Businesses closing forever due to Jay Inslee's lockdown orders know who to blame

Driving through Rochester, Washington State just south of the capital City of Olympianot every business is shutting down and folding in silence. This one knows who to blame, and is clearly blaming Washington State Governor Inslee for their demise. It is bad enough that the “emergency” never ends for Governor Inslee and he is enjoying the process of inflicting his brand of pain on the little people of the state. However, he also has overseen the biggest government corruption event in recent Washington State history by having the Employment Security Department send almost $1 billion to Nigerian fraudsters – which means tends of thousands of Washingtonians are not getting their unemployment. Inslee holds no bureaucrat accountable, of course, these are his supporters and there is no level of corruption or incompetence which will be punished. Inslee takes his pay raise and just laughs at the rest of the state as they suffer under his “leadership.”

Governor Inslee has apparently outsourced his decision making to California Governor Newsom and Oregon Governor Brown, because nobody believes he can come up with this stuff on his own (and he didn’t want to be Governor again anyway, which is why he tried to run for President). How many regular people blame him directly for their misery?

It has been four months now. The financial impacts are starting to seriously hit, and many of these will impact the community long after Covid19 becomes a distant memory. The massive disruption in plans, dreams, and hopes for so many is being actively destroyed by government policy. Not by the virus. By the governments reaction to the virus that might harm less than 1% of the population. Maybe. Ok, so let’s see if we can destroy the financial future of everyone else (unless they want to go riot, break windows, commit arson, take over city blocks, throw bricks, loot, and commit other violence during their “peaceful protests.” Yeah, that is okay and will be encouraged by Inslee).

It is hard to measure exactly how angry, frustrated, and pissed off the general population is becoming. For sure, the politicos, bureaucrats, and insiders making these decisions are entirely out of touch and clueless. Willfully harming people by government policy while the political leadership tells everyone to wear masks, binge on Netflix, stock up on toilet paper, and “eat cake” is not going to produce a positive result. People are more than angry. They are disgusted. They are disgusted with their political “leadership.” They are disgusted with the government’s incompetence and corruption. They are disgusted that government workers get paid while they are “furloughed” yet the people who lose their jobs solely because of a government lockdown policy can’t get their unemployment checks because their money was sent to Nigeria. They are disgusted that few political leaders appear to have the spine to do more than just wring their hands in fear.

Disgust, resentment, and simmering anger at the double standards can explode in unexpected ways, and the aloof political class appear clueless and blissfully unaware about this fact.


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A sign of the times


  1. Clark Kent, who did you vote for? It’s obvious that you have done your research and are passionate. Washington needs people like you. Be a leader. The people need unity, not fruitless criticism.

  2. Jay “”Sylvester the Cat” Inslee is a Merciless Maniacal, Tyrannical, Communist Democrat, Hell bent on Destroying the entire State and Federal Government, along with All citizens and business leaders of his choosing! That Tyrannical Communist Monster MUST BE REMOVED! SOONER THE BETTER! Just like Durkin, if the Violence were to affect him Directly, maybe he wouldn’t be so Cavalier as to condone it! PLEASE WASHINGTONIANS, VOTE HIM OUT!

    • Not going to happen. You just can’t fix stupid; and unfortunately many Washington residents excel in stupidity, as proven by electing this bozo governor twice before. But thanks for playing.

  3. Unfortunately, the general public is so cowed into wearing their masks and obeying tyrannical, illegal executive orders. I get a lot of strange looks when I wear my “Inslee is a Tyrant mask” or “This mask is as useless as my Governor” mask. The general population, at least in Whatcom County, are content to be sheep. I dont think anything will change.

  4. Ive heard and perhaps it is interesting to note, Nigeria is a country where AI and cov-ID vaccines are being rolled out. OUR tax dollars and unemployment benefits are possibly funding life destroying, dna destroying, vaccines to the Nigerian population. I bet it was pretty easy for the Washigton State tech tyrants to label themselves Nigerians.

    • It seems likely that some insiders at ESD were involved as well, but we won’t know for sure (if ever) until a few of them are found floating in a lake somewhere when the people who got the big bucks cut their potential exposure. This is just absurd.

  5. The problem is folks ARE watching Netflix, wearing masks, and are able to buy toilet paper. As long as citizens are fixated on ‘bread and circuses’ there won’t be any change at all. Most folks can’t be bothered to REGISTER to vote, much less cast a ballot. And with the massive voter fraud that occurs in this state, you can’t blame folks for not getting jazzed about participating in the political process. Let’s face it, we are rapidly headed towards a second American revolution; there is no denying same. And, just like the first one, most will be on the sidelines while a minority perform the heavy lifting.

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