A sky sign was flown around the Washington State Capital stating "Inslee is Non-Essential" during a May 9, 2020 protest rally against Inslee's Covid virus lockdown order

Please note, this article is NOT approved by Inslee’s Ministry of Covid Compliance.

This was the promotion distributed via social medial in advance of Saturday’s event.

Saturday’s “Hazardous Liberty” rally attracted 1500 or so protestors to Washington State’s Capital campus.  While the topic was serious, the attendees appeared to be enjoying their freedom in the sun and on the un-mowed lawns (How can you not social distance on a riding mower?) surrounding the main fountain.   The Washington State Patrol described the protestors as more “belligerent” than the previous protest (see article here).  I wrote about the capital Reopen Washington protest a few weeks ago (see here).  However, this sense of “belligerency” might have been because the state patrol threatened to arrest a few organizers who dared to post pop-up tents without a permit.  Of course, the state wasn’t issuing permits for anything, so the rally itself was “unsanctioned” by the state.  When the organizers who had committed the crime of placing un-permitted pop-up tents on the un-mowed lawn dared the State Patrol to arrest them, the State Patrol wisely backed off that threat and prudently let the peaceful protest carry on. 

A popular highlight at the protest was the Sky Sign flown over the event – “Inslee is Non-Essential” which generated cheers from the 1500+ protest attendees and probably other Washingtonians enjoying the good weather and clear skies on May 9, 2020

There were a variety of speakers including activists, five state legislators (Rep. Matt Shea (LD4), Rep. Jim Walsh(LD19), Rep. Jesse Young(LD26), Rep. Vicki Kraft(LD17), and Rep. Robert Sutherland(LD39)), various local elected officials, political candidates, and even this author.  In the middle of the event, a well-timed airplane flew over the rally pulling a sky sign that stated “Inslee is Non-Essential” which was a nice popular touch for the event – generating cheers (and probably added to the sense of “belligerence”).   As always, the homemade signs were entertaining and I’ve included a variety of photos here for those unable to attend.  In addition, if you want to watch a few videos of the event – they are linked here, here, and here (If you have more video links, feel free to send them to me, and I’ll add them here).

As usual, the Statists will mock those who attended this protest, claim they are all “fringe” or “extreme” or the Leftists will wish death (via Covid) on the attendees. Those who fail to recognize the legitimate concerns average people have with Governor Inslee‘s endless lockdowns, the destruction of their small businesses, forced unemployment, economic destruction, and a one-size fits all flawed policy approach to this virus, are displaying a clear lack of empathy themselves. 

Will Governor Inslee arrest you for mowing
the overgrown lawn at the Capital?

Here is a suggestion for future activists and protesters in the state.  In light of the unkempt look of our state capital lawns (and it is our capital), perhaps we can organize a free, volunteer lawn-mowing event at the state capital?  We can clean up the look of our capital campus, do some good for the community, and commit another “belligerent” act of rebellion at the same time.  Governor Inslee will probably threaten to arrest you, but it just might be worth it. 

Photos from Saturday’s event:

For those who are Star Wars fans
Note the grass. Looks like it could use a good mowing…
Andy from Olympia had a message for Jay Inslee
It never gets old…
The speakers stage at Hazardous Liberty May 9, 2020 – all of them were better than this guy… (Glen Morgan pictured speaking)
If you are under 10 years old, and you have to protest, who can argue with this?
Not much subltety here…


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  1. Hi, where can we go to find upcoming protests against the COVID ban? I would like to participate in protests/rallies against the state, but I don’t have Facebook. Thank you!

  2. Glen, all of your articles go directly (despite corrections) to junk and the way this awful program is with my lack of pc talent…takes a couple days to see what new adventure you’re exposing and respond…My point; ANOTHER excellent commentary, keeping your “eye on the parasite, not tiger. I like tigers…Mowing…only to mow the word “enough” though politicians don’t know the meaning you, your readers and i do. I’ve sent you couple videos and wonder if you got a look at
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Nt5L8-MqI Either way thanks for your efforts at keeping these issues up front and personal!

    • Outlook, Aol, and a few others do that, although you can identify the emails as “not spam” and that usually fixes the problem. However, as always, I appreciate your feedback….

    • It could be. I was there, and it seemed like somewhere around 2k, but it was hard to count. I used the State Patrol numbers for the reference in the article. The photos speak better than words anyway.

      • I agree that it looked like 2500 but you could include the motorcycle parade and people who arrived later. We left early, kind of. I convinced my husband to go with me so I didn’t want to push it by staying too long.

        • The hard part, when you are trying to calculate true crowd size is that there are always biases from whoever does the counting. If you are in favor of the event, then you tend to count high, if you are opposed, then you tend to count low. Theoretically, the WSP counts are “neutral,” but the WSP can be politicized as much as any other bureaucracy. However, as long as the WSP count isn’t radically off, I’d settle for that, and share the photos of the event – that captures the spirit and the specifics of what was there. It would have been helpful to have a drone fly overhead and capture the event too, just for reference.

  3. I noticed they had the fountain off. Saving 2 gallons of Mr. Bubble for the next one.

  4. “more belligerent” That is the way real Americans react to the Communist tyranny of Communist Jay Inslee. The fuse has been lit. And it is going to go off. Will WA be the site of a modern Kent State incident?

    • I don’t think so, and for all the Governor’s bluster and tough talk, they have generally not been enforcing the more absurd aspects of their lockdown orders. They refuse to change the stupid parts of the orders, but generally they have not enforced them. The WSP is just doing their job at the Capital (most of the officers who work there are actually cadets, BTW, and they can’t really arrest anyone without some clear direction from higher up), and the WSP has generally been wise enough to recognize that Governors come and go, but they have to maintain a logical and rational approach to dealing with protests and public events. They regularly stand back and let Antifa get violent and vicious, so it would be weird and obviously absurd for them to arrest people peacefully assembling. People have to remember that these guys trying to do their jobs have seen a lot of politicians come and go, and most of them would rather not be in the spotlight over making a super stupid decision like making mass arrests of people who peacefully protest.

  5. Glen, lawn mowing would bring out the union police! That job is a union job! I believe not mowing was more for effect than anything else. They just want to give the impression that they care. Thanks for all the work you do.

  6. Glen, lawn mowing would bring out the union police! That job is a union job! I believe not mowing was more for effect than anything else. They just want to give the impression that they care.

  7. Great pics… Hope they don’t get tagged Exhibit A. Re mowing the lawn… I once worked with some lifeguards who were tasked with mowing a lawn on Ft Lewis back in early 70s. They mowed a peace sign and left for lunch. I’m sure a volunteer group mowing the capital lawn could find similar inspiration.

  8. Great article. Thanks for giving the peons a fair shake. I so wish I could be at all of the rallies but my old knees won’t let me get around well enough. I do keep up on what is happening though and do think it is time for all this nonsense to end. Again thanks, keep up the good work. Oh, and for what is worth, I am hoping Tim Eyman gets the office in November.

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