Masks are mandatory in King County, Thurston County and elsewhere, inevitably these become a fashion accessory and political statements...

This article is NOT approved by the Washington State Ministry of Covid Compliance.

In Washington State, it has become vogue to require mask wearing at all times in public spaces.  While I have no problem with people who voluntarily want to wear masks for their own reasons – health, paranoia, anonymity, or just to screw up facial recognition software, it seems like making this a MANDATORY requirement as King County and Thurston County (and others) have done recently is heavy handed. 

Fortunately, for those who are willing to wear masks when required by our Dear Leaders, you can also make a fashion statement at the same time.  In fact, it can become part of your own free expression (the Left hates it when you express yourself or your feelings, unless you agree with them).  Anyway, for those in Thurston County, there are some places you can find locally sewn (buy local!) masks like the selection nearby.  For example, you can go to this Facebook page (linked here) and place your orders.  Lots of design options, friendly service, and as the attached note says “…handmade with so much love!”

The Possibilities are just endless, and you are really only limited by your imagination…
Governor Jay Inslee demands you wear a mask, but he would prefer if you didn’t wear THESE masks…

While Governor Inslee may not love it, you will.  For those who are spending their Covid lockdown time reporting on their neighbors to the Ministry of Covid Compliance – they are sure to love you too. 

I can’t help but believe, when the current craziness is behind us, these things will become genuine collectors items…      


Governor Inslee doesn’t like this mask much…



  1. Now that Inslee has made a statewide policy requiring people to wear masks, are people going to protest? From what I hear, protesting worked in California when their governor tried a mask requiring policy.

  2. Thank you for your service Glen….you’re a true Patriot.

    I might have missed it, but is there a direct point of contact for purchasing the blue INSLEE mask (adorned with appropriate alternative ‘you’re #1’ finger? It’s one of the masks displayed above. I would love to have plenty on hand for my friends and family as the ‘2nd Wave’ approaches (triple eye roll).

    So much we still don’t know about this disease Glen…but there are a lot of books about neo-marxists, associated ideology, and techniques-looks like Inslee is working on one himself.


    • I actually don’t know where to get that mask, but I suspect if you request it on some of the FB groups, you can be pointed in the right direction.

  3. Thank you so much for putting a bit of hilarity into the joke of mandated mask wearing. Am battling this order in AZ which has been inundated with CA escapees who cannot stand their prior home state yet are demanding AZ adopt the failed policies and idiocy of the left. If you don’t mind, I’m going to copy and paste some of your article to my local councilman (with credit to you). Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. We shouldn’t be encouraging mask wearing no matter what they say on them. The directive is not enforceable because it is not a law. We are a nation of laws NOT orders, directives, decrees, proclamations, or whatever dictate of the day. We have LAW enforcement, put into place after debate and vote by representatives, NOT order enforcement. The tyrants love nothing more than for their tyrannical edicts to become cemented into our daily lives. Don’t let it happen. Aside from that, the CDC has now reported that the case fatality rate is similar to influenza. We need to stop being scared of this and start using our heads. There is no need for anything other than the usual precautions.

  5. It must feel very good to lead on a bad idea. No accountability, no science and limited knowledge of the “Constitution” or subject related court cases.

    Masks are required, only in appropriate areas. Maybe this issue masks your lack of practical experience with infection by airborne diseases. It certainly points out that you have no experience with infection. Next time you visit your dentist for treatment, ask why staff wear masks. It will be an awakening and maybe a better smile.

    In short you are criticizing actions by our constitutional authority, the governor. But, you offer no practical alternative or medical science to make your case, just bully boy BS. Facts, Glen, not attitude.

    Think, how many law suits against the state will accrue if the state minimizes its responsibility to promote public health and safety?

    • Dave, thank you for your critique. I always appreciate it when people want to enlighten others with their wisdom. Your comment indicates that you have not read anything else on the website, but thank you for your comments, and I look forward to your feedback as you read other articles related to the topics you reference. I will suggest you take a look at the State Constitution once again – Go to Article 1 Sec 1 which states “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights” So, I suspect you might be giving a bit too much deference to an elected official and forgetting that the power resides in the people, not those who temporarily fill an elected position in this state.

      Unfortunately, the Governor has presented a factless model of chaos and economic destruction. He lied about the number of fatalities, and when caught lying, he gets angry and invents straw man arguments with himself. When even the tamest of media question the straw man arguments, he comes unglued and gets angry that anyone dares to question his decisions. Destroying lives with his policies, and the lack of concern for those lives he destroys is probably not the optimal behavior from anyone, let alone the Governor of a state. You certainly have a right to support destructive policies, but you should not be surprised when other people are less willing to be harmed by government policies.

      This Governor has presided over the biggest government fraud yet known in the history of this state by kicking out hundreds of millions of dollar to a “Nigerian Fraud Organization,” and nobody can yet figure out how much was stolen (although they are touting the “recovery” of $300million – awesome). This is not a Governor effectively in charge of his own agencies let alone the state.

      I understand the tendency to blindly follow those you view as your leaders, but I will continue to question authority. Thank you again for your comments.

      • That is not the point.
        Please put a synopsis of your information, confirming that masks do not inhibit the sharing of your breath with others.
        Not this bucket of redundant dribble…
        I do not have the time to backlog on your site to figure out what the heck you are trying to say.
        Yes, yes, yes, we know that the democrats are anything but democratic. They are control freaks. They have NO respect for others, heck, even for each other.
        In the past I have always laughed seeing people wearing masks while they were being a checker at a store.
        BUT! With my studies in nursing & first aid I have learned that it does prevent the ill from spreading as quickly. Wearing one doesn’t keep you from catching it. Does keep you from sharing it.
        As an asthmatic I am concerned with the chance of catching it. Taking care of my 85 year old mum as well. Also, working in Kirkland, less than 5 miles from the Evergreen Medical Center — yeah, I am worried. Hey, I have an art studio & computer at home. I can stay busy.

        BUT!! that is really a cute line of masks! Especially the “Inslee For Prison”
        If I had the money…
        God Bless.

  6. Hey Glen, have one to add to “mask pile” or “dung pile ” whatever…and that would be “Masks, Harmful and Dangerous like Inslee” …aside from OBVIOUS harm…nasty “bandits” are stressing their bodies out seriously and unless one has invented a “bandit binder” for nano…WTH do people think they’re really doing ?? See u at the Rally, if not Luv ur work!!! robin

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