Governor Inslee wanted to be President, believes he is savior of the world, acts like he is king, and some people believe he is a dictator. However, he remains a Democrat in good standing, facing a little rebellion now and then.


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On Sunday, several thousand protestors (2,500 +/-)gathered at the Washington State Capital campus. They were mostly focused on protesting Governor Inslee’s programs shutting down the state economy during the Wuhan/Corona Virus pandemic era.  The Governor was a bit surprised that people don’t like losing their jobs, homes, businesses, or economic future if it can be avoided. Parking was challenging, particularly since the State Patrol would not open the empty state employee parking garages to attendees.  Many sympathetic drivers were waving flags and honking horns during the protest. 

The State was keeping an eye on the unruly peasants below

The weather was beautiful, the state’s helicopter was hovering at 500ft, and at least one rogue drone was buzzing overhead (presumably getting some unofficial video of the crowd).  Many homemade signs were on display, various Republican political campaigns were in evidence, and palpable anger directed mostly at Governor Inslee was to be found everywhere.   There were no official speakers or sponsors in evidence in the main area typically used for protests between the Capital building and the Supreme Court, although Tim Eyman (a Republican candidate for Governor) brought a handy megaphone which served him well addressing the crowd. 

Initially there were no organized speakers, but Republican candidate for Governor, Tim Eyman, grabbed a bull horn and spoke anyway

Eventually, after an hour of milling around the area, occasional chants of “Inslee’s got to go” or equivalent chants on the same theme, the group moved over to the fountain area of the capital campus and listened to a variety of speakers.  Needless to say, this wasn’t a crowd happy with Inslee.  Sometimes photos speak louder than words, so I’ve attached a bunch of photos below which better illustrate what attendance at this event looked like for those who did not attend. 

I doubt this drone had permission to fly here, but this wasn’t a day people were asking for permission anyway

This was a remarkable turnout considering the fact most people during this pandemic panic are under the practical equivalent of house arrest either complying with Governor Inslee’s directives to stay home, or they are concerned about catching the virus.  It should be noted that many people in attendance were wearing masks and/or gloves.  In addition, this event was not organized by any major official organizations (although a variety of grass roots groups endorsed it), and this always makes the practical process of getting a crowd of this size more challenging.  This should put some political leaders on notice, but politicians are rarely ahead of the curve.

Governor Inslee, of course, didn’t care and mostly ignored the event, although he did tweet out a snarky message later.  Inslee apparently views the shut down as a key opportunity to boost his flagging popularity, and the Democrat Governor’s polling seems to indicate he is getting positive marks the longer he shuts down the economy.  Mainly this is because he believes he is “saving lives” the longer it drags out, or at least this is the poll tested narrative at this time.

As a political bonus, Inslee earned recent national attention by attacking President Trump, claiming Trump was fomenting “rebellion” and insubordination among the people when Trump encourages the reopening of the economy.  Of course, as Republican Representative Jim Walsh helpfully pointed out, Governor Inslee might want to read the state constitution at some point.  If he did read it, he might discover that he actually works for the people and not the other way around.  A little rebellion now and then can indeed be a good thing and a helpful reminder. 

Inslee was an attorney in his pre-political life

Many people are obviously angry about losing their jobs, their businesses, and they view their economic future sinking fast under the current lock-down policy.  Inslee owns this lock-down in its entirety, but the Governor feels it helps him politically.  He also recently linked his decision to end the lockdown on the California and Oregon Governor’s policies. Outsourcing this decision to these states is not very popular in Washington.

This might seem very shortsighted, but this guy is a lifetime politician very detached and insulated from the consequences of his decisions and policies.  As a former slip and fall attorney, he doesn’t know what it takes to run a real business.  If his political allies and donors are selectively protected by his lock-down policies, then he doesn’t really care about the other people who are hurt.  His re-election is all that matters to him right now. 

We are living in strange days.  A genuine economic crisis combined with a pandemic and health panic is creating an unprecedented cultural and economic experience for all Americans.  Binge watching Netflix and rioting over toilet paper once a week at Costco gets old quickly.  This is only the beginning.  Most people who will lose their jobs and businesses this year haven’t lost them yet.  However, many know it is coming and people sense the looming storm will be bad. 

The bureaucrats and politicians appear unconcerned about this tsunami of chaos and economic collapse.   In fact, some of them like Governor Inslee seem practically giddy about their rising poll numbers and how the chaos and the opportunity to make more people dependent on government welfare will help him get reelected.  The political opposition to Inslee is fractured and not organized effectively yet.  However, Inslee is right about one thing – a rebellion is brewing, but he can’t blame this one on Trump.  Inslee will be forced to look in the mirror for the source of this one.   

Signs of the rebellion are posted below.

Not everyone wants a Master to tell them what they can do
A Common Theme at the Event
Not everyone was impressed with the failed Virus models, which were all wrong
Not everyone likes Inslee’s effort to shut down the wilderness – where social distancing is measured by miles not feet


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  1. “…This might seem very shortsighted, but this guy is a lifetime politician very detached and insulated from the consequences of his decisions and policies…” Hey Glen another GOOD ON YA BOY!
    …would argue that ALL poly tic (to be ) shunned (s) are in fact very detached etc. inslee is cookie cutter politician designed for cookie cutter persons. I hope the majority of minimum wage job holders in WA feel getting back to “work” is as stimulating as the promise of free dough stimulus.
    I have encouraged my working working friends to consider the huge value of working from home in hopes of “stimulating” the idea of small business owners in mass with original ideas about how to create their own income! NOT AN EASY consideration but for those not wanting that responsibility , then to support by working FOR the one that does. I won’t /will point out obvious political double speak that most/all local governments make it so very strenuous for small businesses to be successful being their stranglehold fees, rules, regulations and color of” law” statues that apparently must keep the ongoing rein of corporate “leaders” in the comfort to which they are accustomed. The signs are TERRIFIC! Social distance from the TV/(or my version) main stream media and the (summarized) covid isn’t killing as much as government over reach, government interference (on a daily level) , mandatory economic shut down is !
    Always love your cheeky humor getting a message across! Thanks for writing so well

  2. I in ignorance voted for Jay Inslee the first time round believing the pablum he was going to be key in assisting home / private property owners in this state with the predator mortgage fraud vultures harvesting people’s sweat equity in their homes and lands. Instead, silence and inaction from him as business as usual marched on with untold losses of thousands of people in WA State.
    Determined not to make that mistake again I lent time into becoming politically active in our county to oust over reaching County Commissioners running roughshod over private property owners.
    My assigned sector of research resulted in some interesting information finds.
    While researching the activities of one the appointed department heads under the Board of Commissioners I had found that person attended a peculiar conference in 2010 that engendered support for a United Nations program called Agenda -21. I was unfamiliar with that program so I obtained some publications from the U.N. and was astounded ( Every property owner should read this btw… ).
    Regarding the conference listed above, not only did I find in attendance to this U.N. program conference the person I was researching but among the named key note speakers for that event was then Congressman Jay Inslee.
    The realization hit me that my voting actions in ignorance via fraudulent information had participated in implanting a major player in Washington State’s top office of an avid political adversary of private property rights. A position in lockstep agreement of emptying out rural lands, deconstructing man made structures and human presence in favor of relocating the population into dense high population corridors in existing urban areas. There is much more in official publications in conjunction with this that is / has been accomplished to date.
    Now however many of Inslee’s actions and statements of the past along with his colleagues make sense to me for the first time.’
    For some of you posting here if you believe this to be ” Tin Hat ” it’s all in print and has been for some time. I for one have been taking steps to not be another deluded Boobus Americanus yielding my substance and energy over to Charlatans with feigned concerns over the people’s rights and overlord minded agenda’s.
    Jay Inslee appears to be a disappointment and a socialist tool that needs to be relegated to the dust bin of politics and any public service. Is he a Governor or merely a Corporate CEO ? You decide.

    • Excellent research Dear Hal, welcome to your future that’s been put in “high roll out” motion for at least the last 10yrs…Now i don’t mean has been headed in brilliant if not despised direction for 10 but the “mach” speed is picking up as of. Good ol Agenda 21 off to a “grand ” start …93′ and Rio though the “passed” as in dead, crook (prison time) Maurice Strong was around while ICLIE infiltrated cities , counties, all communities states and nations with their “facilitators” “vision” meetings held by well funded ngo’s. I went to most and did interrupt with some suggestions from Rosa Koire 🙂 …Have you read Ms. Koire’s book Behind the Green Mask? Short, page turner for those in your circle still trying to understand “whats goin’ on”…hopefully meet your down the road in respectful DIS OBEDIENCE! robin

  3. Congratulations Glen, it is nice to know there are still a few real Patriots.
    Unfortunately there are also a number of obnoxious busybodies, Terrence Knight being representative.
    This kind of individual would rat on his neighbors and support any kind of draconian over reach out of pure meanness.
    The generally unhappy and often miserable folks epitomize the cliché, “Misery loves company”.
    About hair dressers, it would seem anyone trying to make an honest living, support a family and being a contributing member of society should be lauded, not demeaned.
    It would be interesting to know what Terrence Knight does for a living IF he doesn’t reside in his parent’s basement. A even more interesting to know If his job is designated essential.
    Finally if Insley was to forego his pay, as has Trump, I might have a little respect for his orders.

    • Well, I tend to support free speech as best I can, and I appreciate the fact Terry is willing to comment on this article. It helps, I suspect, for people to hear differing points of view, and unlike Facebook, I won’t shadowban anyone.

          • Yes. This is a test of character for everyone. We must all look inside and think seriously about our abilities and limits. But throwing a temper tantrum won’t help. I view it as a national opportunity, the chance to put aside for a moment our self-created, self-serving myths and rethink who we are — and where do we go next? This dramatic event is going to change all of us in very profound ways, including some we can’t anticipate. I am not, frankly, feeling very confident, because I think the United States has become lazy and self-absorbed and a society unwilling to confront itself. I hope I’m wrong.

            • I suspect that many things will change. 40-50 million or more newly unemployed people will not be good. Shifting manufacturing back from China to America? Probably a good thing, but it will take time. Trying to be a bit more prepared for tough times? For those who can do it, it will be a good thing. For those who fall on hard times right now and can’t easily recover? Not so easy. I suspect spending habits are going to radically change. This will impact tax receipts. Government is almost guaranteed to lose 30% or more of their tax receipts quicker than anyone has ever seen before. The bureaucrats are living in denial. It is going to be rough, I suspect.

              • Probably many firms “temporarily” closed will not re-open, thus unemployment will remain high for many months. I’m not confident manufacturing will return to the US — that opportunity is already lost — more likely, China’s ascendancy will be accelerated. Folks will need to reconsider their lifestyles, exploring ways to become self-sufficient, and learning to save for future emergencies. Yes, governments will be strapped for cash (tho I wouldn’t think that would bother you much), and that will demand we reconsider taxation schemes and the Keynsian approach to money supply; nor can we afford to continue to rely on abstract concepts like “the market economy” to save us. No longer will we be able to ignore concepts like Universal Basic Income and universal health care. And there are other, more troubling questions before us: why did we not foresee this? Why were we so ill prepared? How can we improve global cooperation? And most important: will we be able to ever again be confident about the future? Or are we living in a frightening new world of daily uncertainty and perpetual anxiety, even worse than all those dreadful years of the Cold War? Can we develop new ways of living together without resorting to the Law of the Jungle? Glen, we’re going to have figure things out, and fast. As I said before, I’m not hopeful. If you look back and study events like the Bubonic Plague, the Thirty Years War, the Plague, and the Great Depression, you will understand why.

    • To Doug — you’re the type of guy who, during the war, hoarded food, counterfeited ration stamps, bought and sold on the black market, and in so doing gave aid and comfort to the enemy — all because you were too lazy or stupid to learn how to cut your own hair for a few days. Your actions put the health of your neighbors and fellow Americans at risk — how is that being patriotic? BTW, sport, I’m a veteran. Where did you serve, in the Girl Scouts?

  4. ” Inslee earned recent national attention by attacking President Trump, claiming Trump was fomenting “rebellion” and insubordination among the people” Hmmm. It seems that Mr. Inslee is fomenting rebellion and insubordination of his own constituents. Does he see the irony, do you think?

      • Inslee would be well within his authority to order the state police to arrest some of these yahoos for endangering public health. And the next time some some bat-shit crazy Republican legislator uses a word like “liberation” or “rebellion” or mentions guns, etc., he should be arrested for threatening a public official. People have had enough of this crap.

      • Inslee would be well within his authority to order the state police to arrest some of these yahoos for endangering public health. And the next time some some bat-shit crazy Republican legislator uses a word like “liberation” or “rebellion” or mentions guns, etc., he should be arrested for threatening a public official. People have had enough of this crap.

  5. OK, Glen, it is easy to pick away at some of Inslee’s decisions. (I personally don’t understand why individual fishing should be restricted.) But that’s not what these protestors are up to: they are claiming that Inslee’s failure to open the state up FOR THEM is somehow illegal. But it’s not, and I think you know that: the governor has the absolute right to assume some extraordinary powers during this unique crisis, and the professional medical community agrees that opening the economy now would be a grave mistake. Can we please get serious for a minute? “HAIRDRESSERS ARE ESSENTIAL!” Oh, really? How can anyone be that completely stupid? And the hypocrisy! Conservatives are always attacking liberals when they protest against war or injustice, insisting they shut up, “obey authority”, demonstrate their patriotism and loyalty, etc. Can you imagine if the public had behaved like this during WW2, when FDR, struggling with the Great Depression and war at the same time, imposed rationing, blackouts, and other restrictions?

    Cons should stop and think for a moment, without simply reacting so cynically and selfishly. How can they complain about the Tenth Amendment, when it is Trump who has sought to ignore it? I didn’t hear any complaints from the right when Trump announced he had the right to assume dictatorial powers. Don’t they understand that Inslee is simply following Trump’s guidelines?

    I suspect you’re right that the economy may very well not “bounce back” they way people hope. That particularly applies to Trump, with all his bluster and bluff about “pent-up demand” and things quickly returning to normal. The ill effects of this disease are going to be with us for a long while, and it’s better to face that reality, as well as to realize that it is going to take concerted government action to keep society functioning.

    There is another, more serious consideration: developing food shortages. This could lead to all kinds of problems, including aberrant behaviors that we’re not mentally equipped to deal with. Now I don’t have an immediate solution to all this. I suspect nobody does. And there’s the rub. This is going to get worse before it gets better. The one thing I do know is that insisting we “re-open the government” immediately will absolutely not make things better, but worse. We cannot defeat Covid-19 by attempting to repair the economy; it’s the other way around. And these protests don’t help because they deflect the heart of the problem and keep people in a state of anger and confusion.

    • I was there and spoke to many people, and there was a pretty wide variety of concerns. There is nothing more selfish than a Governor taking political actions which he believes will help him politically regardless of the personal harm and destruction they inflict on the community. THAT is certainly selfish, and a little weird that people don’t see it.

      There is no greed greater or more rapacious than the greed of government, which is often driven by bureaucrats and the special interests who profit from the policies they push. People have every right to push back against policies that harm them.

      • Glen, there is no reason to believe that Inslee’s decisions are designed to benefit him politically. The opposite seems far more likely: he seems to be doing what he sincerely thinks needs to be done, regardless of the political heat it brings, And don’t forget, he is following Trump’s own guidelines! What is wrong with these protestors that they can’t understand that?

        Did you see the video of health care workers in Denver confronting protestors at the capitol? In Michigan, they tied up traffic so bad that nurses and doctors could not get to their clinics. How ironic — when they start getting sick in a few days, they will be in the ERs of those facilities, begging those same physicians to please save their lives.

    • I do agree with you about the economy not coming back the way many seem to think. This is going to radically reduce taxes, greatly increase personal economic decline (particularly at the lower income levels), and I tend to believe that there need to be some sort of flexibility with how they address the ability of businesses to get back to opening with proper precautions. Good information would assist in this process…

      • It’s going to take a ton of money, and there’s still a lot of pain ahead of us, but we should be able to handle this eventually. But for starters, these protestors need to get a handle on reality and stop making things worse — because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

        • I think we will handle this. What is sorta curious to me is that when I was working on pandemic medical products years ago (after SARS), the concerns we had were about pandemics that would have fatality rates at a minimum of 100x more than this. I am seriously concerned when I see the collapse occur this significantly when it is this minor of a virus. I take it seriously, but it is far less significant than our plans had always imagined. If we will impoverish a generation and destroy the economic future over this, what happens when a serious crisis comes to us?

          • Regarding your remarks about the unexpected severity of this virus, I can only say, well, so what? Actually, there were scientists a half century ago warning us about this sort of thing; there was plenty of speculation back in seventies, and even before, that viruses might soon begin to mutate beyond our ability to vaccinate against them.

            We should have listened, Glen. Just as we should now start paying attention to climate scientists, agriculturalists, social theorists, and modern economists, instead of TV evangelists and Rush and Sean (“It’s all a hoax!”) Hannity. We had better learn something from all this, and fast. Science is reality, and reality is what matters, not conspiracy theories and similar madness. Mother Nature is a mean-spirited bitch. I suspect she’s had about enough of the human race. She’s about to send an eviction notice. And Inslee won’t be able to stop this one.

  6. I must say, I don’t get it. Inslee is following — to the letter — Trump’s guidelines pointing towards “reopening”; these guidelines establish discrete criteria regarding testing results. As it turns out, the testing Trump insists is necessary, is impossible to complete, due to extreme shortages that are the direct result of Trump’s failure to act. And what is all this talk about the Tenth Amendment? Strangely, it was Trump who originally insisted he had the right to order the states to do whatever he wanted, so it’s the height of hypocrisy to cite the 10th Amendment in this case, inasmuch as it is the Tenth that guarantees state sovereignty. What happened to all that traditional conservative insistence on states’ rights?

    I notice that Glen acknowledges that Inslee’s poll number seem to be firming up. Gov Whitmer also has far better support than the MAGHATERS in Michigan. Probably most people recognize Inslee’s forthrightness in dealing with the crisis; altho his orders exempted many businesses (many people thought there were far too many exemptions), they appear to have been particularly effective. So these demonstrations, because they threaten to enlarge infections, serve only to prolong the crisis — and bolster Inslee’s burgeoning popularity.

    I would like the governor (and other Democratic governors), to point out that these irresponsible demonstrators (“Hairstylists are essential!” How stupid is that?) are putting their communities — including their neighbors, and their children — at risk. Dr. Fauci affirmed just this morning that opening too soon would be disastrous. These right wing nutjobs really need to stop and think and for once, just once, put their country over their own personal greed — grow up, behave like adults, show a little patience and courage for a change. Sure, this is tough, but we’re all in this, and you’re only making it worse. If you can’t do that, then be prepared to accept the blame when the virus makes a resurgence and the entire country ends up being shut down for the rest of the year.

    • I suspect there is more nuance to this than you’d expect. Poll numbers, like protests are ephemeral things. Local government policy has an impact on real life – more than distant decisions made in DC. I support the 10th amendment approach to this because it allows more local control. However, that does not excuse nor should it conceal poor policy choices – made mostly from a political perspective. For example, allowing big public construction projects to proceed and denying local residential construction is not a good policy choice and is more about picking winners and losers. Rather than defining optimal social distancing habits and allowing businesses to make their own decisions on how and whether they can follow these guidelines, making a more draconian order dictating the shut down of these businesses is just not flexible. Shutting down outdoor hiking where social distancing is measured in miles rather than feet is absurd. Taking specific steps to protect the most vulnerable make more sense than destroying all economic activity. A lot of people supporting this scheme right now without question are going to have much more to consider in the near future when the economy doesn’t bounce back the way they imagine. It is easy for some to mock those who are watching their economic future drain away if they believe they won’t have that experience. However, more are going to experience this downturn than they realize at this time.

    • Your faith in Dr. Fauci is dangerously misplaced. Of all of the other “Doctors” in this nation, one would not choose one that will be served with a criminal indictment to be the one influencing the media and the world in ‘medical’ advice. His manipulation has a long history, including Ebola and AIDS and he is a quintessential bureaucratic hack embedded in government.
      Fauci is directly involved in the illegal mutation of this virus strain and went around the national ban of weaponizing a virus. For a short and informative video, watch this one.,

      • Anthony Fauci holds a B.A. in classics, and graduated at the top of his class from Cornell Medical College. He is a respected clinic assistant at the Laboratory of Clinical Investigation, and he is credited with developing several medicines that resulted in life-saving therapies. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine, the American Philosophical Society, and the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, as well as other numerous professional societies including the American Society for Clinical Investigation, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and the American Association of Immunologists. He serves on the editorial boards of many scientific journals; as an editor of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine; and as author, coauthor, or editor of more than 1,000 scientific publications, including several textbooks. He is a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award, and is an Honorary Doctor of Science, Bates College; Ernst Jung Prize; Honorary Doctor of Science, Duke University; and Honorary Doctor of Science, Colgate University; Honorary Doctor of Public Service Degree, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania; Albany Medical Center Prize[; American Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award; National Medal of Science; American Association of Immunologists Lifetime Achievement Award; Mary Woodard Lasker Public Service Award; George M. Kober Medal, Association of American Physicians; Robert Koch Gold Medal. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008.

        Go flip your burgers, son.

        Ben Carson and Anthony Fauci (right) being announced as recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House on June 19, 2008.
        2016: John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award[48]s served under every president since Reagan

  7. The Preamble of the Constitution for the United States of America begins “We the People”.
    The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America ends “or to the People.”

    We the People are the beginning and the ending of the supreme Law of the Land. We surround the supreme Law of the Land, because it is ONLY by political powers delegated BY We the People, that the governments exist in America. It is for the defense of the right of the People that that governments exist.

    Those who are sworn to serve in governments, are duty-bound to defend Life, Liberty, Property, AND the right to defend the same. Those who are so sworn, who promote the murder of People of any age, conception through natural death; who promote the perversion of marriage; who promote the perversion of the hearts and minds of children; who commit aggravated robbery of property of the People; who promote vile, Satanic forms of “government”, are those with whom I shall NOT be yoked.

    Such as they are enemies of the People, because they are enemies of God first.

  8. Proud of these folks who show displeasure with our so called governor, please keep me posted on future gatherings. Thank You Patriots!

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