Washington State Governor Jay Inslee drops Lockdown orders on the peasants and serfs of Washington State

Now that Inslee is planning his third coronation as Governor of Washington State, and he feels politically safe enough – he is back to inventing massive new citizen lockdown mandates as dictated by the Governor’s office (no legislature involved).  Inslee demands that these lockdown dictates not be called “lockdowns” due to the negative connotations of this word.  The tame media will probably obey him.  However, this punishment of the peasant residents (the term “citizen” is considered triggering in the land of political correctness) of Washington State is an ugly thing.  Inslee does not want you to think about it.  It is all “temporary,” of course.  We’ve heard it all before, and the statements and promises now are just as empty as they were in the past. Let the lockdowns begin again.

The panic buying at Costco and the other stores have begun again.  A little deja vu for you. A visit to the Tumwater Costco last night just verified this is true.  Don’t worry about the crowded stores, however – Inslee allows that. He will just restrict people from visiting your home this time.

On the other hand, Inslee is not alone.  Apparently, there is a contest between some of the Governors who are also vying for cabinet posts in a new Biden administration to see who can force the peasants and serfs to submit to the most absurd government abuses possible.  We can only imagine the governor with his senior bureaucrats going over the details – sitting around a table – socially distanced and all masked up – muffled conversation as follows:

“Let’s see if we can kill Thanksgiving AND Christmas.”  Laughter ensues.

“Hey, let’s restrict gatherings at homes to 12 people?” 

“I heard New Jersey is restricting it to 10.”

“Let’s go with 6.  I like that number.  I mean, nobody can make it more restrictive than that right?  We’ll just say it’s science”

“It isn’t like anyone will dare to question us, right?  After all, we have “science” on our side and our PIOs (Public Information Officers) control the media narrative anyway.”

“Yeah, if they start to ask questions, just let them know we can always drop their B&O exemption or just go talk to someone else.” 

“That’s funny.  Come on guys, they are our friends, the real media will cover for us – they always do.”

“Yeah, besides, the people this hurts the most are the ones who didn’t vote for you anyway, so screw them.”
“Yep, this will show them.  Dumb hicks.”

“Don’t forget, this is all about saving lives.  Just talk about how anyone who dares to question us just wants to kill everyone including Grandma at the Christmas dinner.”  Laughter fills the room.

It is time to unleash the bureaucrats on the people…

“This is going to be fun.  We don’t have to worry about the election any more, so let’s make this happen.”

The simmering anger and resentment directed at the Governing Class in Washington State is palpable outside the Blue Bubble urban core, the High-Tech 1%, and the Capital District.  Widespread civil disobedience of the Governor’s efforts to restrict who you can visit for Christmas or who can visit you in your home for Thanksgiving is inevitable.  It appears Inslee and his minions are counting on this rebellion so they can use it as another excuse for even more absurd abuse.   The snitch list hotlines are sure to light up.  Good times are coming for the bureaucracy and their ability to selectively punish the deplorables and the unwashed peasants. This is a great way to justify their existence, maybe catch another Federal grant.

The lie “we are all in this together” has been exposed starkly for all to see.  Inslee is not taking a 40% pay cut.  He is not laying off 25% of the state workforce (his political allies), nor is he giving them a 40% pay cut either.  The government worker “furlough” joke is like a paid vacation with the extra bonus of qualifying for Federal stimulus checks.  Plus, they get to binge watch all your favorite Netflix shows and catch up on their home projects.  It isn’t like the government bureaucracy is going to “audit” itself (transparency is dying).  A lot of people would love to take that deal.  Christmas will be great at government family homes this year – particularly the senior bureaucrats.  Not so much for those who do not collect government paychecks and who have to work for a living. It sucks to be a serf.

Of course, if you work for a high-tech company in the Seattle area, you are also probably enjoying life right now too.  Working from home is efficient (who misses the nasty commute and expensive parking in Seattle?), and most of these folk are too woke to have any direct social contact with the people whose livelihoods, hopes, dreams, and families are being destroyed by the Governor’s random rule-by-mandate.  Sure, it might be a little annoying to get that soy latte at Starbucks, but it has been nine months since they enjoyed the free wi-fi anyway.  The idea of eating out is becoming a distant memory anyway, and besides it is cheaper to have meals delivered at home.

Washington State Governor Inslee wants to create an army of informers who will turn in their neighbors to the state so he can punish them for being insubordinate to his virus proclamations.

The analogy of the Hunger Games dystopian world seems apt more than normal this time around.  We really are witnessing the Capital District abusing the red rural rubes in the outlying districts and rubbing their nose in the power, control, and abuse that the rulers can whimsically inflict without negative political consequences to themselves – yet.  The bureaucrats might not be pitting the children of Republicans in contrived death matches against each other yet (they only fantasize about it now), but at least they got their graphic sex ed curriculum shoved down the peasant throats in the government schools – THAT was a higher priority than math or language literacy ever was.  The rulers in Olympia do not care what damage they do to the workers or families in this state.  THOSE people did not vote for our benighted rulers anyway.  There is no spine in the Republican opposition despite the forlorn hope the spaghetti spines can be stiffened. For now, the limp-wristed handwringing and pathetic whining seems to be the only response they can whimper to the few who listen.   Maybe they will be different via the Zoom legislature Inslee is concocting for next year’s session.

Inslee is competing with the various Blue Governors around the nation who are seeking a position in a Biden administration in DC.  Inslee’s recent longtime Chief of Staff – David Postman has already jumped ship to the Biden transition team.  The abuse Inslee is happily inflicting on the residents of Washington State is part of his loyalty demonstration for that future plumb position.  Governor Heck can clean up the mess, and who cares if he can’t?  Inslee and his cronies will be putting this Washington in the rearview mirror first chance they get. 

Hope springs eternal, and so does faith.  People want to have hope that it will get better (remember 9 months ago – just a few weeks to “flatten the curve”?  Yeah, I was suckered into believing them for a few weeks too).  Lockdown forever is here to stay and dangling the carrot that “someday it will end” is just part of the game.  The lies come easy to these guys, and it has only become a game now.  It will only end when the people demand it ends, and that is sure to be an ugly process too.

Inslee lied about not raising taxes when he ran for Governor in 2012.  He has raised taxes 30+ times since then and advocated additional taxes which the state barely managed to avoid.  There is no tax too big or price too high which he can’t make others pay.

Inslee lied about “protecting people” while his Department of Corrections released thousands of violent felons early and some deaths occurred due to a “computer glitch.”  Then he released more violent felons because “Covid.”  Does he really care about saving lives?  Not so much…

Inslee lied about knowing the CHAZ/CHOP autonomous secession zone in Seattle even existed, despite the fact it was on every major news station in the nation for almost two days.  Then, during the Governor’s debate, he lied about his original lie.  Does Inslee even know what the truth is anymore?  Does he care?  Obviously his supporters love his lies too.

Inslee lied about Covid deaths – exaggerating the statistics and including people who died of gunshot wounds.  When confronted about this lie, he denied it.  Then, was forced to quietly go back and correct the records – EXACTLY as they had been exposed by the Freedom Foundation at the time.

With “professionals” like Suzi Levine running state government for Governor Inslee, what could go wrong?

Inslee installed his mega-donor and campaign bundler Suzi Levine as head of the Employment Security Department In addition to being entirely unqualified and way over her head, she also managed to oversee the biggest botched fraud operation in state history where somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion dollars were lost to a Nigerian Fraud Scheme.  This happened because employees turned off the fraud prevention systems internally, but I’m sure nobody on the inside was involved in the crimeNo sir! Inslee danced around this story and pretends there is nothing to see here.  A mountain of corruption can be concealed in an ocean of incompetence.

Inslee pretended to be concerned about public gatherings (Covid, don’t you know), but he happily encouraged mass riots and protests around the state when BLM and Antifa demanded it.  Inslee even gave away the primary bridge between Oregon and Washington for a mass protest march.  He pretends to be the masked man, but will take off his own mask when he feels like it.  The rules in Washington State, of course, are never applied equally to all.  Political friends have different rules than the rest of us peasants for whom the bell is always tolling.

Businesses closing forever due to Jay Inslee’s lockdown orders know who to blame

It isn’t clear why anyone believes anything King Inslee Governor Inslee or his administration says, but faith is a powerful thing.  Faith in Big Government is a religion among those who voted for Inslee, and it is always easier to manage a population with an endless elastic panic crisis – which can be twisted to justify any absurd rule.  The fear porn of Covid has certainly filled that need for this administration.  The people are easily frightened – at least in the Blue Bubble.  A tame government media helps smooth the way, and media allies have certainly been tamed and trained to support the state’s story at all costs and deny all evidence which is counter to the narrative.

Like all games, eventually, this game will run its course and get boring.  There will be a time for the current gang to mix it up a bit and invent some new excuse to keep the control and abuse train rollling.  Of course, there will be a price to pay, and the bill will be huge.  Government, particularly one as incompetent as the current circus show controlling Washington State, is awfully expensive.  This means more taxes, which is always the answer to every game they play in Olympia.  In fact, you can always count that the goal of every game in Olympia is to find a new excuse to take your money.  Grant grifting schemes abound, and they need OPM to keep the gravy train flowing.

There is a rebellion rising in Washington State.  This continues to grow quietly and pervasively outside the soft Blue enclaves of the Capital District.  While the Left celebrates “rebellion” as riots, broken windows, burning cars, attacks on police, threats against police, and “mostly peaceful” violence against their political opposition, but this rising rebellion outside the Blue Bubble is different.  it isn’t totally clear where this current peasant rebellion is going.  It will not be ostentatious with fireworks, Molotov cocktails or stupid marches and chants.  Hopefully, this rebellion can manifest itself in more productive ways.  Only time will tell.

Until that time, the pressure is building.  Firearm sales are off the charts setting records every month.  People are preparing for uncertain times, and the political circus is not reassuring.  People outside the Blue Bubble realize that government isn’t here to help, only to hurt them.  Seriously, what sane parent would trust their future or their children’s future to this political clown show?  The people want their police, but they’re preparing for whatever comes next.  The people watch the Kabuki theatre in Olympia, knowing it is a theatre of the absurd – detached from reality and the players suffer no consequences for their actions and sacrifice nothing while destroying the lives of many others.  Eventually, the current detached leadership and the bloated bureaucracy in Olympia will be surprised by the lack of consent of the governed. 

Until then, the bureaucratic beatings will continue, and I’m not sure morale will improve…

Of course they do, it is fun for them
Governor Jay Inslee and AG Bob Ferguson – before they went for higher office. Nothing has really changed.


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A sign of the times


  1. AUDIT THE VOTER ROLLS and examine the vote data forensically!!!! The cheat was born in this state. Who does this audit? How can it be done? How can I help to compare the legal paper ballots to the machine tally? A Republican has not won in this state since 2004, except Wyman who is in charge of the cheat, I mean ballot count. as Lenin said, it is not who or how many vote, but who counts the votes. Inslee and CSeeP government from the country that likes Red Dragons and Pandas are lockstep tight. Until people that have the resources to fight this machine cheat are willing to do so we continue to descend into the Hunger Games dystopia. Yep, the gray dome of dystopia needs an arrow shot through it.

  2. thanks Glen, again i say “showing up” isn’t enough. “Getting involved” with a system so blatantly corrupt would get a heck of a message if people just said NO. That they DIDN’T participate in “business as usual”. That doesn’t mean they are “showing up” on other fronts. In fact people figuring out that they HAVE their own strengths and when connected with their neighbors, dem or rep, those useless titles have nothing to do with survival and making the best of compromised circumstances like whats certainly in the future for this state and the rest.

    • Showing up is the first step, however, and precious few even make that step – maybe 3-4%, yet you can’t have any influence or impact on the final results if you don’t show up…

  3. Investigate the Secretary of State to see if she or any other the Auditors got a kickback for using the Dominion or these other software programs. No guts honest voters for demanding authorities look into this matter.

    • Just for clarity sake – Dominion was used in only one of the 39 counties, but that doesn’t make any of the other systems that were used any better, necessarily.

  4. Their similar software is running on all other machines in the state. Investigate the Secretary of State to see if she or any other the Auditors got a kickback for using the Dominion or these other software programs. No guts honest voters for demanding authorities look into this matter.

  5. Hi Glen, I found your article on TheLibertyDaily.com. It is an excellent article. I’ve lived in WA state for the last 5 years and it goes from bad to much worse.
    I just ran for county commissioner district 2 Cowlitz County as a last minute write in candidate. Of course I didn’t win but it sure sent a strong message to Dennis Weber, a rino from hell, how many people really hate him. It also opened my eyes to how much corruption really exists in this state. Stunning! And you captured it perfectly in this article.
    I’ve met a lot of like minded people. We try to rise up but we are getting nowhere fast. The new tyrannical lockdown starts tomorrow and it will affect our smallish town in a big way, not to mention I am friends with various small business owners and restaurateurs and it breaks my heart to see how they struggle.
    On a brighter note, I believe God will win cause the Bible tells me so. So much corruption is being exposed just as He promised. Just hope I live long enough to see justice served.

    Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you invite a gazillion people into your home, lolol.

    • Thank you for being involved in the political process. Nothing good happens if we give up and stop trying. I do believe the future belongs to those who show up. And yes, nobody I know is going to obey the king…

  6. So, I have to ask, why is that stupid ignorant piece of excrement still walking around alive. I would have thought that any of those businesses he put out of business would have done in Inslee for ruining their lives. Why is it we cannot indict sitting governors, mayors or presidents? It takes far too long to recall them because by the time it would happen it would already be too late to counter the reasons for which they were being recalled.

    Public servants who run afoul of the Constitution must be brought up on charges of Sedition for their lack of personal restraint while acting like a tyrant against their own people.

    • The system is basically structured to protect the bureaucracy and the elected officials from all who dare question them. Particularly the bureaucrats, who stay longer and cause more harm than the politicians, in many cases. It takes a long time to reform, and if people who were just as frustrated as you and I had started that reform effort years ago, it would already be in place. Why not start now and make accountability and transparency more important?

  7. With out any Doubt…Washington is “SCREWED” really Good by electing such an Idiot Governor…..Was Dominion the supplier of the States Voting Machines????? Maybe that might give voters and excuse……Nobody will admit the voted for this Communist Bum !!!!!

    • Their similar software is running on all other machines in the state. Investigate the Secretary of State to see if she or any other the Auditors got a kickback for using the Dominion or these other software programs. No guts honest voters for demanding authorities look into this matter.

  8. Since MyNorthWest.com has shut down their comments section it’s nice to see a site that we can voice our frustrations against this wannabe dictator.

      • Then why are so many firearms being purchased? Wake up Glen; it is going to get real unpleasant real fast. Better be prepared for the second American revolution coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

        • Well, keep in mind, buying firearms is a defensive decision, in most cases. Once you get one, you realize there is no such thing as having too many. I would prefer to NOT see a revolution any time soon…

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