As we collect more emails and dig deeper into Washington State Governor Jay Inslee's Violent Sex Predator Release Project, the emails reveal many problems

As many people collect records from either public records requests obtained through RCW 42.56 or from whistleblowers inside various state agencies or private contractors who are horrified and shocked at what they know, nothing about this situation gets any better.  At no point in this process have we found any indication the past victims or the almost certain future victims of these Violent Sex Predators merit more than a passing mention, let alone a real concern to the people involved in this release scheme.

Background on Inslee’s Violent Sex Predator Release Project

A quick background for new viewers – we’ve produced a handful of videos and articles linked here, here, here, here, and here which will provide you more detailed context. 

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However, this expanding story essentially began when the Washington State legislature, in the middle of the Covid lockdown legislative session (public fenced out of the Olympia capitol campus with national guard troops and police threatening to arrest anyone who wanted to see their legislators).  Keep in mind, many people were dealing with the chaos of Washington State Governor Inslee’s randomly changing lockdown orders and random purges of the state workforce if state employees wouldn’t take the experimental shot and booster craze.  In this middle of this chaos, four Democrat State Senators sponsored a bill SB5163 (linked here), which essentially accelerated the release of Violent Sex Predators from where they were currently locked up on McNeil Island (nicknamed Pedophile Island) in the middle of Puget Sound into unsecured homes in our neighborhoods. Attorney General Bob Ferguson justified and supported this legislation and Governor Jay Inslee enthusiastically signed it.

Angela Rinaldo, Supreme Living

The intention of this bill was to take the most violent, mentally deranged sex predators ever caught in Washington State history and start randomly releasing them into various homes located in neighborhoods throughout Washington State (also called Less Restrictive Alternatives or “LRA” for short).  This story essentially became wider known because some effective local activists and neighbors of one of these homes located between the City of Tenino and the City of Tumwater in south Thurston County started to expose the truth and drew attention to the problem.

Their efforts in coordination with two of the three local Thurston County Commissioners and the Thurston County Sheriff’s office led to the Thurston County Health Department issuing a notice that the home could not be used for this purpose due to a failure to properly upgrade the house septic, water, and kitchen facilities to a commercial grade.  This was the second temporary delay caused by local neighbors digging into this fiasco, and essentially their initial concerns about lack of honesty, lack of transparency, and lack of security for this site have been amply justified when records have been received about this Tenino location.

On top of all this drama, the private for-profit vendor who was planning to dump these violent sex predators into this inadequate facility is named “Supreme Living, LLC” and is run by a former DSHS employee named Angela Rinaldo.  The deeper we dig into Supreme Living and Angela Rinaldo’s background, the more concerned we have become, and local residents are furious and disgusted that this type of avoidable fiasco is unfolding in their neighborhood.  This of course raises more questions.

This is the 4th video in this series that I have released on this subject, and this mainly focuses on the fact the Dept. of Corrections employees who interacted with Angela Rinaldo were not happy with her arrogant attitude, dismissive concern over security, and clear lack of knowledge about how to safely run a facility like this.   Here was the video we released on February 9, 2023:

Quotes from Emails showing concern over Supreme Living Violent Sex Predator site

Here is a direct link to the 692 pages in this records request that I referenced (see here).  They are also linked along with a variety of other relevant documents and sites at the end of this article.  The three quotes I provided in the above video can be found in the records linked above and at the end of this article, but I will quote them now for easier reference:

Quote #1 – Email dated June 9, 2022 from Washington State Dept. of Corrections employee Jessica Bullock, a Corrections Specialist in the Civil Commitment Program – (this is page5 of the above linked email dump):

“I would like to pass along some concerns regarding what has been going on with this. Throughout this investigation I have received various things implying that this placement was fully determined and agreed upon prior to DOC receiving the investigation. There have been emails, as the one below, detailing everyone being on board with releasing Mr. Marshall without the investigation being completed…. Where this is coming from…. I’m not sure. There seems to be an attempt at trying to prove SCC can take on the discharge planning, but what is showing problematic, to include the confrontational interaction the housing provider had with me when she first met, is that it provides a false sense of “everyone is in agreement/onboard” with the housing plan. DOC doesn’t have an opinion at this time.”

Quote #2 – Taken from Site Review of proposed Tenino location for Violent Sex Predator release program run by Angela Rinaldo, of “Supreme Living” sent to the court on December 13, 2021, again by DOC Corrections Specialist Jessica Bullock (this is from page51 of the above linked email dump):

“The Court should be aware that while communicating with Angela Rinaldo I explained the purpose of my questions. During the initial conversation there appeared to be a level of aggressive engagement from Angela Rinaldo based upon the questions. DOC needed to clarify her level of understanding about RCW 71.09 due to some of the answers she provided which highlighted a potential lack of understanding. We were specifically discussing her understanding of security and chaperoning residents in the community. She stated that in the future staff would potentially take residents to outings as a group where the ratio would not be 1 to 1. During the discussion when trying to gain clarity of whether she was under the impression she could use the same models from the Western State Hospital side she made statements such as “we created a lot of programs and I appreciate the lecture but have a master’s degree, I know what I’m talking about.” Since then, these issues appear to have changed, but were somewhat concerning as it brings into question her future cooperation with DOC.”

Clearly, the neighbors and local residents of Thurston County are not alone in their concern that Angela Rinaldo of Supreme Living, LLC is not prepared to properly run a facility like this.  The same arrogance and breezy lack of concern about the victims of these Violent Sex Predators that she planned to dump in the Tenino facility was also on display when meeting with DOC employees.  This arrogance was put on display when the Thurston County Commissioners forced her to put on a minimal “public meet and greet” in Tenino last month (see video channel here which recorded some of this event). 

In our next article and video we will dig deeper into Supreme Living, LLC and Angela Rinaldo and better understand the problems this organization and person is introducing into our community and how they appear to be failing in their duty to protect the people who live in our communities.  Angela Rinaldo is not alone in these failures, but she is worth discussing as an example of what appears to be a widespread failure across the state with this program and the strange desire by the political leadership of Washington State to make this problem worse for everyone who lives here. 

We will also explore the other locations, the current failure at every level of government to properly supervise almost every aspect of this program and the total lack of concern for past victims of violent sexual crimes in our state and the fumbling rush to produce and encourage as many future victims as possible in the most expensive way they can.

We have often described government as a mountain of corruption concealed by an ocean of incompetence, and this story seems to be following the same pattern that we find elsewhere when we start to dig deep.

Additional Videos we have released on this subject

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2011 – SB 5871 – Original Bill Draft


  1. After reading SB5163, which I believe is the sole authority for the placement of the SVPs, I’m left with a few questions: Who appointed the (sex offender policy board)? Absent is testimony of a licensed forensic psychologist/psychiatrist. Absent is the role, if any the county of conviction the prosecutor and the state A/G play into this, sec (12). Evidently, the governor, A/G, DSHS secretary and others gave the green light to arrange a living environment for the SVPs.

  2. If my memory serves me, those sex offenders judged not only sexually dangerous, but mentally unable to function normally in our society was governed in part by psychiatrists/psychologists. I thought the process involved judging the predator a psychopath. This involved state certified psychiatrists and psychologists. So, my question is how can this woman and others not deemed competent to determine wether said sex offender has been successfully treated to be released back into the community with supervision?

  3. Thank you so much for all you do to wake us up. Like what’s going on with our federal government as well as in many other places in the world, the enemy’s coming in like a flood. The Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard against it. Guess Who always wins in the end. I’ll share all of this after I watch it all to catch us up and find out what we can do.

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