When Thurston County seized 18 goats from the Lattin’s Cider Mill Farm back in June, the story was ridiculous enough at the time.  It was called the Great Goat Raid by some of the locals.  It had the air of a circus, a comedy, and a tragedy all rolled into one show. The emergency phone search warrants, multiple search warrants, botched due process, failure to correctly count the number of goats they seized, and the obvious misuse of police and prosecutor resources to harass the most well known farm and agritourism business in Thurston County have all contributed to the spectacle.  The embarrassment of heavily armed deputies making the laughable claim that they were “threatened” by the 85-year old Carolyn Lattin half their size has only added to the discrediting of the whole silly circus.

Jon Tunheim’s office is demonstrating anything BUT excellence in how they are treating the Lattin family and the Great Goat Seizure Fiasco

Unfortunately, the actions by the Thurston County Sheriff’s office and the Prosecutor’s office have only brought disgrace on both departments, and it is a pointless and terrible shame.  This could have been avoided with some maturity and leadership by either department from the beginning.

(Please note, the author has updated this article with source documents, a video of the most recent court hearing, and more related articles and links since it was first published)

Goat renditions to secret “black” sites where the goats suffer

The goats were seized because complaints of goat cruelty had been filed by disgruntled fired former farm workers and some people who appear to have an ax to grind with this well-known very public farm business.  This was the theory.  Hundreds of people see these goats every day.  They are often featured on videos and in photos taken by the tens of thousands of “agri-tourists” who visit the farm every year.  These types of disputes and envy squabbles are part of the human condition, and normally we expect law enforcement to use common sense to moderate the personal disputes.  However, the Thurston County Sheriff’s office decided to go full emergency alert, and without a vet to review the situation, and without counting how many goats they seized, they grabbed the goats and delivered them to a local organization called Hoofed Animal Rescue of Thurston County (HAROTC) which is a local non-profit run by an employee of animal services.

Nobody knows where these goats are right now, but they appear to be treated much more poorly where they are now than at their home at the Lattin’s Cider Mill Farm

HAROTC renditioned the goats to a secret black site in Thurston County.  Nobody is allowed to know where the goats have been sequestered, and who is watching them.  Since some of these animal seizures over the years have been legitimate and obvious cases of neglected or abused hoofed animals, very few people seem to pay attention to what happens to the seized animals.  However, in this case, the Lattin family has been steadfastly trying to get their goats back and attempting to verify the goats are okay.

Moving the goats to secret black sites around Thurston County makes the process even weirder

Recently, the Thurston County Prosecutor’s office was forced to allow licensed veterinarians to inspect and visit the goats (after they had been moved to another “neutral” location).  During this examination of the goats, it was determined that the health of the goat herd had declined significantly under the “care” of HAROTC at the secret black site.  Among other problems, the Lattins’ young bucklings were penned with an adult billy which had been sodomizing and abusing the young bucklings seized from the Lattins’ farm.  Usually, young bucklings and castrated male goats (called wethers) are kept separated from the adult male billy goats, because of this type of abuse.  Uncastrated billy goats are usually used to breed female goats, and by their nature they will attempt to mount almost anything in the pen.  It also appears that despite the driest summer in recent memory, hoof rot on this herd only got worse.  (see recent vet report here)

The Courtroom Circus, the Lattin family just want their goats back

The Lattin family has been in Thurston County District Court attempting to get their goats back for months now.  Standing is the Thurston County Prosecutor demanding to double down on charges if it is going to a jury trial.

Despite the Lattin’s relentless efforts to rescue their goats from wherever they have been housed, the Thurston County Prosecutor’s office has refused to return them.  HAROTC has hired an attorney to represent their interests now (which is odd since they are technically providing a service to the county), and I’ve attended a variety of hearings in Thurston District Court as the Lattin’s family continues the legal process to get their goats back.  There have been many hearings, motions, and a variety of legal efforts to get their goats back from Thurston County, but the Prosecutor’s office has refused to return them.

Thurston County Commissioner and former Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards is planning to testify on behalf of the Lattins family

This case is no longer about animal cruelty.  Whatever the initial excuse used by an overzealous and ideologically blinded Thurston County sheriff’s deputy, there has been a cascade of incompetence on Thurston County’s part, and the collapse of credibility for the Thurston County Prosecutor’s office can’t be overstated. Recently elected Thurston County Commissioner and former Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards has signed up to testify on behalf of the Lattin’s farm and family.  Many people are coming forward with similar stories of abuse by the Thurston County Prosecutor’s office.  Some people are beginning to wonder why the Thurston County Prosecutor Jon Tunheim doesn’t put the same energy into putting away real criminals in the county.

Thurston County gets personal in an effort to destroy the Lattin’s Farm business

As Thurston County Prosecutor Jon Tunheim’s office loses credibility, he has decided to ignore the criminals and go scorched earth on the Lattin family farm

As the legal case against the Lattin’s farm gets shakier by the day, rather than recognizing their mistake and overreaction, the Thurston County Prosecutor’s office has decided to double down on dumb and go scorched earth on the Lattins’ farm business of 40 years as punishment.  The heavily armed deputies from the sheriff’s office will try to convince a jury that an 85 year old 100lb. Carolyn Lattin “threatened” them and made them fear for their safety.  Once the Prosecutor’s office realized they couldn’t intimidate the Lattin family or avoid a jury trial which the county will likely lose, the Prosecutor’s office decided to charge the Lattin’s family not just with one initial count of animal cruelty, but now with 18 counts of cruelty each (even though the county’s own vet reports don’t support these claims).  

The Lattin’s business and farm store have been targeted and the business has been harmed by the Thurston County Prosecutor’s office

The Prosecutor’s office has repeatedly manipulated The Olympian to write negative stories about the Lattins’ farm (although even The Olympian might be wising up to this tactic now).  The Prosecutor’s office’s media campaign efforts with apparent assistance from a few HAROTC members is attempting to destroy the Lattin’s business by convincing local businesses to stop taking their cider products and to boycott their local, decades’ old business.

When I spoke to Carolyn Lattin, she indicated that six long time local business customers had informed her they would no longer purchase her family’s locally produced cider.  Multiple people have been convinced by Prosecutor Jon Tunheim’s media efforts to boycott the Lattin’s Cider Farm (according to Facebook posts around the county).

Thurston County’s Prosecutor’s office is creating terrible precedent

In the end, this type of legal circus and abuse of the legal system is far more significant than the damage done to the Lattin family, their business, or the credibility of HAROTC and the Prosecutor’s office.  The average citizen won’t ever know the full story, nor will they be able to follow every step of the legal dance or media blitz.  However, there will be general precedents and unintended consequences from this type of fiasco, and this is the fallout which should concern everyone:

  • If you attempt to let older animals live out their lives on your farm, you are putting yourself at extreme financial, legal, and reputation risk.  Older animals are more sickly and tend to be harder to keep at peak health in their last years.  Most people will get the message it is better to butcher the animal quickly because you never know when a disgruntled jealous neighbor or an ignorant person from the city decides to call in a complaint.  The prosecutor’s office has sent this message loud and clear – when in doubt kill it quickly.  This is very unfortunate for those of us
    People who want to harass rural folk will be on the lookout for old goats

    who would prefer to let older animals live out their natural lives as long as they can remain happy and live a good life. These animals have become our pets, but won’t be worth it if the owners will get crucified for letting them live.

  • Conversely, the message has been sent to all the disgruntled and ignorant people who know little about farm life, rural living, or animal husbandry that filing phony animal cruelty complaints with Thurston County will work as a harassment strategy against people you don’t like.  It has now been demonstrated that nobody in the Thurston County Sheriff’s office or the Prosecutor’s office has the expertise, knowledge or discretion to sort out the cranks from the truth. This is sad and only encourages more abuse of the system.
  • The Thurston County Prosecutor’s office and the Sheriff’s department are
    Thurston Prosecutor Tunheim has lost credibility and encouraged people to dig deeper into the decisions made by his office.

    losing substantial credibility in the county.  This pains me because I have regularly testified at the commission for at least seven years now on many occasions that these departments needed more resources and support.  It is now clear that they are misusing the resources to put away sex offenders and instead they use taxpayer resources for personal vendettas that defy logic and common sense.  This is not good for the community or public safety.  We must be able to trust our local law enforcement agencies, and destroying this trust over this circus is just self-destructive.  This is a terrible side effect of this fiasco.  The Prosecutor’s office deserves particular blame since they are theoretically an additional check on a rogue police officer (which do exist sometimes).  The checks and balances have collapsed, and they could have stopped the foolish emergency search warrant, the botched goat raid, the failure to adequately protect the goats in care of the “state”, and the vindictive attacks against community members who resist.  This is ugly behavior and could have been avoided with maturity, compassion, and better processes.

  • The mostly volunteer animal rescue efforts have suffered a serious collapse in credibility as well.  I know many people who provide this service for the good of our community and have selflessly helped save horses, goats, and other large animals.  Many of them do good work for the right reasons.  Unfortunately, this avoidable fiasco has only made it less likely that honest and good people will step forward to help fill this necessary role.  Who would want to spend the energy, time, and money to help when you will be forced to participate in campaigns of personal destruction and questionable judgement like this?
  • Finally, the scorched earth campaign against a long time farm business like the Lattin’s Cider Mill is surely going to discourage and destroy the desire of anyone else to try a business open to the public like this.  Former Commissioner Sandra Romero squandered hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in an effort to promote “agritourism” in Thurston County.  It was money largely wasted which was typical of Romero’s political career.  However, the theory of promoting rural “agritourism” businesses will never achieve reality when those same businesses (rarely profitable and very risky) are easily destroyed at the whim of local government.  It is a tremendous risk to allow the public on your farm.  Why would anyone do this when you are nearly certain to lose everything by trying to build a vibrant community asset like the Lattins’ Cider Mill Farm?  Running a business like this isn’t like taking a desk job.  It takes hard physical work, often late hours, and the risks are very high.  Unfortunately, Thurston County’s actions in addition to being inexcusable are probably going to create a chilling effect throughout rural Thurston County for years to come.

I interviewed Carolyn Lattin, she told me “I have never abused an animal in my life.  I can’t believe what is happening to us.  I can’t believe how in one day they can take everything away that we spent so many years to build.”  

I can’t believe it either.  

This guy would be better off if he could just go back home to the Lattin’s farm, rather than being kept in a secret black site somewhere in Thurston County.



Background articles, links and source documents:

Thurston County District Court – Sept 22, 2017- Emergency Declaration Order and Motion to Return Livestock immediately to prevent more sodomy of the goats

Vet Report Sept 12, 2017 indicating the goats were getting worse under “care” of Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office 

The Great Goad Raid – Thurston County experiences emergency goat seizure

Video – Sept 8, 2017 – court hearing on the Lattin’s attempt to get goats back.

The Olympian – “Lattin’s Attorney Raises concerns about current treatment of goats seized”

The Olympian – “Attorney: Lattin’s charged with 2nd Degree animal cruelty in goat case”

The Olympian – “Lattins appear in court on animal cruelty charges”

The Olympian – “Lattin’s Farm under investigation for animal cruelty as 17 goats seized”

Typical Youtube video of Lattins’ Farm posted 2010

Another typical Youtube video of Lattin’s Farm – plenty of goats on the video

You can find tons of videos like this from people’s visit to the farm

Lattin’s Cider Mill and Farm – website

Hoofed Animal Rescue of Thurston County – website.

Washington State Livestock Coalition – website

Thurston County Sheriff’s Office – website

Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office – website



  1. Leave the Lattins alone….they are a wonderful part of our community….they are the farm I take my childcare kids to visit all the time. My kids get to see animals and have a donut. Please leave the family business alone! They have done nothing wrong. Return the goats NOW

  2. EVERYONE who has animals or knows someone who has animal in any kind of animal enterprise, large OR small, needs to read this. This is only ONE example of what’s happening in this country to animal owners. This is NOT an isolated example. The anti-animal-use “animal rights”-led organizations have spewed their propaganda mill BIG LIES against animal enterprises and trained/brainwashed/indoctrinated animal control and police officers on the best ways to seize animals *under color of law*. This is SHAMEFUL and UNAMERICAN and ILLEGAL! It’s right out of some banana republic dossier, and it is happening in the U.S. to victimized animal owners/enterprises. I hope the people sue the authorities for millions!

  3. GOATS! Freakin’ GOATS! Hat chewin’ dog house hoppin’ head buttin’ fly swishin’ tin can nibblin’ bleatin’ ass GOATS for sweet Molly in a manger’s sake! One of the most durable and prolific critters on the planet! If they were so damn screwed up maybe they shoulda just been merciful and blasted ’em into the soup pot on the spot! Poor things probably couldn’t even walk or talk RIGHT? Doesn’t even take a JACKASS to through this horseshit! (wonder if our starstruck authorities know the differences between a jenny, a mule, a burro, a donkey and a JACKASS?) Mandatory cleanup of their own stalls and barnyard for all those involved. That’s my vote!
    …………goats………prosecutors and cops………..please……………………………..

  4. What do you call it when a County Prosecutor lies to his own public and intentionally uses defeated manufactured evidence to cause harm to innocent law abiding citizens. Using the law to achieve your own personal gain is against the law. His flunky puppets follow his lead….WILLINGLY !!! What we have here is a Corrupt County Prosecutor and a Corrupt police force. Jon Tunhelm, you are corrupt. OK people ! Isn’t it time to stop letting all these corrupt cops and politicians destroy what little bit of the American Way we have left ??? We need to lock them up and run them out of town. Our corrupt government and legal system has about totally destroyed our country. Let’s start taking it back!!!!!!

  5. A friend of ours had some of their goats at Lattin’s at the time of the seizure, and they were seized too. They have been unable to get their goats back.

  6. It looks like the County is over reacting to this particular situation. I’m sure that some of the complaints are based on actual problems. But that doesn’t justify all this hoopla. Especially if, as someone in the comments said, they are either unable or unwilling to investigate other actual crimes. It just seems to be a lot of resources being spent on this one thing, that quite frankly could have been dealt with easily and quickly with a little compassion and a veterinarian.

  7. I am learning the hard way , that if you try to fight back , the County doubles down won’t stop until they have destroyed you and your life .
    There is no living in Thurston County anymore if you farm, raise animals, or breed dogs. Anyone with animals that are visible to the public are fair game to these agencies. Their little animal activist friends make sure they know all.

  8. I can’t believe this story! I love lattins! Time to go shopping. I’ll support them by buying a few extra pies (strawberry rhubarb) and dounuts! The goats always seemed super happy to me and looked well fed. Farming is so difficult… they need our support not police mistreatment!

  9. Glen, regarding Thurston’s liability problem, look to chapter 4.96 RCW, which states public officials cannot look to the public to defray the cost of defending acts they do that are outside their scope of authority.

    Currently, Thurston will play the game of claiming records are exempt because of an ongoing investigation. Once the dust settles, the various agencies involved must release the records (with some exceptions) and much can be learned by reviewing those records.

    Examples of requests for records to the prosecutor’s office and sheriff’s office can include:

    1) The sworn complaint on which the agencies acted against the Cider mill.

    2) Records that would allow the requester to determine all actions taken against any complainant for false complaints regarding matters involving the Cedar Mill.

    3) Records that will allow the requester to discern each policy and procedure the sherriff’s office / prosecutor’s office failed to adhere to in the course of its legal battle with the Cedar Mill.

    4) All bonds, insurance and other means of indemnifying victims of the county’s acts.

    5) Every sustained complaint against agents of the Sherfiff’s Department / Prosecutor’s Department during the past five years.

    6) If this agency claims its agents were saintly, that is, cannot be shown to have violated law, policy or procedure the agency looks to or relies on, each record relied on to reach that decision. (Note: Records containing specifically exempt information should be redacted, to insure compliance with the law).

    7) . . . .

  10. This is a pattern for Thurston County and it reaches every aspect of its operation. For example, go pull up case files from the Thurston County Superior Court for [Scott] Wood vs Thurston County.

    From a review of that file, you will see Thurston’s Planning Department, represented by the Prosecutor’s Office, demanded Wood donate property to the County, as a condition of obtaining building permits.

    In another case involving Wood, you will see the Thurston Court altered recordings of the proceedings to remove statements that could have been used against the judge presiding over the planning department matter (the great protector of the people, the Supreme Court in Olympia (Thurston County) said it was the courts right to do so, since it was authorized under the guise of “correcting the record.”

    In Vance vs Thurston, the county’s board of commissioners were found to have violated public disclosure laws, but, again, the courts said it was okay, “because the court made a mistake.” In considering that finding, be aware the disclosure law, found at chapter 42.56 RCW, clearly states “any erroneous withholding of records” must result in a finding against the county. Ironically, one of the records withheld was the actual public disclosure policy relied on by the board of commissioners.

  11. Good article, Glen. Let’s see what the judge decides.

    No matter what, this appears to be a serious over-reaction by county public servants. And even if there is a problem at Lattin’s, there are much bigger problems for the sheriff and prosecutor to focus on. I’m not concerned with jay-walkers when criminals are breaking into my house. And once the sheriff’s office seized the goats, they were responsible to ensure BETTER care, not WORSE! Good lord.

    What’s the motive behind all this? I assume it’s either money, property, or both. Does someone want to take possession of the Lattin’s farm? How much is HAROTC being paid to “care” for each animal per day?

    And HAROTC doesn’t have the f**king sense to properly separate the goats?!!! Throw the incompetent f**kers in maximum security prison so they can learn the importance of separating populations. And we taxpayers are actually PAYING for this incompetence?! Unf**king believable!

    And since you mentioned Romero, where is she on this? Why hasn’t she come to protect her agr-tourism effort and chew out Tunheim? Thank goodness we have Gary Edwards. At least there’s one elected with common sense.

    Thank you for covering this story.

  12. I overwhelmed w/this story i grew up and raised my kids a few pastures away from Cider Mill and it has and always will be a huge staple in our families life~ Sunday morning fritters and great conversations ~ god bless

  13. I would like a list of the businesses that are now refusing to sell Lattin’s cider so I can boycott those businesses.

    • Remember, they are only hearing one side of the story and probably believe that the Lattins’ Cider Mill Farm are abusing the goats that everyone in the county sees every day.

      • Glen, if you know what those businesses are can you contact them and personally fill them in and show them your evidence? They need to hear the true story.

        • I’m not sure I am the best messenger for that, but I think it is worth noting that when the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office loses this stupid animal cruelty lawsuit or they abandon it – they are going to have to face the liability problem. The taxpayers pay the price. To be accurate, the insurance company pays the price, less the deductible, but the insurance rates certainly go up at the same time. This was completely avoidable if there had been any adults in the check and balance process…

  14. My fiancée used to work at Lattins for some time, and experienced firsthand how they they ignore their animals (she also experienced verbal abuse and harassment too). The goats suffer from hoof rot. It’s not good enough to take the goats out for a little bit, let it clear up, and stick them back in the pen. Once it’s in the soil, in the mud, it stays there, unless it is either completely dry or the dirt is replaced. Being on the land that it is, it never dries. And they definitely haven’t replaced the dirt. I don’t want Lattins to go out of business, but they do need to learn how to manage their enterprise better – both how they treat their employees, and their animals.

    • I understand the bitterness of disgruntled employees and the need to lash out. I would suggest that everyone be looking for ways to continuously improve their enterprise and business, no matter what it is. However, I will also point out that aggressive, scorched earth tactics from the Thurston County Prosecutors office and a radicalized Sheriff’s deputy who all appear to lack effective judgement and discretion is the primary problem here. The Prosecutor is not doing a good job prosecuting the genuine criminal cases they have right now. He complains about needing more money, then they devote and enormous amount of resources into harassing an 85 years old lady and seizing goats like they are raiding some kind of drug house. Very disproportionate and a total waste of our public resources.

    • Some times, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, it is better to stay quiet. Hoof rot does not stay in the soil and continue to contaminate.

  15. Lattins ought to counter sue the county and the prosecutor’s office for slander. This is another example of government trying to appear like they are doing something meaningful to justify their salary. I’d like to see the prosecutor go out and shovel some goat droppings and find out what real works feels like. Jmho

  16. I went to school with Debbie Lattin and in 12 years of school I think I heard her say 10 words. The nicest, shyest person I can think of, if you get a Lattin to scream at you then you are a real POS. Good work Glen.

    • I worked there for a year and I witnessed plenty of yelling swearing and verbal abuse to employees. This was done by all three of the Lattin ladies. I actually witnessed them try to strike a co-worker in anger. Another co-worker couldn’t find her purse and they told her she couldn’t leave to find it at risk of being fired. It had been stolen from her car and by the time she “risked” being fired and walked out, the thieves were trying to purchase two complete sets of tires on her credit card. They didn’t fire her but never apologized. Trust me! The animals were treated way better than the employees.

  17. So the sheriffs will waste time and rescources on this meanwhile we have an ongoing meth, theft, squatter and transient problem out here which isnt getting addressed. The lattins are good people and run a good farm and business. I think its time for we the people to put a kybosh on this government and law enforcement over reach.

  18. This doesn’t surprise me no wonder they told my wife and I that they didn’t have the time or the resources to do an investigation when our car got broken into. We even had the person’s personal information and her picture as she tried to pass a check on our checking account and they still refused to do anything.

  19. This is why america fails. You go after the legit people but not the blacks or pedafiles. You dont even go after ypur own corrupted county corruption. Oh wait forgot liberal ran state dumbass people in office

  20. the author should check out an connections with the “humane ” organizations .. especially the big ones like HSUS/ASPCA/ALDF.. they like to promulgate these raids and raise $$$

  21. Thank you Glen Morgan for this very detailed information on this obviously outrageous misuse of the justice system! Two types of individuals can generate this problem: individuals who have some animosity to the farm owners, and individuals who know zip about appropriate animal care and imagine abuse where there is none (such as abuse when an animal is simply older, skinny, and not looking as great as a healthy young one…similar indeed to how humans change as they age!). It is a sad day indeed when prosecutors and local officials respond to claims of abuse with this kind of political circus which ends up seriously harming the farmer and creating a situation where others will not want to start a business as they see how it can be destroyed. There are too many situations like this around the US…because of incorrect claims of animal abuse.

  22. Complaints possibly filed by millenial SJW types, snowflake crybabies wanting $15 per hour with no skills deserving.

    • I was 40 when I worked for them. It was awful. They were verbally abusive to all of the workers and put on smiles for the customers. I’m 53 now and in no way have the millennial mindset. I don’t recall the goats looking bad but the chickens had severe issues.

      • I’ll be waiting for them. But I am 100% sure that they won’t come; even though my cats are in worst shape than the goats they confiscated. My name is visible–they know where I live.

  23. Washington citizens! It’s time to get shopping. Help this farmer out, by making a visit and buying their products. What has been done to them is so wrong!

  24. Not surprised that they go after goats instead of legit crooks. The goats can’t fight back, bad guys can and will fight back, and if they were scared of the 84 year old lady, I’m sure they don’t want any part of real bad guys. They’d just cry and wet their panties while the crooks laughed at them.

  25. This is a joke. The animals are overfed and neglected. Lattin’s claims to sell “Farm Fresh Eggs” that they buy them and put into they’re own packaging. I’ve seen the daughter scream at her employees. I believe the employees are being verbally and emotionally abused as well as overworked and under payed. It’s a terrible business that’s finally being exposed.

    • Nicki, are you one of the people who filed these complaints originally? I have found some interesting connections with the people who have filed these complaints and their own self interest or agendas.

      • I don’t know anyone at Lattins, nor have I have worked there or in any field even remotely close to farming, so I don’t have a dog in this fight, but as someone who is to have my child’s birthday party there every year, I will say that I have seen things decline there to the point of deep concern about Lattins ability to properly care for the animals there. We stopped shopping there because of some of the extreme conditions that we saw. So my good sir, you can’t say this is all a witch hunt by those seek to gain from this sad situation.

        • They have 25 paid employees. They have the ability to manage these animals just fine with the employees they have. If someone was dropping the ball or doing something wrong, that is a far different situation than “animal cruelty” charges, emergency search warrants (when the public can just walk up and see the animals), and the opportunity to actually speak to the owners, the new employees (it seems like they had just had some staff turnover). Is this how you would want to be treated when someone decides they don’t like you or what you are doing? Not healthy for any community. We should be trying to help our neighbors, not punish them as a first choice.

    • OH NO NOT THAT screamed at ?? well you know what you can do.. QUIT verbally abused emotionally abused QUIT.. underpaid overworked.. report it to the labor board stop being a snowflake..

    • It is thiers to run how they see fit in legal guidelines niki do you have proof they bought otherz n sold as theirs ?

      • This was all about a phony animal cruelty charge. That is very different than someone who just doesn’t like the business, the owners, or judges them in some other way – fair enough, but going full nuclear like this against this farm was not a good way to deal with the situation, and the Prosecutors Office and the Sheriff’s office should have known better.

      • I used to fill the donated egg cartons with eggs purchased from cash and carry. There is no way the dozen chickens they had when I worked there could keep up with the demand.

  26. I hope the sheriffs office gets defermation case and other charges and looses and has to pay these people sounds like an incompetent task force makeing excuses for the lack of investigations

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