From Riots and Arson to creating an autonomous state in just a few weeks. Seattle shows how it is done

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone already has its map and helpful signage

It is rare to find government budget disputes play out on the streets with riots, arson, protests, and the occupation of government buildings, but the recent “Defund the Police” movement has apparently demonstrated for all to witness how to actually cut government spending.  Imagine how foolish Tim Eyman must feel for spending two decades trying to do the hard work collecting signatures, managing tax cutting initiatives, and getting sued for seven years by the Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson for the crime of trying to reduce government taxes.  Apparently, as is being demonstrated in Seattle today, people who wanted to shrink government just need to take over the city streets, burn some cars, break some windows, loot some stores, and occupy the City Hall (or whatever government agency office you want to target).  Frankly, that is a lot easier than running years of signature gathering efforts, voting, and then fighting over the results in court.  This is also a lot easier and more efficient than running honest elections (or even sorta-maybe-somewhat-pretend “honest” ones in King County). 

So THAT’s how you do it. Just put up a road block, put up a sign and declare your independent state. Now we know how to do it.

In Seattle, it appears that the rioters and Leftists created a government free zone by just occupying the Seattle Police Department East Precinct (after the SPD abandoned it), and then roadblock the 6 block area around it.  Ok, that is apparently how you do it, and the Left-leaning government in Washington State appears to accept that result.  I guess that means all the “Liberty State” movement needs to do in order to break Eastern Washington away from the rest of the state, is to erect some barriers at the county boundaries, post some signs saying “leaving Washington State” and apparently all will be okay?  Who knew a local secession movement could be so easy?  Frankly, it seems like most of rural and suburban Washington could do this and create their own “no-go” zones for the state bureaucracies and clowns in Olympia. 

Socialism usually has a problem feeding people. Maybe they can get some corporate sponsorships?

Maybe the rest of us can just let Seattle go full independence secession mode and the utopia for which they have always agitated will arrive?  Perhaps we should separate Seattle from the rest of the state, and let a Socialist paradise flourish in that enclave for all to observe and marvel at the final result.  They will be no longer burdened with police or us rural hicks to bother  them.  Yeah, that sounds like a likely solution.  What could possibly go  wrong?  After all, local government is the laboratory for Democracy.  Of course, as they just learned today, once the homeless addicts steal your food, you will have some challenges feeding everyone, but hey – free stuff right?   

Anyone else notice how these guys suddenly became pro gun and pro border wall?

The City of Seattle, King County, and Washington State government are paralyzed with indecision, feckless  responses, virtue-signaling weak-kneed “leadership,” and hopeless incompetence/corruption. Does anyone believe there are any adults left in Washington State in local leadership willing to intervene to stop the chaos?  The state is currently controlled entirely by the Democratic Party for decades (although the state legislature has changed hands a few times in the recent past) , and the Republican opposition has been timid and intimidated lately.  The libertarian (with a small “l”) inside of me is curious, from an academic standpoint, how well this “Seattle Autonomous Zone (or the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone(CHAZ)” will work as an experiment in self-governance.  Socialist flavored utopias rarely do well in practice, but it appears each generation needs to repeat the mistakes made by the previous generations of Socialists (yeah, yeah, I know THIS time is sure to be different – none of those OTHER failures counted).   The stunning fact they want re-education camps right out of the gate should be a clue, but if you’ve never been taught history before – this probably sounds sorta “woke.” 

While the Seattle demonstrators are demanding the police kill themselves, torch cars, break windows, and attack the racist Democrats who have run the city for the past 70 years, they have curiously left the statue of Lenin – proudly displayed in the Fremont neighborhood standing unmolested and proud.  Lenin may have been a white racist himself, but his memory is safe and protected in the new utopia of Seattle.  Unfortunately, the rest of us probably won’t be so safe if the decay and chaos continues. It is always important to remember the failures of the political process will impact us greatly whether we want to be involved or not.

The Lenin statute in Seattle. If he were alive today, he would be proud and comfortable with Seattle’s “woke” crew


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A sign of the times


  1. I’ve been processing this a lot over the past several days and I wonder; just how much is Inslee getting paid by Antifa/George Soros for his inaction?

  2. Had no idea, lenin statue was downtown…Never been there…on my “list” re restaurants…guess not now eh?

  3. Hey Glen, thanks for your efforts here…are u familiar with $ Vigilante ? Defunding bloated salaries and property tax sounds pretty good to me. Maybe these “fine” boys and “girls”; politicians…their bureaucracy, their protection in the form of police, military and whoever else they must use that we fund, need to “take a break”. In my opinion, a refund should be due all the retirees…but be4 that…people agreeing those who choose to continue the system as is (to attempt “change”…the “righting’ of corruption) should be allowed to do so. Those of us that REALLY do want less/no “government” be allowed to withdraw from it. This must be a peaceful venture on all sides as there may be ideas in between, i certainly haven’t thought of…But I’m willing to get most of my paycheck and help my neighbors, friends reestablish their “shut” businesses without the government and police force making demands. Bull doze “spy centers” and the PEOPLE allowed to claim room in all recently built or reclaimed Walmart centers (we’ve paid for) to use. That’s right, if a body steps forward and wants to put the work and effort into using a piece of the building or facility to create something for the public …GO FOR IT. People that feel their only resolve is to continue with their politicians…the current system…can do so. I’m suggesting the rest have some options …for the first time in 100’s of years …The GOLDEN RULE applies …do unto …just a couple of thoughts this fine Thursday morn! Thanks for sending me in that direction and for this site!

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