Antifa has a code, and they would never deviate from it. Urban fires are normal and okay. Rural fires - no way - they would never do that. It is Fake News to even think it (just ask Facebook).

For some weird, completely inexplicable reason, it seems people keep spreading conspiracy theories about Antifa starting rural brush and forest fires.  Just because the Antifa crew likes to torch urban vehicles, burn down businesses (a little “mostly peaceful” structure fire never hurt anyone), burn down police stations (because that is true “peaceful” protest), toss Molotov cocktails at everyone (and sometimes catch their friends on fire), and toss fireworks around on every day EXCEPT July 4th – this certainly doesn’t mean they would ever conceive of starting forest fires.  The Antifa/BLM crew could never be rural arsonists.  No way.  It is just impossible to imagine and clearly beyond the pale. The very thought is silly, ignorant, and everyone who believes this might be happening is just spreading FAKE NEWS. Don’t believe me? -just ask Facebook and they will tell you what to think.

Just to prove there is no possible way Antifa/BLM/DSA/or any other flavor of the “woke” gang could ever be involved in setting rural lands ablaze, let’s review a bunch of these good “woke” folk who certainly had nothing to do with any of these rural fires.

Kristopher Michael Donnelly, from Kelso, Washington, these are his four most recent mugshots from Portland arrests. He was too busy trashing Portland to start brushfires.

Let’s start with Kristopher Michael Donnelly, 26 years old. This good, productive citizen hails from Kelso, Washington. You can just tell from each of his last four mugshots taken when he was arrested in Portland over the past few weeks – he would never start a brushfire. No way. This isn’t his style. For those who appreciate source documents and want to test my theory, I will attempt to conclusively prove that this prolific friend of the Antifa/BLM gang would never start a rural fire:

Like all good Antifa/BLM “mostly peaceful” riots, it just wouldn’t be complete without a good guillotine practice routine. The bear eventually got torched along with a few American flags for good measure. They must maintain their cool image and street cred. August 23, 2020 – Portland, OR
  • On September 2, 2020 – Donnelly was transferred to Federal authorities, is being investigated by the FBI, and is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon, charged with felony civil disorder (see here for press release). It is hard to start brush fires when in prison, so we know for sure he didn’t start any fires since that date.
  • His first arrest was August 5, 2020 when he allowed himself to be conveniently filmed attempting to use a hammer to smash through the windows of a police station. The video is nice and linked here. The rest of the information about his arrest is linked here. Here is his first booking photo. He was charged with felony riot, felony criminal mischief, felony assault of a public safety officer, resisting arrest and other charges. He was held on a $5,000 bail, which was paid by someone. Clearly, no way this guy would consider lighting brush fires, because…
  • He enjoyed his adventures on August 5th so much, Donnelly wanted some more action, so he was arrested again on August 8th (he is #14 in this list and report of the events that night – see here – his second booking photo linked here). Reportedly, he attempted to flee and avoid arrest, but failed (see here). A judge released him without bail this time, which was nice because…
  • On August 23, 2020, he joined in a fun riot which included a mock guillotine (these guys love their guillotines – check out the nearby photo), attacking police officers and medics, and having a riotously good time. Here is the police report from this “mostly peaceful” violent party – linked here, Donnelly is the 5th listed arrestee that night, and his next booking photo can be found here. He had a $5,000 bail, and bailed out quickly, just in time for…
  • Another fun night on August 30, 2020, when throwing rocks at police was enough to get arrested for the fourth time – here is the police report on the event (he is again listed 5th), and here was his fourth booking photo – linked here. After this Donnelly was transferred to Federal custody.

So, this is at least one Antifa/BLM guy that was clearly too pure, too down with the cause, and way too busy to be starting brush fires in the rural areas. No way he could have done it.

On September 6, 2020, the peaceful Antifa/BLM crew staged another “mostly peaceful” riot with Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and “mostly peaceful” violence. 59 of them were arrested (read the report here). This proves that these guys would never start brush fires in the rural areas of the state because they were too busy burning dumpsters, trash cans, pallets, and (on accident) sometimes each other. There is just no rational reason nor is there any possible justification anyone can provide why there should be any suspicion or even the thought that these guys would ever stoop low enough to shift their arson activity from Portland to the rural areas of the state. That is just crazy talk.

For those who want to verify, Lydia Stanford’s booking photo and info can be found here. Demetrius Batchelor’s booking photo and info can be found here, and Gracee Brooks booking photo can be found here. While they may have been involved in setting fires in Portland, I’m certain none of them would ever set fires in the rural areas of the Pacific Northwest.

For those who want to verify, Gerald Kohler’s booking photo can be found here. Lucas Angell-Atchison’s photo can be found here. Again, these two may have set fires in Portland, but it stretches the bounds of any acceptable imagination that either of these fine citizens would ever set fires anywhere else outside Portland.

Again, for those who want to verify, here is the link to Daniel Marion’s booking photo, and here is the archived link to his Gofundme page for Antifa Michael Reinoehl (the Antifa guy shot in the arm in Kenosha). Nicole Rodriguez’s booking photo is linked here. No chance these guys would ever set fire to brush in the rural areas.

SR 167 arsonist – Jeffry Acord, an Antifa exception

Again, for those who think these guys were burning rural America, these booking photo links should prove, once and for all that they were burning Portland, NOT rural Oregon or Washington, at least on this night. Casey Smith’s booking photo is here, yeah, I think he posed for it, and the squinty eye look is cool. Wyatt Scully’s booking photo can be viewed here. Matthew Carr is showing some nice teeth in his booking photo linked here. Matthew Sohan’s booking photo, rocking the yellow hair can be found here. Worth noting is while Sohan may hail from Yakima, Washington he decided to go riot in Portland, which just proves that Washington State exports more than just apples, bitter coffee, airplanes, and overpriced software. These guys bring their arson skills and riot experience to the city where it belongs. No way they would ever consider burning up the hicks in the sticks.

So stop that crazy talk. Don’t even think it, unless you want your Facebook social credit score to drop a few notches. Just because this genius Jeffry Acord (pictured nearby) was arrested at previous BLM riots, participated in marches, and like a true criminal mastermind who is down with the Revolution, he livestreamed his rural arson and arrest – that doesn’t mean anyone else out there affiliated with the cause would be that stupid. Antifa arson is for the cities, dumpsters, garbage cans, police stations, garbage piles, maybe a few neighborhood structures. When it comes to the rural areas – no way, man. This crew will always steer clear and they all follow Smokey the Bear’s advice in the woods and fields of the rural areas.

We know that Mother Earth is mad at us right now (Nancy Pelosi channeled Gaia and told us). Gaia is angry at people who live rurally particularly if they ever voted Republican. Simultaneous, multi-state spontaneous combustion is as real as global warming or climate change or Socialism that works. These things just happen and we all must accept random rural fires are as natural as Molotov cocktails or guillotines at an Antifa/BLM “mostly peaceful” riot.

***Note, even though in my last article, I very clearly stated “Obviously not all fires are arson. Not all arsonists are part of the Antifa gang” in the first paragraph, Facebook and others are trying to censor free speech. Obviously, I committed Wrongspeak and Wrongthought, so I hope to gain a few social credit points by defending Antifa here…


Background articles and documents:

Who are the arsonists setting rural fires in Washington State?

A listing of many of the confirmed arson fires so far

Update: 14 confirmed arson hotspots in Manti-La Sal National Forest (according to the US Forest Service)

Clackamas Sheriff’s Captain informs Board of Commissioners of Antifa threat, days before sheriff places another officer on leave for informing the public of the very same threat (nothing to see here)

Man arrested for starting 7 fires along I-205 in Portland (not Antifa, he just happens to collect Molotov cocktails)

Oregon woman catches arsonist on her property with matches – Holds him at gunpoint until police arrive (video) (not Antifa- he just happened to be in the area and claims he smoked, but didn’t have any cigarettes)

Possible Antifa man arrested for starting fires in Washington State

Man charged with arson in attempt to set police cars on fire during Seattle protest (yeah, he was Antifa all the way, but I’m sure he would NEVER try burning the rural areas)

Antifa arsonist arrested near Tacoma, WA after livestreaming himself

Eastern Washington woman arrested for starting fires while crews worked to fix fallen power lines (not yet known if she is connected to Antifa, so at this point, just another arsonist)

Man arrested in connection to three suspicious fires in Olympia (identity of arsonist not yet revealed)

Fatal fire in Southeast Washington being investigated as possible arson

Big Sur’s Dolan fire may have arson, cannabis connections

New York Times: 10 dead in California as Wildfires spread on West Coast – subheading – More than three million acres have burned in California, and officials said one of the most damaging fires in Oregon may have been deliberately set.

Lane County Sheriff’s announcement of arrest of 44 year old arsonist

Police arrest multiple suspects in connection with West Coast wildfires

Man arrested on arson allegation in wildfire west of Eugene, deputies say

Man seen starting fires at Oregon state park, fire chief says

Wildfires in the West could be coordinated arson attacks says federal law enforcement

500,000 forced to flee wildfires in Oregon as federal officials investigate potential mass arson

Left-wing arsonists are setting many of the wildfires in Western States – but why?

Oregon bystander films alleged arsonists

Law Enforcement Today – “Series of wildfires on the West Coast may be series of coordinated and planned attack”

Puyallup man arrested for setting fire along SR 167

Andy Ngo on Twitter

Reason – You’re not allowed to film: The fight to control who reports from Portland

Andy Ngo begins posting mugshots of Antifa

Video of Andy Ngo get assaulted by Antifa

Antifa Mob Viciously assaults journalist Andy Ngo at Portland Rally


  1. lol the conspiracy fever is high in here. the 0.1% of violence is not from protesters. Rioters are not protesters, it’s just convenient to your agenda to lump them all together and focus on a handful of anarchists run wild rather than actually discuss WHY the protests are happening. Bigots will find any excuse they can to avoid looking in the mirror

  2. Fires all along the front range of CO. this Spring and summer. ZERO info that is accurate from even some of the large METRO and consolidated LIBERAL DOMINATED ‘rural’ departments. I travel far and wide this State (CO) all year. Seeing many furtive filthy ‘campers’ with van, bus,rentals & beater cars/trucks many bearing tags from the PAC NORTHWEST, CA and various EAST COAST hellholes. Young for the most part. Tats, weird colored hair etc. colleagues who still fly Report Denver filled w/ em – so is DIA (NWO Spaceport) built by the corrupt Democrat Colorado ruling elite. Now. fires are currently spreading (since the recent small snowfalls) in fresh, off beaten track rural routes paralleling (and thus avoiding)
    major better patrolled interstates which, yes, will converge in the Nation’s Capitol city, the District o Criminals. pray for the “peace of Jerusalem” if you will, however this formerly United States of America needs patriot prayer 🙏 as never since the 1850s. respectfully submitted, swm carson 101st ABN DVN B/327th INF ‘63-‘64

  3. Here in Sweet Home, OR they are creeping around all over our hills. 8 fires started in one night. They are patterned to shut residents off from evacuation routes. Thankfully LEOs, locals, and loggers are also patrolling. Kate brown promised the national guard but where are they? It’s ridiculous.

  4. All of the mug shots show people who are malnourished and spiritually vacuous. It is sad. Their brains cant even think let alone discern. And Inslee says climate change…yeah, right. A climate of hate, indifference, do as I say not as I do. Durken “dont protest in my neighborhood” loves not no matter the season. Inslee “dang those Nigerian scammers took my campaign money” is malfeasance on steroids. Maybe time to rethink mail in voting Washington? If only chaz chop had started their garden earlier in the spring they couldve benefitted from the nutrients of the harvest. 🙄

  5. Isn’t it interesting that “climate change” stopped at the Canadian border during this time frame and all the fires are just in the US. IE., you can pull up sattelite images and see the 1-5 corridor area light up during this time.

    • You are not allowed to ask that question. You are not allowed to even notice that. In fact, you are probably guilty of WrongThink to even say such a thing here. FB will be coming for you for sure. Your social credit rating just dropped a few points, I’m sure…

  6. The reason Antifa would never start forest fires is because it would cause a civil war within Antifa. A lot of Antifas are environmentalist and those tree huggers would never tolerate setting forest fires.

    Remember the Earth Liberation Front? They torched threats to the environment but never the environment itself.

    • You make a great point. I think this is why even if you have Antifa members or supporters set fires like this – they will need to be publicly disowned or disavowed because some of them would not appreciate the immediate result.

    • Good point. I wouldn’t put it past some of them to burn the forest, but why should they? They already own the cities. Rural fires are a step backward, the act of someone on the margins.

      • Yeah, just because they said there coming to the rural communities, that doesn’t mean they planned to burn them out. They just wanted to come for dialog, long marches down rural roads, and a general sense of the great outdoors…

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