The City of Winlock at its September 13, 2021 City Council meeting approved a Proclamation demanding Washington State Governor Inslee have a mental health evaluation based on his increasingly harmful and erratic decisions in recent months.

Last night, in the City of Winlock, Washington with a unanimous city council vote, Mayor Brandon Svenson approved and signed a proclamation demanding that Washington State Governor Jay Inslee have a mental health evaluation at the earliest possible time.  Many people around the state are understandably concerned about Governor Inslee’s mental state based on his erratic, harsh, and randomly changing lockdown rules among other increasingly harmful actions the Governor has attempted to impose on Washington residents.  However, this is the first formal proclamation from an elected official demanding that a formal mental health evaluation be conducted on Governor Inslee.  Unlike Governor Inslee’s edicts, this was not a mandate, but it seems likely to be only the first among an increasingly loud chorus questioning the mental health of Governor Inslee.

The City of Winlock is located in Western Washington in Lewis County, south of the State Capital of Olympia, Washington.

On September 13th, at the Winlock City Council meeting, Mayor Svenson read the proclamation into the record.  You can listen to the entire city council meeting (linked here).  A copy of the signed Proclamation is posted below.  The key language of this proclamation is as follows:

“Now Therefore, I, Brandon Svenson, Mayor of the City of Winlock, as evident by the aforementioned, do herby proclaim that the City of Winlock will not comply with any and all illegal and or unconstitutional mandates, orders or requirements; and further proclaim that the increasing tyrannical proclivities exhibited by Jay Inslee, Governor of the State of Washington, over the course of the pandemic are those of one suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  It is my sincere belief that Governor Inslee requires a professional medical intervention, as he is undoubtedly unfit for office in his current mental status”

City of Winlock Mayor Brandon Svenson Proclamation September 13, 2021
A photo of the signed Proclamation, approved by the Winlock City Council on September 13, 2021

Many other local municipalities, counties, and other elected bodies are considering similar language as the polices of Jay Inslee appear increasingly destructive to the order, freedom, public safety, and economic prosperity of Washington State.  If you want to sign a petition of regular citizens who are demanding the same mental health intervention with Governor Jay Inslee, you can do so by going here.

Governor Jay Inslee is not happy

At this time, it appears unlikely that Governor Jay Inslee, and more importantly, his handlers, would consider taking the risky step of a mental health evaluation since the results of that type of evaluation could cause Inslee more embarrassment than the current political narrative would allow. From Governor Inslee’s perspective, he has the Republican opposition cowed and neutered and the group think in his own political party allows very little dissent. Inslee views the state judiciary as under his political influence and control. It is exceptionally rare for any judge to rule against Governor Inslee regardless of the law.

As one Olympia-based administration insider told me recently “Inslee might be crazy and not that bright, but we can control him and ultimately he will do what we want.” This may be a common feeling among the grifters and insiders in Olympia, but it is producing a groundswell of resistance across the state. Most people who are not on the political grant gravy train are increasingly concerned about the mental health of this governor. The City of Winlock was just the first group of elected officials to formally acknowledge what many others are saying in private. It seems certain they will not be the last.

Winlock City Mayor Brandon Svenson, (seated to the Left in the white shirt) at the Winlock City Council meeting September 13, 2021 is clearly concerned about Governor Jay Inslee’s mental health.


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Jacobson vs. Commonwealth of Massachusetts 197 U.S. 11 (1905)


  1. A psyche exam? Really? Inslee needs to be arrested for murder. Or he needs to be taken for a long walk off a short pier with bricks around his ankles as used to be done in Old Seattle back in the late 1800’s. The man is inhuman. He looks normal and acts normal, at times, but his children need to know their Dad is a pyschopath and deserves exactly what he is dishing out.

      • I understand your position, I do. But I come from a different era where men actually were held accountable for their crimes. Inslee is a psychopath, albeit, a stupid one. I’ve seen enough deaths and torture of innocents who’ve taken these so-called ‘vaccines’ to convince me of one thing – every day Inslee is alive is just one more day he murders the ignorant. I tell you what, when we bring him to justice for his crimes, and we will, you can evaluate his mental health wherever you’d like – then we’ll take care of the rest.

        • Inslee is not alone. Frankly, he is probably just the puppet for his handlers. They need someone stupid and easy to manipulate or bribe to to their bidding. When I talk to senior staffers who brief Inslee from their respective agencies, they tell me that former Gov. Gregoire would ask questions or quiz them about different details. Inslee doesn’t bother looking up and just plays with his phone. He is not really all there…

    • Many people do. I spoke to the Mayor recently and he told me other than the Governor’s office whining, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and other cities and counties want to pass similar proclamations..

  2. Hi Glen could you please call me?
    I am going to need to talk to you about what happened at the Benton County Auditors office
    a while ago today. Please its serious XXX-XXX-XXXX I am for the People and have began a challenge here near Benton City in relation to the private property tax and the fact that the warranty deed is falsely addressed. I like your web sight its great. Peace

    • I had to censor your comment because it had your phone number in it (so you won’t get spammed). Please don’t put your number in an open comment available for all to read. Just to be safe.

  3. County of Benton is a corporation as is STATE OF WASHINGTON. They are listed as for profit business’ even the senate and the house all have duns numbers. Go to duns and bradstreet and call them up I did. I have every STATE OF WASHINGTON courts duns numbers yes the courts are corporations. The property tax is a direct tax and is illegal under Washington constitution basically until enough of the real people start to stand up like this mayor did we will suffer. I tried to record a affidavit and the workers refused to file it until they got their way and made me falsify my affidavit yes Benton county needs to be investigated and so does Franklin county to many families all in charge for a while now.

    • Sherry, I hid your other comment just because you published your phone number there and I’m not sure it is a good idea to make that public in the comments section on this website. I look forward to chatting with you soon. I really do have my hands full with a number of issues this week, but let’s try to touch bases this weekend.

    • You file Petitions, Remonstrances and AO 91 criminal Complaint forms in the Legislature… The lower Courts are tax courts.. There power is by your consent.. 1845 Admiralty Law that came onto our land… You can track the courts bonds, the clerk makes before you even walk into court.. They are the bit, payment, and performance bonds.. anyone in emoluments can’t have advantage, profit or gain.. these go into the pensions of these people.. Everything is a Corporation 28 USC 3002 15a… Just like the Virginia Company,, The Virginia Corporation..

  4. Ah, Winlock! A town of 1300 poorly educated duped fools whose biggest claim to fame is having “The World’s Biggest Egg”. Now that’s something to be proud of. The per capita income of Winlock is a pathetic $13k per year, which means it’s something like a medieval village inhabited by starving peasants. Instead of embarrassing yourselves like this, maybe you should get some remedial education and try to improve your economy.

    • Are you gay? You seem to have something for inslee,the guy is a dumb ass,who needs to have a mental evaluation. He trying to play God and you are one of his victims who thinks he’s doing everything right ,I bet you voted for this dumb ass because they way you spoke about this town, your lucky your not from my town you gay ass retard.

    • Wow. Aren’t you the master of all mankind. It must get lonely up there being so advanced and so much more important than the rest of the world.

      • Many of us in our group are vet’s and like minded people that saw great wrongs… Many of these wrongs happened to us even… Many of us never wanted to spend 5 to 25 years of our life learning the law and what happened to our country.. But someone had to step up.. Most that serve in public emoluments don’t know the law.. Never even read their Federal or State Constitutions..The Bill of Rights.. The Law of Nations.. The Treatise on False Arrests and Imprisonment.. Many like our Police went to Brain Washing Schools… But our schools are just re-education camps anyway since 1912.. Little you think you know about our history is even true… We tested what the founders left us in 3 states already and it worked.. Watch Idaho.. We got some big stuff coming there.. Most of the paper work has already been filed.. And we are filing more and more every week.. They can’t stop whats coming… Not even Fake news.. One of our people flled Doc’s in Florida last Nov. What he filed will change things for everyone for years to come.. But he paid the price and is no longer with us.. This is not a game.. Grow up…

        • Grow up? I’ve been taking care of my dad, a 97 year old WWII Submarine Vet who is in danger of loosing his VA assistance and Social Security because I don’t want him to take the experimental jab. My wife is about to lose her job and much of her retirement after 30 years of loyal service with the state because she chooses not to inject fetal tissue into her body. My social security is probably in danger too. My families world is falling apart because of communist Jay Inslee and his brownshirts. THIS is not a game!!!! We are all in this together but for some reason, you just seem to want to piss everyone else off. Good luck with that.

          • 18 USC 3571 sue them.. They can’t violate your Rights.. 3571 has penalties and fines.. They can even go to prison or be executed.. a little reading goes far.. we already filed 13.5 million for 3 people already and we are filing everyday.. A business License is a privilege and not a Right.. You can get any business license pulled for the violating your Rights… File a petition in the Legislature first.. Call them into session if you have to.. RCW 42. 56.030 lays out your power over them.. They are just servants.. Criminal ones… We filed 62 pages of crimes already in Idaho.. The only reason we do what we do is to teach the people what was hidden from them.. Servants don’t tell their Boss anything.. We grant them the power.. But all power is inherent in the people first,, If I can’t do something.. Neither can they.. They are only Fiction on Paper.. Maybe I took what you said Wrong.. If so I apologize… Been doing this over 4 years now and I’m wearing down a bit.. Studying over 11 years now.. I find most of this stuff to be so surreal.. Even showing the police “Policy Officers” the law.. They don’t read anything.. They will violate the peoples Rights to feed their families.. Get a New Job.. They even said it on tape.. So we filed on them also.. We put them on Notice.. Crimes on the people under the color of law 18 USC 242.. This here is for the churches out there 18 USC 247… Just trying to help the people..

          • Take a deep breath, bub. There is no ‘fetal tissue’ in the vaccine, and there is absolutely no connection between refusing the jab and your eligibility for social security or veterans’ benefits. If somebody told you this, then you were lied to.

  5. You might want to read the 1947 Nuremberg Codes… I believe most of these have been violated.. Read the RCW 42. 56.030.. This lays down the law and who the Boss is… Governor’s don’t make law.. All Political power is Inherent in the people.. The People are Vested with Sovereign Authority.. Government is Fiction created by the people on Paper.. We laid down the law before making Government.. In Hale V Henkel 201. U.S 43 (1906) Policy, Statutes, Code, Rules and Reg’s are not law.. It’s the color of law.. Right’s are the law.. Color of law is for those in Government.. 18 USC 242 crimes on the people under the color of law.. 18 USC 3571 sets the Fines and Penalties.. These leaders & those in a Public Emolument.. Need to be put on Notice.. Then Petition and Remonstrance the Legislature followed up with a AO 91 criminal complaint form for their Crimes… And there is many.. The Damages for their lawlessness are endless..We are the Boss.. They are Servants bound by the Constitution RCW 42.56.030 read it.. Inslee doesn’t have any idea of what law is or isn’t.. Or even the law of creation of a law.. Due Process & Subject Matter Jurisdiction of Creating Law.. Most Laws are Bills of Attainer.. Bills of pains and penalties.. Thats not law in a Republic.. It’s also a crime on the people.. Bill’s are not law.. Government pays the Bill’s.. What I can’t do on my own person,, I can’t do thru the Agency of another.. If I don’t have the power.. I can’t grant it to government either.. All Power is Inherent in the People.. Our Rights come from God and Nature.. Not Man or Government.. This has been so hard on me.. I know the Law and the Constitution and what the Founders left for us all.. It’s been So hard to wake up the Brain Washed.. Inslee is a Dictator and totally lawless.. Make him Cite the Law and His Fake Powers…

      • No Bill’s aren’t law.. lets see here– Bill’s,,,,Law,,,, Bill’s,,,,,Law… hmmm Bill’s doesn’t even sound like Law.. LAW Land,,,Air,, Water… Land– the Common Law, Property, Equity and Rights… Air—Ecclesiastic, Cannon Trust.. Water Admiralty Maritime Law, contract law by consent… Do you even know how law is made? By Article 5 convention only.. Plus you need jurisdiction.. Cite it; Article,, Section and Clause.. No Law can Violate the peoples Rights.. mentally Ill sounds like you.. and We shun the crazy in this world.. Even lock them up.. Be careful buddy… Reading Means Reading.. Read the Reed’s Parliamentary Manual for Washington State first.. Only State in the USA that uses this.. Go Figure that one.. 75% of the country uses Mason’s.. Executive Branch uses Jefferson’s.. Ever read it? AOC sure never did..

  6. Along with the mental,illness of Narcissism, please add Delusions of Grandeur. He is totally delusional about his role in life. He sees himself as a prince, a king. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some schizophrenia in there also.

  7. Get over it people wear the damn masks quit crying you are the ones killing lots of people this about people’s lives yes the masks suck but too bad cry babies

      • Now,now, be nice. Your comments might be triggering and people can identify as anything they want. Maybe 12, maybe 75. Maybe a different age each day. Hard to guess or imagine…

    • You go get the shot and then you don’t have to worry at all, do you… O Right… My body my choice.. Hows that working for you..? My Body my choice.. I have these God Given unalienable Rights… So many Rights that they all can’t be listed.. And their my Property also.. Satan didn’t give you any Rights… He just gave you Smith Mundt Act Fake News… You do know what Hitler did to his brown coats when he was finished with them.. They were the first to go.. History repeats as The World Turns… OR DOES IT… Turn….? Lmao

  8. Wow! You are spot on in your assessment of this governor. He is so blatant that he will not follow the will of the people in every responsibility as governor. The proverb is true about his administration: when the wicked rule the people groan. Thank you!

  9. Glad to see there is a town in Washington State that is tough enough and brave enough to stand up against King Inslee.

    • Sure, if you reach out to your other local cities and counties and have them join the growing list of those concerned about the mental health and sanity of our Dear Leader…

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