Government bureaucracy often feels the need to invent excuses to harass and destroy the lives of property owners.  This is often done so they can justify their own budget and existence.  The Washington State Department of Ecology provides particularly egregious examples of this.

In Whatcom County, the Cross family, and many of their neighbors are suffering from legal and financial threats and harassment from the Department of Ecology.  This agency is only satisfied when the farm animals are dead or gone.

Science has nothing to do with this harassment.  The “potential” to pollute is excuse enough.  No evidence is needed, and no evidence is allowed by this agency which would convince them to abandon their harassment.  As the testimony from State Representative Vincent Buys verifies in this video – the State Department of Ecology is content to lie if they must to promote their extreme agenda


  1. Typical liberals, EPA needs to be downsized and we need new leadership in the governors office and we need Donald Trump in the white house.

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