After the first day of Washington State election results, here is my reaction

This video was from the morning after election day. Many more votes were still to be counted, as is customary in Washington State with only vote by mail voting.


Background articles and documents:

Why are 6.7% of King County voter records not accurate?

August 2020 CASS – NCOA Reports on King County Voter Database

Washington State Secretary of State Office – Official Website

King County Elections Office – Official Website

Only a few folks attempted voter fraud in 2016, those who did could be in big trouble

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When clowns run government, eventually it becomes a circus

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King County sends thousands of Duplicate ballots (I’m sure it is fine – nothing to see here)

Thurston County Auditor bends the rules to benefit Allen Miller (and Jim Cooper)

Vote by mail fails when postal workers are corrupt, look at Washington State

Democratic Dinner Committee pays over $6k for lawbreaking, promises to sin no more

King County Democrats suffer another setback with $36k judgement for breaking the law

King County Council receives Bureaucrat Pinocchio Award

Attorney General sues Democrat Speaker Frank Chopp for campaign finance violations

Tukwila Ethics Board hides Forterra Grant Funding Violations

Tempted by Turd Tax, King County Council and Staff shocked by citizen disgust

King County Dumps the Turd Tax after overwhelming rejection by angry residents


  1. GLEN ~ A big fan of “We the Governed”. I look forward to meeting at some point. Given the outlook from returns as of 11-6-2020 what should a senior who has no pension or retirement benefits income…just Social Security…and commission income from real estate transactions…say, four to six transactions per year expect as an increase in taxes, fuel expense increases, et cetera. I’m a native and hate the thought of being taxed out of my home but I have a learning disabled daughter who will always live with me and we have to plan how we survive or not here in our home state. Should we move? You said no and I agree. I’m an activist but have to put fuel in my tank. God bless and God speed. Thank you for your labor of love. Kris Grose

    • Kris, Thank you for being a fan and your comments. I understand your concerns, and I guarantee you are not alone. I hear similar concerns expressed all the time. We do have to manage the fiasco and decline of competent local government. The grant grifting schemes, the “cost” explosion while “services” decline. All of this is evidence of a decline in local government and its ability to do a decent job. It is ultimately up to us to expose the truth, and eventually to clean up the mess

    • IMHO you need to run, not walk, away from Washington. The next major disaster for this state will be the decriminalization of all illegal drugs (a la Oregon). That means a MAJOR increase of criminals/bums/addicts moving to Washington. Not to mention the Mexican cartels openly setting up shop in the state and owning all of the politicians. My son and daughter in law have declared they will be moving their family to another state when (not if) this disaster is approved. Grandpa and grandma will be right behind them.

  2. Engage your neighbors. Be active in your Neighborhood Associations. It is here you speak and are heard by level-headed people and City Staff seeking solutions in a street by street focus. We gave away our children’s education, so that must halt now. Our children only know what they were told about us. To know us is to love us. Fix your school districts. The reality these democrats will paint will soon have folks alerted to the level of ignorance among them. They know little about building or running anything. But they will excel in telling us what they demand we do. I will not move away. I will never run. Teach our kids to turn and face their fears. Only then will they finally hear us.

      • I have found City/County Staff are good people who joined for the noble endeavors their agencies were tasked to do. Local folks trying to do a Good Job. I would recommend we promote their leadership from among their ranks over these ‘rules’ demanding their Directors come with their Ivy League diplomas and their Big Club mentality. (Agenda21; 20/30 U.N. Globalism) Pass blind ballots among them as to query who they feel is best qualified to fill vacancies as the foreign parade of Directors work their way up “the ladder” into the plum DC appointments. Keep it local!

        • That was once the case, but no longer. There has been an extensive purge of local government agencies for years now – only hiring ideological “correct” employees. Only promoting those who toe the party line. Removing or demoting anyone who cares about the citizens or protecting people’s rights. There are good people in the mix, but they are largely going underground and keeping their head down until retirement, which is the point of the intimidation, of course.

          • True that. Paycheck Patriotism, as we see with Paycheck Journalism. We have heard from retired military flag officers, lamenting they “should have done more” when faced with decisions detrimental to our continued survival as a Constitutional Republic. But they opted for the safer route, protecting their retirements. These are folks who faced actual danger throughout their careers. It was from this that I draw my belief we went from acting as an Empire to actually start becoming an Empire after the fall of Russia and the Cold War. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote the corruption comes in tiny, subtle increments. Nazi camp guards often came from once-honorable German police. But that education has been relegated out of even our colleges with the advent of Safe Spaces.

            • As a 33+ year police officer (now retired) in a very large Pacific Northwest department I can assure you there were (and are) ZERO potential ‘Nazi camp guards’ among the officers I worked with and the ones still on the force. You are blowing smoke, and it is offensive smoke at that.

              • I think most police officers are good folk. I count several police officers in this state as friends. As someone who spent many years of my life driving really ugly, beat up
                junker cars, I have been frequently pulled over, and have had the opportunity to interact with many police not just in a social setting, but in a work setting, which can be adversarial. On only one occasion did I have a bad experience in the sense that I believe the officer was dishonest or did something wrong. In most cases, I was treated fairly, the interaction was professional, and if I received a ticket – I deserved it. I think calling police officers “Nazi camp guards” is absurd. However, while researching bureaucracy, grant scams, central planning departments, and bureaucratic abuse of the citizenry, I have discovered many hundreds of government employees who have no business being on the taxpayer payroll, and whose behavior is terrifyingly abusive, harmful and destructive. Many of THESE folk should not be in charge of anything…

              • I very much apologize for giving this impression, Mr. Kent. All our police have proven most honorable people, especially in these last few decades. Their training has been and continues to be stellar. What drove this statement comes from research done by a University of Toronto professor of Clinical Psychology who was researching the many individuals who became Nazi camp guards.

  3. Given all the voting fraud connected to mail in ballots currently going on nationwide I can’t believe Washington state has any less issues with same. All of the assurances from Wyman ring hollow; as she is not going to claim fraud on her watch. Let’s face it, elections are becoming a farce. Your vote is only acknowledged as RECIEVED, not COUNTED. A second American revolution is coming soon and it won’t be pretty; THAT is the reality. The pendulum has swung and will continue swinging left. That is why Americans have been buying a record number of firearms. ‘Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’ – Abraham Lincoln.

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