This is the video version of the article recently written here.  There is more information in the article along with additional links.  However, we wanted to try a video version of the article to see how it turned out.  Feel free to leave your comments.  Share if you like it.  Critique if you don’t.  Post negative attack comments if it makes you feel better.

We are hoping to produce videos on various issues around Washington State just like this one from Clark County, but we are just experimenting right now to see how the process works.


  1. Wonderful, excellent, thorough. I love it and have thought many of the same things in observing David personally and for years. From the first time we went to a Wednesday meeting we could see that the staff/Barron and Steve Stuart considered David’s questioning of their policies criminal! They treated him very badly, with mocking and outright hostility, haranguing him, even calling him names. It was not pretty!

  2. The video was well done…however it seems more like a paid for political advertisement rather than a news video. Were you paid to do this video?

    • If you want to pay me for the videos I have already done, you can do so. I haven’t really set anything up on the site to accept payment, but you aren’t the first person to ask this, so I should probably get that organized. Frankly, I don’t think these types of videos work well for politics because they are too long and discuss different issues, but they are educational, and they express my perspective on a variety of issues.

        • I only produce videos that interest me and where I can access good video production folk to help me. I have more videos that I would like help to produce – would you be interested in donating to help cover the costs on a few of these videos? They are mostly from the Seattle/King County area, and I’m expecting them to be shorter than this one, which was a little longer than I’d like them to be.

            • Mike,

              I was not paid to produce that video. Now, who is paying you? I am finding a lot of these “commenters” are actually being paid by some interesting political folk, and it just makes me want to dig deeper into Clark County.

              • Yes I am. And nobody is paying me as a part of a special interest group. I tend to lean conservative in terms of economic/financial matters and more liberal in terms of social issues. I think David has done some great things while in office and done some things that I don’t agree with.

                Thank you for answering my questions.

                Please feel free to ask me anything else.

                On a side note, I prefer to keep my political and profesional lives separate.

                • Mike

                  I’m not sure that you can separate the personal and professional side very easily.

                  As you probably know from my bio, I am the Exec. Director for the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights. I support private property rights for everyone – including the rural residents of Clark County. It is odd to me that a comp plan dispute over math models has become such a political freak-out show in Clark County. They are often controversial in most places, but the Clark County situation is just odd.

                  I do believe the editor of the Columbian has gone off the rails and does the paper, such as it is, no favors in being so weirdly obsessed with one guy. Sources who work at the paper with you are telling me that he is out of control, but I can only judge by what I see. I’ve never witnessed anything like it before. It is not normal, which is ok, but it makes these stories out of Clark County far more interesting.

                  Do you think your editor is helping your paper by being so oddly obsessed with Madore?

                • Mike,

                  Actually, the question is do you think your editor is doing Clark County any good by being so weirdly obsessed? The Columbian is less important in this situation, although it is your job at risk…

                  At this point, the Columbian has become a special interest in Clark County.

  3. As the earlier commenter expressed, “the up and coming generation expect” this kind of presentation. I have to agree with that assessment. However, I do hope that you will continue to provide your written commentary. As you state in your introduction, the written piece has more information and additional links — that makes the written piece more valuable to readers who may wish to do further research on an issue. I also prefer written materials because they take a LOT less time to peruse that to try and absorb all the information in a video.

    As for the video itself, it was quite professionally produced, offering appealing images to illustrate what is, essentially, a non-pictorial topic. I congratulate you on a good job.

    When it comes to the Columbian … well, I quit reading the left-stream media some 15+ years ago when I sensed (my then local paper) suffered mightily from “Bush Derangement Syndrome.” The only thing I miss are the comic pages. Naturally, when I moved to Clark County 4 years go, I looked at a couple copies of the Columbian — and immediately determined that I would not be subscribing to it. (Note to advertisers, I’m not reading your ads in the Columbian!) I can’t imagine why anybody would want to subscribe to media that was totally one-sided.

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