This is the first in a series of videos which will be produced by the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR) in Washington State.  These are short video stories about people who have been harmed by abusive government regulations, zealous prosecution of ridiculous rules, overcriminalization of minor code infractions, and the destruction of property rights.  Each story will be different, featuring average people who are have been harmed by government as policy.

Formerly I helped produce a similar series of videos when I worked for the Freedom Foundation.  I will write an article about Arthur Thomas’s case shortly, and link it here once it is ready.

Each story is a reminder that we are no longer living as “We the People,” but instead are living as “We the Governed.”  The first step in fixing these problems is to realize they exist in the first place.  Nothing about this story represents freedom or justice…

Click Here to see the local code under which he was charged:  

Click Here to see the state administrative code that justifies this local ordinance:


  1. I suggest you add that onto the video. I would love to share but would also like to provide that piece of the information as it is a valuable piece.

    • Debbie, yes, I added both the link to the Bellingham Ordinance and the State WACs in the mini-article. More details to follow. This case is still yet to be decided by the courts… thanks for taking the time to comment as well.

  2. I remember watching while they pounded away putting in the DOE building foundation and thought: “What a waste–They could be building a large public sports complex complete with Olympic-sized swimming pool and ice-skating rink (all covered for winter use) and use a portion of the after-hours parking garages for public use (again!). Then we could have something to be proud of on Capitol Campus. I don’t like “planners” planning how I’ll live . My family didn’t plan my life–why does the “state” think it has a right to do so. Nanny is a goat–not a rational function of our elected officials and their appointed or hired helpers. A bureau is a piece of furniture–Bureaucracy has a wooden brain that gives off way too many splinters. Nuf said!

  3. The solution would be to show up with dozens of friends and a water truck IN FRONT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY, and wash your cars with the media present. Shame and mock the tyrants.

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