We the Governed exists to support activists and citizens who are concerned that government is too big, intrusive, abusive, corrupt, and incompetent.  We the Governed believes government needs to be substantially and significantly reformed in order to restore many of the founding principles and freedoms on which our nation was founded.  A big part of this reform will be true openness, improved access to public records, and exposing the truth – regardless of how embarrassing the truth may be for the politicians and bureaucrats involved.

We the Governed actively recruits whistleblowers and source contacts in government agencies – particularly in state and local governments.  While recent polls have shown a growing percentage of Americans believe government is corrupt, incompetent, and certainly wasteful, we also know that many people who work in government can help expose the truth.  While the upper management of these agencies may be politicized and corrupt, usually the front line workers are just trying to do their jobs.  We work to protect whistleblower identity when anonymity is requested (and anonymity is recommended if you want to keep your job).

We the Governed is focused mainly on local and state government in the Pacific Northwest.  The founder and Executive Director of We the Governed, Glen Morgan,  lives near Washington State’s Capital in the City of Olympia.

We the Governed seek to solve the problems found in politics and government bureaucracy. Corruption and incompetence is monopolized by no political party.  The problems we expose, the stories we tell, and the suggestions we propose improve our community and our future for everyone.

Until We the People can regain control over the instruments of government which we have created, we will continue to live as We the Governed…