This is a high quality mini-documentary about the abusive and artificial water policies in California destroying agriculture and rural living.  A horrifying example of how Gang Green has created a government staff infection at many levels of government.   The result is forced poverty, destruction of land, and bodes poorly for our future.  This is what happens when we stop paying attention to what is happening to our neighbors.  They also clearly explain practical solutions that could be enacted right now to stop the insanity.  Today it is California.  Tomorrow our community.


  1. I would like to inform people that I have petitions for the Just Want Privacy Initiative I-1515 for the WA State “Repeal the Bathroom Law”.

    We need over 300,000 signitures to get this Iniative on the ballot in November so we can vote on this in WA State.

    Please visit their website at JUSTWANTPRIVACY.ORG for more information or give me a call. 🙂

    Ms. Cory Miedema
    P.O. Box 248
    Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026


  2. Maybe if LA and other big cities run out of water and food, the voters in those cities will WAKE THE HECK UP!

    Then again, they’re mostly all idiots and will just beg for MORE government to “fix” government induced issues.

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