The latest story in our Citizen’s Alliance for Property Rights Tales of Tyranny series…this one from Pacific County. Oysterville Sea Farms is the last oyster farm in Oysterville, but that hasn’t prevented Pacific County from trying to put it out of business anyway.  With help from the Department of Ecology and Department of Health, the role of government has changed from one that helps and protects people’s individual rights and freedoms into aggressive harassment campaigns to destroy those who are not politically preferred.

We must choose what type of community in which we want to live.  Do we want to have a government that protects individual rights and freedom?  Or, do want a government that can choose to destroy those freedoms through harassment campaigns like this effort to destroy the last oyster farm in Oysterville…

Please note, the lead Central Planner in this case quit her job as this video story was being researched and produced.


  1. Thank you for reporting on this. I was wondering if Pacific county has ever made a public statement on why they keep trying to destroy a business that brings in taxes for one of the poorest county’s in Washington state. my Family visits this place once a year and i would hope to take my grandchildren one day. Thank you Glen for what you do!

  2. Excellent excellent video!!! I wonder if you sent a copy to the new outlets like king 5,etc…? If that would have a helpful and positive impact for the oyster farm???
    Yet again voters of Pacific County need to pay attention to whom they elect into office!
    Great article and video Glen. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    PS. Keep up the good fight!

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