In 2015, I wanted to create a mini documentary video about David Madore, a County Councilman in Clark County, Washington. David is the founder of US Digital, a local manufacturing company in Vancouver, Washington. He is a generous supporter of local charities, and he was very involved in his community before running for office. I think his story is a positive one that should inspire others to get involved in local government and know that you can make a difference as well. This is Part1


  1. Sorry, I find it hilarious you come in to public comment today to advertise a safe place for whistle blowers at the county and you are promoting the biggest bully / problem at the county. Funny looks like most your stuff on your website started last week. Convenient. He inspires no one here just causes chaos, anxiety, hate. His tone is condescending and patronizing. He lies and makes excuses and then employs mind-blowing hypocrisy. He plays the eternal victim. Don’t worry, I am telling all my coworkers / friends about this scam as it is apparent it is another way for Madore trying to control us. What a joke.

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