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Who’s getting payoffs in government today?

I've worked with whistleblowers for years now. One benefit of living in Thurston County is that you are never more than two degrees...

Worst Washington State Legislative Bills of 2022

Every year, the Washington State Legislature (both houses currently controlled by the Democrats) in collusion with Washington State's Governor Jay Inslee (D) are producing...

Write-in political campaigns – Do they work in Washington State?

In some ways, Washington State's Top 2 Primary (Jungle Primary) System encourages write-in campaigns if one party ends up getting both slots on the...

Reaction to Washington State 2020 Primary Results, Political Games, and Opportunities

This was my initial reaction to the Washington State 2020 Primary Election Results last week - looking at the Governor race, and Washington State's...

Washington’s Lieutenant Governor Race is a serious challenge for Republicans

***Please note, this article was updated a few hours after it originally posted, see below*** The Washington State Republicans haven’t had much success for many...

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler caught and fined for illegal use...

Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler (Dem) was caught and exposed for personal misuse of his surplus campaign funds over the past few years. ...

Sandra Romero – the $200 million Commissioner

Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero is leaving behind an impressive legacy of incompetence, waste, and politically motivated destruction.  She has inflicted this damage on...

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