Inslee isn't happy that he is getting caught making so many mistakes. He is angry at the people for being "insubordinate"

This article is definitely NOT approved by the Ministry of Covid Compliance and is clearly insubordinate to Inslee’s Civilian Covid Compliance Plan (CCCP). A few weeks ago, we posted Washington State Governor Inslee’s first “snitch list” of citizens he encouraged to report their neighbors, competitors, and employers for perceived, imagined, or even an occasional legitimate violation of Governor Inslee’s endless emergency proclamation orders.  These reports are sent to Governor Inslee’s Washington State Military Department (yeah, I didn’t know that existed under the Governor either).  Fortunately for the citizens of Washington State, all these reports are public records.  It appears many people who reported their neighbors, competitors, or others for committing the great crime of not wearing a mask, failure to properly social distance, shaking hands, or some other egregious Covid compliance crime. All of which are evidence of “insubordination” according to Governor Inslee, of course.

Inslee once said Washington had a
“secret sauce” for success, but it probably
won’t be found in the “snitch lists”

As of this writing, the original list was downloaded at least 7,500 times through our last article (many others distributed it, but that is the only number I can verify).  This batch is actually a little different.  It consists of eight Excel files.  They can be downloaded at this link (I didn’t put in the color coding – they came that way – I’d be curious if someone knows the significance of the color coding).  I suggest, if you are interested, you download it immediately because we found the original links were removed last time, so we had to repost the documents in a variety of locations.  If this link goes dead, I will post up new links here as well, but please let me know.

One of these files is particularly large and appears to be titled “All Open Cases” (642 pages of spreadsheets).  This will take some time to sort.  One enterprising fellow migrated the last list to a searchable online database you can see here.  I suspect others will do the same this time.  There could be some duplicates in this batch.  The rest of the Excel files appear to be pre-sorted lists (“Reported for Social Distancing, etc). 

Oh, and in case anyone isn’t intelligent enough to figure this out on their own, don’t threaten anyone on the list. Seriously. Yes, I realize they are threatening the people and businesses they report to Inslee and Ferguson and the Covid police, but committing an idiotic crime yourself is on you. I understand the Stasi comparisons and all that, but fortunately we are still in the semi-free country of America, in the even less-free state of Washington. This is merely public information which is actually free for all to know. Use it to expose the truth, and the truth will set everyone free, eventually.

If you didn’t read the first article about Governor Inslee’s snitch list – go here.  Otherwise, let me know what you find.  I have not had a chance to review this one and crowdsourcing the information will be far more efficient for the curious and the research, but make it public.

Enjoy the research, and see if you can spot any interesting trends.   There was a story reported by talk show host Jason Rantz about the Mayor of Mukilteo reporting on a business in her community, a lot of people reported Governor Inslee and other politicians, and I found a case where the Economic Development liaison employee for the City of Tukwila reported an Asian-owned business in his official capacity as an employee of Tukwila.  This was odd since the city just passed a resolution expressing their concerns over Covid related Asian discrimination in their city. That doesn’t seem like a great way to improve business in your community.  These are strange days.

AG Bob Ferguson wants you to know he might be
coming for you next

As an aside, Governor Inslee and Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, while largely abandoning enforcement of the Governor’s proclamations (which most people outside King County appear to be ignoring) , have recently decided to pick on random businesses and crucify them (See this video where a Federal bureaucrat explaining how this is done to ensure compliance and keep the peasants in line) as examples to others.  Presumably, Ferguson and Inslee believe destroying these people’s lives will encourage the rest of us little people to stop being so uppity. They know they can’t stop us all. Inslee has also been very testy lately when he was exposed for providing inflated and false Covid death statistics (see article here). It isn’t yet clear if the AG is going to eventually force the entire department of 600 attorneys to start doing this, but he appears to have chosen these businesses based on complaints – maybe from these “snitch list” complaints. 

These are ugly times in Washington State, and this administration is failing the people of this state, but if you are in King County – make sure to wear your masks.

Some people like to make a statement with their masks in Washington State
Source: Facebook – Everyone wants to make a statement


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  1. Wow! I am taking Covid seriously — I put on a substantial mask (not a flimsy) before leaving my bedroom — but Inslee has lost perspective. I seriously wonder if he is intentionally creating discord and chaos.

    I feel bad for law enforcement officers. If Inslee had to enforce his own policies at the street level, how quickly would he repeal them?

    Excellent point, Glen, about snitching destroying communication, relationships, and community. As beautiful as Washington State is, I’m *very* glad not to live there right now.

  2. Could you offer some better guidance as to which sheets contain duplicate data? Data that is either duplicative of the first dump or another sheet in this dump?

    The reason I ask is that I don’t want to create any duplicate posts when I do the database insert. I was going to go on date and only add new stuff dated 5/1 or later, but it looks like just the open cases sheet alone has several thousand more rows than the first one for the period leading up to 4/30.

    Any guidance you can give me is greatly appreciated. Right now it looks like I might have to add a clause to my insert statement not to insert data where the rat/business name already exists in the DB for a given date. The problem with that is that it could screen out unique content .

    • I haven’t had a chance to look that closely yet. It might be easier to select out based on date/name of complaints and see duplicates that way?

  3. We really need to have an iron-on patch made with the “Ministry of Covid Compliance/Not Approved” so I can wear it. Any way we can these made?

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