A recent "Professional Anarchist" flyer has gone viral on social media, which claims to prove the Thurston County Democratic Party take Soros cash to fund violent rioters. But is it real or fake?

The “Flyer”

As if we didn’t have enough chaos and confusion in Washington State, a recent photo of a flyer has been making the social media rounds and causing more angst, anger, and confusion.  Specifically, the image of a flyer claims to be paying “up to $200”  for people to be a “professional anarchist,” and the flyer apparently has the real Thurston County Democratic Party phone number and an email address, which is supposed to go to the Thurston County Democrats.  This poster (which I’m told first appeared on the East Coast somewhere), is obviously fake.  Seriously, it is not real. 

JZ Knight claims to Channel Ramtha – a 35,000 year old warrior spirit who likes twinkies and donates big cash to Democrats

When I tell you this is a fake poster, that isn’t because I am a member of the Thurston County Democratic Party or their shill.  I doubt the Thurston County Democrats hate anyone (other than Trump, and maybe Tim Eyman?), more than me.  Meetings they have held in the past were  partly dedicated to hating me (see article here and here).  One of their former illustrious Precinct Committee Officers threatened to kill me (see article here).  Yes, a judge did issue a restraining order against him.  This caused the Thurston County Democrats to openly disavow violence for the first time (see article here). There are plenty of legitimate problems with the Thurston County Democratic Party (a long and bizarre list),  but putting up stupid posters recruiting “Professional Anarchists” is not one of them. 

The Thurston County Democrats immediately sprang into action denying their association with this flyer, and I believe them.

I live in Thurston County, and I’ve been thrown out of Thurston County Democratic Party events a few times in the past.  One reason I’m probably not their favorite person is because I filed a variety of campaign finance complaints with the Public Disclosure Commission against the Thurston County Democrats, which triggered a formal lawsuit filed by the Washington State Attorney General against them which was settled for $27,000, after spending another $20,000 in legal fees (see article here).  On top of that, I was the one who exposed their biggest campaign donor for making openly racist hate speeches (a weird, local hate-cult leader named JZ Knight who claimed to channel a 35,000 year old Lemarian Warrior spirit named “Ramtha” and who donated over $150k to the Thurston County Democrats – which is more than George Soros ever gave them) .  The bottomless well of weird, cult campaign financing apparently dried up, and the Thurston County Democrats have not forgiven me for exposing the truth.  Some of their current leaders including JZ Knight’s son are still in court  with me angry about exposing the weird racist speeches she made.  It would be difficult and absurd for anyone to plausibly claim that I am a mouthpiece for the Thurston County Democratic Party. 

So here I am defending them from this obviously fake set-up.  The truth should matter, even in Washington State, and this flyer is Fake.  Not just because Snopes says it is Fake (see here).  Yeah, I know Snopes is biased and fake news half the time themselves.  However, you don’t need Snopes, and you don’t even need to read the Thurston County Democratic Party’s post on Facebook (see above) to know it is fake.  Just look at the flyer itself.  Let’s count the ways this flyer is obviously fake:

I’m not sure how much the FBI will get involved, but there is plenty of drama here.

1. The email address is wrong, and that isn’t even their actual website address (although, apparently , according to a post on their Facebook Page, someone from Arizona purchased the domain shortly after this flyer image went viral – now THAT will be an interesting story).  If it was real, they would probably use a real email address (and even the idiot who made the flyer should have been able to find at least one legitimate email address for the Thurston County Dems).

2. No serious leftist would ever admit they take Soros Cash – certainly not on a flyer like this.  They are happy to openly take hate cult cash from JZ Knight until they were exposed, but Soros is clearly a bridge too far.  If they really did take Soros cash, they would launder it through a variety of other front groups so that it would be much harder to trace.  They would never openly admit their association with Soros by name.  Obviously fake.

Thurston County has plenty of Anarchist fans. In 2012, the building where the Washington Contract Loggers Association was located had their windows broken and threats left behind (photo source Credit Union Times)

3. No serious Leftist would publicly admit they are willing to pay for “professional anarchist.”  They would never use that language in the first place.  “Community Organizer” or some other far more innocuous sounding titles would be used.  Plus, you’d see a lot more of the Diversity, Intersectionality, and Equity (D.I.E.) language here. 

4. $200 per day is just too  much money.  They don’t even pay that much for fake votes.  This is WAY too much money.  This makes it a Fake poster immediately.

Boudicca Walsh was the Thurston County Democratic Party Chair for a time. As a self-described Trans Radical Witch, Walsh was probably the most representative leader the Thurston County Dems have elected in years.

5. The serious, action oriented Antifa crowd at Evergreen State College and in the Olympia area all believe the Thurston County Democrats are a bunch of weak-kneed losers, and the cool kids operate entirely outside the Thurston County Democratic Party because they want to break things, spray paint buildings, burn cars, and throw stuff at police.  Antifa keeps an eye on the Thurston County Democrats, but most of them would never admit being associated with such a bourgeois crew.  For a time, the Thurston County Democrats were down with the struggle (back when they had a self-described Trans Radical Witch as their chair), but they’ve become boring and pedestrian again.  The Thurston County Democratic Party has had many stalwart leaders of the community lead them in the past including Olympia City Councilman (and serial campaign law breaker) Jim Cooper, and their best Treasurer and former Olympia City Councilman (and convicted drug dealer (see here and here) and stock swindler (see here and here)) Joe Hyer. This organization would never stoop low enough to put out a flyer like this. Besides, the Thurston County Democratic Party has never openly advocated for these riots, even if they do want the rioters to vote for their candidates. 

Washington State has plenty of scandals and embarrassments to address.  Ours is the state that just sent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to overseas Nigerian fraud schemes, and only claims to have recovered $300 million of it back so far.  THAT is a real scandal.  There are plenty more where that came from.  We don’t need fake ones.  The real scandals and political drama are weird and strange enough by themselves.

Update: The Olympian published an article on this subject on June 3rd (linked here). They quoted me and referenced this article.


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  1. My point here is not to say that Thurston county is responsible. That part I understand was a facade. I actually took the time to take it “seriously” even though it seemed at face value to be “unreal”. The point I want to make is that as soon as something is deemed fake we tend to stop digging deeper and sweep this kind of sh** under the rug. I feel it is valid to still consider this real news and dig a bit deeper. Who did this, and why, is still a fair question to ask. Clearly someone had an agenda and put a good amount of time and effort into stirring a lot of pots. People need to start learning to be accountable for their action and if we keep saying something is fake by only looking at things for their face value, nothing will ever truly be solved. How about someone actually looks beneath the surface. A piece of paper is real even if there was never an intention to pay anarchists, there was clearly intent. I want more answers is all.

    • I suspect you can find evidence of paid protestors in many other places that are legitimate, just not this one. As to who made it? I’d like to know as well, but that is not so easy to find out. Weirdly, this poster, according to the Thurston County Dems, and others who I discussed this with appears to have “appeared” in the East Coast and on websites/FB pages mainly in the Midwest and elsewhere. It doesn’t really appear on any Antifa, Socialist, or other Leftist FB pages very much, so whoever made it, a lot of time has been wasted discussing it, but I’m not sure anyone will figure out who made it. It would be cool to find out. If you do, let me know.

  2. I remember that PCO from my days harassing the ‘Lympians on the ‘Lympian comment section. Also wanted to say hello to all the Thurston Ds who worked so diligently to have me banned over 20 times, back in the day. Great entertainment while it lasted.

  3. What can one possibly say to this……whatever it is….. people, take a work shop or some mind expansion seminar. How petty and insignificant. I hope you all will not be so judged. Thanks for your clarification. The fake stuff just muddied the waters and diverts attention from the real culprits.

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