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Thurston County Manager Cliff Moore quits, will now plague the City...

 The residents of Thurston County owe the City of Yakima a big Thank-You for saving them the hassle of firing a bad manager. On Wednesday,...

Tales of Tyranny – Misti Chastain and her horse ranch

Misti, who lives near Washington's capitol city of Olympia, had a lifelong dream of having a horse ranch. When her dream came true, she...

Tales of Tyranny – the Chris Weaver Story

Chris Weaver lived in Thurston County, Washington  and was charged with the crime of killing a pocket gopher.  He now has a criminal record...

Tales of Tyranny – The Jay Howell Story

Jay Howell lived in Thurston County, Washington  and discovered that he couldn't build his home because of a pocket gopher.  He had to move...

Tales of Tyranny – Thurston County – Bert Wasch

This is how Thurston County frequently treats property owners.  Bert Wasch is unable to build his home even after Thurston County is proven to...

Sandra Romero – the $200 million Commissioner

Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero is leaving behind an impressive legacy of incompetence, waste, and politically motivated destruction.  She has inflicted this damage on...

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