Governor Inslee's staff afraid to visit "Gun Free Zone" to visit the public, but believes releasing violent sex predators in neighborhood is perfectly safe.

Inslee refuses to meet future child victims of his Violent Sex Predator neighborhood release scheme. 

South Thurston County residents who have been targeted to involuntarily become neighbors of Violent Sex Predators released into their neighborhood recently discovered that Washington State government administrators do not feel safe meeting them in person.   Despite the fact that newly elected Thurston County Sheriff Derek Sanders invited them to meet local citizens at Tenino High School – a “Gun Free Zone” under Washington State law with plenty of Tenino Police and Thurston County Deputies in attendance, these government bureaucrats decided they felt “unsafe” because of purported nebulous “threats.”  No proof of any “threats” have been provided, but these bureaucrats did write a letter (see below) to Sheriff Sanders indicating that these government agencies would be willing to do a distant remote “zoom” broadcast without the scary experience of meeting the peasants and deplorables of south Thurston County.

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Yeah, Inslee’s bureaucrats don’t believe this will protect them either.

Hundreds of local residents attended the meeting without the responsible state employees on Sunday, and local residents were not happy about the arrogant brush off by the bureaucrats who seem to revel in the harm they inflict on the people who live here, and who certainly don’t want public input about it.

Recently, when questioned by traditional media about his Violent Sex Predator Neighborhood Release program in Tenino, Washington State Governor Inslee claimed he was a “Tenino Boy” and that nobody understood his program.  Yet, the Governor won’t visit Tenino without a full team of armed Washington State Patrol officers.  Last Thursday when local parents (many from Tenino – Inslee’s “home town”) came to Inslee’s office in the Capitol, Inslee refused to meet them or the future child victims of his violent sex predator release program before they become victims of those same predators.  It is hard to understand how Inslee and his bureaucrats believe they are doing anything good here, but the Governor and these bureaucrats don’t appear to care. 

In 2021 Inslee signed the Democrat sponsored bill SB 5316 (linked here).  That is his signature.  The vote happened, even if it was during the shady Covid lockdown legislature behind fences locking the people away, and it seems very few noticed this policy fiasco.  If the Democrats thought this was such a safe program, then why did they exempt everyone involved from civil liability? (see page 19, lines 1-8).   Great question, but nobody in Inslee’s administration will answer it.  If this idea is so awesome, why won’t they locate these Violent Sex Predator release homes next to Inslee’s house on Bainbridge Island?  Or Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s home?  Or Democrat Speaker Laurie Jenkin’s home?   As much as Governor Inslee wants to pretend this is not happening, even he can’t deny he signed and endorsed this Violent Sex Predator Neighborhood Release Scheme.  Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is doing his best to hide behind the Violent Sex Predators he plans to defend after they create more victims as well.  It is possible Ferguson views this as a job security bill for his agency. 

This is a photo from the January 29, 2023 meeting at Tenino High School which DSHS, DOC, and Inslee staff were afraid to attend because of “safety concerns.” Like all schools in Washington State, this is a “gun free” zone, but the same bureaucrats believe it is perfectly safe to dump the most Violent Sex Predators in the state in your neighborhood.

Secondly, when local residents became understandably upset about exposing their young children and women to Violent Sex Predators, the entire program was cloaked in secrecy and dishonesty.  The for-profit vendors (in every instance we have uncovered so far) always lie to the sellers of the homes they purchased and they always lie to the neighbors about how they plan to use the home.  The lies range from claims they will use the homes for housing “foster kids” (Supreme Living – Tenino), or an “Assisted Living Facility” (Pierce/King County).  Additionally, these for-profit groups always keep the intended use secret from local law enforcement and elected officials until after they start to import the Violent Sex Offenders from the secure lockup at McNeil Island.  If this program was so great, why does every site and vendor lie about the property use?  Why do they keep it secret from local elected officials and law enforcement?  Why do they always use out of county judges to approve the Violent Sex Predators they plan to dump on the community?  Good questions, which nobody in charge wants to answer.

Saving money by spending twice as much – the Logic of Inslee.

Finally, even Governor Inslee can no longer pretend the state isn’t paying absurd and ridiculous fees (bribes?) to inadequately “house” and launch these Violent Sex Predators into the neighborhood.  For an example of these types of contracts see this current contract linked here.  You will see that the minimum monthly payment is $38,513.50 per month to house one of these predators in your house (for those who survived Washington State Common Core math education this equals $462,162 from the state in a year just for one Predator).   For some time, the state has been eager to empty the McNeil Island secure lock up facility which is housing about 214 Violent Sexual Predators using the excuse that it is “too expensive.”  Frequently the state has claimed that it costs around $200,000 to house them on the island.  So, in order to “save money,” the state plans to spend twice as much per Violent Sex Predator to drop them all around the state into neighborhoods filled with convenient future victims.  Apparently to Inslee, this makes sense, and the Democratic Party believes spending twice as much “saves money.” (Some have argued this logic is partly a result of Washington’s awesome public education system).

Those who believe it isn’t possible for the Inslee administration to be this incompetent and foolish have a few theories that might support Inslee’s “saving money” claims.  First, they theorize that the Inslee administration knows these predators will reoffend and they expect that when they are caught, convicted (again), and go to prison, this will save the state money because it costs far less to house these violent pedophiles and predators in prison.  Secondly, they also theorize that by dropping these violent sex predators into neighborhoods with high rates of firearm ownership, perhaps armed local citizens will defend themselves and their children when attacked, and perhaps by killing some of these predators in the commission of a crime, the state can also reduce its long-term liability in this manner.  Plus, in this second scenario, each shooting incident would provide Governor Inslee and AG Ferguson another excuse to blame “gun violence” and then try to further disarm the citizens of the state. It seems unlikely anyone in the Inslee administration would admit to either of these scenarios as part of their “plan.”

Who cares about the victims?  Nobody in Inslee’s administration.

Of course, all the political and bureaucrat leaders appear to completely ignore the future children and women victims of these Violent Sex Predators who will be far easier victimized by these predators when released into our neighborhoods compared to living on a secure island with a long, cold swim to get to future victims.  Not one of the supporters of this program express any concern about the future victims they plan to create.  This includes Governor Inslee.  To be fair, one of the reasons for this apparent lack of concern might be the fact that the Democratic Party as a matter of policy appears no longer capable of defining exactly what a woman is any longer (see here).  So, some sympathy with their inability to comprehend the inevitable damage they plan to inflict on our communities might be in order.  Perhaps.  Or, maybe we could just demand they hear the truth.

Inslee and Ferguson have no clothes.  Someone needs to tell them.

Few in local government today appear to have read the classic folktale by Hans Christian Anderson “The Emperors’ New Clothes.”  If you attended Washington State’s awesome public schools recently, and never read the story before, go here.  Almost two hundred years old, this political satire story really is a cautionary tale on the inevitable nature of man in regard to collective denial, groupthink, and the inevitable desire to virtue signal despite reality. 

However, these types of woke edifices tend to collapse when even a child can see and speak the truth.  Eventually, it all comes crashing down.  Governor Inslee and AG Ferguson may not be running around naked in the street just yet, but the policies they champion like this Violent Sex Predator Neighborhood release program clearly deserve the scorn, disgust, and distrust from the public they are earning.  The praise Inslee and Ferguson may receive from the Democratic Party for releasing these predators on society is flimsy and transparent cover for the damage they are inflicting on real people and our otherwise beautiful state.

Not Everyone opposes Governor Inslee’s Violent Sex Predator Neighborhood Release program.
Washington State Governor Jay Inslee loves releasing violent sex predators and believes that it is better to be King than to be Governor


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  1. I am interested in hearing your reply to the webinar held by the DSHS on Wednesday Feb. 1. ( ).

    I have spent a lot of time reading the law, and I listened to the webinar in full.

    They emphatically stated that the SCC on McNeil Island is not closing down.

    I was surprised to learn that there are about 86 individuals currently released to LRA (Less Restrictive Alternative). These individuals are released by the courts, not by the SCC or DSHS. This is also my understanding based on reading the law.

    I also learned that release to LRAs has been going on since 1991. DSHS also claim that since that time there have been no convictions for re-offense by individuals release to LRAs. ( )

    They also claim that only one escape from LRA was attempted and that individual was captured after 1 hour. ( )

    I will reread the bill from 2021, but can you summarize what this bill changed in the Law? And what is your response to these claims?

    • I am glad to hear that they claim they are no longer planning to shut down McNeil Island. That is probably not true, of course, based on some of the internal sources I have within various agencies associated with it, but I’m glad that is the tune they are playing right now. The process of releasing SVPs into the LRA program does require a court order at some point. These bureaucrats can’t pretend that it is out of their hands however, because, based on email records and other documents, it is clearly someone higher up their bureaucratic food chain (as opposed to front line staff) who are approving these releases and often the judge doesn’t have a hearing and there appears to be lack of notification to the former victims as well. This is a streamlined process they have created, and the changes made in 2021 are the excuses I see referenced repeatedly in internal staff emails when staff doesn’t want to dump the violent sex predator on the public.

      Keep in mind, originally, they claimed there were zero escapes (they call them “elopes” now, which is weird), now they are admitting to two. I’m not sure they are accurate with this data yet either, and further records requests will reveal the truth over time, I am sure.

  2. Of course they are afraid to face the public who know they are clearly economy destroying mass murderers.

  3. Inslee is beyond out of touch! He is a traitor in everything he does! Zoom is just a cowardly way to give the impression of listening but there us no eye contact, no integrity. He can mute anyone talking etc… He is spineless and hides behind mansion doors, money and zoom!

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