioning the Governor’s authority right now, not less. 

This could be what Governor Inslee wants to do, but he can’t legally do it right now


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  1. Recall? Article 33 of the Washington State constitution should be in effect for Mr. Insley as his actions exceed those requirements outlined in it. He’s failed to uphold what he swore to do in upholding the Constitution of the United States as well as the State of Washington, why is he STILL sitting on the $2.9 billion in governmental aid for small businesses, why were we told it was $100 million stolen in ESD but now we find out that $300 million was recovered? He said we’d trust the science and the data ref. the virus and with all the latest science and data available points to the fact we should be in Stage 4 across the state. A leader leads, accepts and owns gregarious errors, puts his agenda to the side fior ther betterment of all. He’s lost focus and failed in upholding his oath as governor. I’m Joe Citizen, don’t have the money to take it to court. I’d point this to the AG Ferguson but his name needs to be added to the list of being removed as he forgot his role to be the checks and balances for We the people.” Any attorneys put this together to free We the people and file on our behalf?

    • Keep in mind, both AG Ferguson and Governor Inslee are on the ballot this fall – in fact you get to vote on them in August during the primary and then in November. A Recall Petition effort would not get to the ballot until next year. If they are voted out of office this year, then a recall is just a waste of time and energy.

  2. Limelight doth be her constant goal, methinks. This girl passed the bar exam? The petition and her brief are frivolous. Why no sanctions by the court?

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