In 2015, I wanted to create a mini documentary video about David Madore, a County Councilman in Clark County, Washington. David is the founder of US Digital, a local manufacturing company in Vancouver, Washington. He is a generous supporter of local charities, and he was very involved in his community before running for office. I think this is a very positive story that should inspire others to get constructively involved in local government and their community. You can make a real difference. This is Part3 – the final video in the series


  1. Talk about the theft of property rights, this story takes the cake when it comes to abuse of power and features an all star cast, including Dow Constantine, US Congresswoman Suzan DelBene and tons more.

    The theft of our historic, landmark hotel was fifteen years in the making and besides the loss of our property, home and business, our retirement and savings were wiped out too.

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