Hamilton Corners Billboard advertising Medical Freedom Rally at State Capitol campus in Olympia on October 3, 2021. Organized by a coalition of state workers, public sector works, teachers, and others whose jobs have been threatened if they don't obey Inslee's vax mandates.

A “Medical Freedom Rally” has been organized at the Washington State Capitol campus for Sunday, October 3, 2021. Organizers have advertised that the event starts at 1pm. A large number of liberty organizers, state workers, public sector employees, and others who have been threatened with job loss, ostracization, discrimination, and other serious consequences if they don’t obey and submit to Governor Jay Inslee‘s latest round of mandates including forced sterilizations vaccinations are involved in this event. All indications point towards a large showing at the Capitol that day. (For more details and links go to the end of this article)

Inslee’s latest deadline for mandated forced vax rules is fast approaching, and this appears to increase the sense of urgency to this event. We live in strange times. Additionally, the state’s general refusal to “find accommodations” for the thousands of state and government workers who have requested religious exemptions from around the state is unprecedented and almost certainly unlawful. Nothing normal about this. The general anger by state workers who have had their exemptions rejected or “unaccommodated” is adding fuel to this dumpster fire.

August 28, 2021 – State Worker Rally against Washington State Governor Inslee’s forced employment mandates – state workers were not happy

As we mentioned in a recent video (linked here) the Washington State Ferry Workers have been staging “sick-outs” and other protests on the ferry system for several weeks now, and they have not been happy with their union refusing to support their efforts to follow “my body, my choice” or to even protect their jobs. Additionally, with the high rate of refusal to submit to Inslee’s lockdown rules and demands in certain key government job categories, we are likely to face serious disruption of certain key services in Washington State, if Inslee sticks to his needles.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

As Governor Inslee strives to create a new Covid Caste system in Washington State and purge the state workforce of anyone who is not perfectly obedient to his whims, it does appear that poor public policy combined with arrogance is likely to result in unintended consequences. However, this is a rally focused on drawing more attention to this situation, and hoping to encourage some form of sanity to return to Olympia.

Whether you are vaxed or not, if you are interested in speaking truth to power, questioning authority, or just standing up for others who are suffering the brunt of these policies, we will see you there (I’ve been invited to speak as well). Please note that this size of event can impact parking. Carpool if you can. Come early if possible. Bring water if it is a hot day. Be prepared to meet a lot of fellow citizens who care.

Stay safe and true. The future belongs to those who show up.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee loves lockdowns and believes that it is better to be King than to be Governor


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  1. Bill Bruch WA State Prevent Voter Corruption
    Fix 2020 with WA State Full Forensic AUDIT Meeting
    Saturday October 9, 2021 01:00 – 04:30 pm
    Greyhound Park & Event Center
    5100 W Riverbend Av
    Post Falls, ID 83854-6812

  2. There’s nothing wrong with the vaccine. It’s effective, safe, and free. People saying it hasn’t been properly tested are wrong, it definitely has and is saving lives and reducing cases. If these state employees want to get fired because they don’t believe in science, so be it.

    • Can you really justify firing people over this? Seriously. It is an absurd public policy approach. The aggressive mandates requiring this are clearly unprecedented. I can’t believe there are people out there who really think this is rational public policy. If the VAX was so awesome, you wouldn’t need 100% compliance. You wouldn’t need to deny the science on natural immunity for those who already had the disease. You wouldn’t need to deny people with a clear history of adverse medical reactions to vaccines in the past from getting a waiver this time, yet that is what is happening. I don’t care if you love the VAX or not. The public policy approach here is absurd, heavy handed, abusive, irrational and harmful to the community.

      • Well stated, Glen. Medical FREEDOM is what American citizens deserve and must demand.
        T. Cochran might want to spend a little time on the Vaers site if he believes the vaccine is safe. Just a suggestion.

      • You can apply to get a medical exemption in order to not get fired from state jobs. People are doing that, but 99% of people don’t actually have adverse effects to the vaccine. If millions of people already have it, why won’t they? They have the freedom to do that of course, doesn’t mean they have the freedom to not get fired

        • There once was a time when libs believe in bodily autonomy – “my body, my choice.” No longer. It is impressive to see how people who aspire for evil and control over their fellow man can justify almost anything because they don’t care about the harm they inflict on others. This is obviously just the beginning, but the concept of individual rights and freedom has been lost for many people. This pathetic, science-denying policy approach is an embarrassment, but at least we can see how abusive these guys will be when they have the opportunity…

          • My Body my choice still applies. It’s their choice to not get the vaccine, and its their choice to get fired over it. Also, the only people denying science are the people saying masks and the vaccine don’t work.

            • The people who claim they have to protect the Vaxed from the unvaxxed are denying science, or they are admitting that the VAX is non-functional and ineffective, which then brings us back to the beginning question – what is the point of being vaxxed if it doesn’t work.

            • The people who want to deny the normal aspect of science which includes robust debate (which has existed since the enlightenment) but who now force total censorship of all debate are also denying the scientific method.

              • The vaxxed aren’t being protected from the unvaxxed. The people who can’t get vaxxed need to be protected. I have a friend who is immunocompromised, and she can’t get the vaccine. Not because it’s bad, but because of her immune system. If she went to work and everybody there was unvaxxed, coughing in her, without a mask, that would be a huge risk. People not getting vaxxed (who can) have the freedom to do so but they’re putting others at risk for no reason, so they also have the freedom to have consequences of their actions.

                • Again, there is science denial here because we are seeing the vaxxed as both getting the disease and spreading it the same way. Your friend who is immunocompromised is not helped by the people getting vaxxed. She will catch it regardless. Everyone will be exposed to Covid. It has endless reservoirs in nature. Most people will be exposed repeatedly. Natural immunity, based on the studies out of Israel is still better than the Vax for resisting future variants (which will be endlessly mutating, just like the flu). With a 99% survival rate, in what sane world would they trash every facet of normal society in a bizarre effort to achieve something that can’t be achieved. They deny natural immunity from those who already survived the disease. They deny science by pretending herd immunity doesn’t exist anymore. Now they destroy people’s lives for the joy of power, money, and control it brings to those who apparently like hurting others.

                  Nobody is stopping you from getting vaxxed. Get it. In fact take all three. Take the boosters. Take as many as you want. Forever if you want. You are free to do this. You should not be free to destroy other people’s lives for a mad power trip, which is all this action is right now. Unlike any disease in human history, this one has resulted in the most draconian, bizarre public policy and behavior we’ve ever seen.

  3. I have compiled charts for “Cases” and “Deaths” converted to percentages,
    in comparison to Populations, that prove Covid is not a threat and never was.


    UNITED STATES – As of September 26, 2021
    Population: 332,915,073 (333 Million)
    Cases: 42,871,356 = 12.877565% of the Population.
    Deaths: 687,876 = 0.206622% of the Population.
    Healthy, Alive and Enslaved = 99.793378% of the Population.
    Cases: 332,915,073 – 42,871,356 = 290,043,717 (87.122434% Unaffected)
    Deaths: 332,915,073 – 687,876 = 332,227,197 (99.793377% Completely Unaffected)
    Survivability: 42,871,356 – 687,876 = 42,183,480 (98.395488% Survived)

    • The speaker list is pretty full. The organizers are telling me that they want to keep it on time, efficient, and on message. Having been the MC at the last one, I can tell you it is easy for these types of events to get out of control and drone on and on. People sometimes like to speak too long. Just human nature. I also suspect there are some big name national speakers who might be announced shortly, which might pare down the list of speakers a bit. Know you are not alone…

  4. What have we imagined our lives to look like if the workers stand firm and walk off the job on October 18th. What should we be preparing to do to lighten the burden for our families and neighbors?
    Any thoughts??

    • I don’t think people are walking off the job. They are being fired by Governor Inslee. Different process entirely. Maybe he is bluffing. Maybe not. If he isn’t bluffing, then there will be disruptions, which will ripple into different areas of living. It is hard to predict. Since government is mostly incompetent anyway – some branches of government will just become more dysfunctional than normal. Some places like Evergreen State College – where everyone is a sheep and they follow orders, probably nothing changes. In the areas where things actually matter like public safety, power grid, etc – we will just have to see…

      • How can you tell if the government becomes ‘more disfunctional than normal’? ‘Just be glad you’re not getting all the government you’re paying for’ – Will Rogers.

        • The dysfunction of government is probably all that saves us. The incompetence is so pervasive, it prevents the worst plans from coming together. The corruption hollows it out and ensures the most corrupt get their cut and run. A forced purge of independent thinkers is the next logical step, apparently. I’m sure things won’t get better after that…

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