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The rough road ahead – campaign finance reform in Washington State

Yesterday, the Seattle Times published an article about my efforts to expose campaign finance violations in Washington State.  I appreciate when the media covers...

Jay Manning skates away from transparency, thanks Public Disclosure Commission

Last week, the Public Disclosure Commission allowed Jay Manning to avoid transparency and scrutiny once again, but he was not able to entirely avoid...

Can political insiders violate campaign finance laws with no consequences?

Jay Manning is the consummate Washington State political insider.  He was the former Director of the Department of Ecology before he became Governor Gregoire’s...

Why the Public Disclosure Commission needs a new director

The mission of the Public Disclosure Commission is to provide public access to information about campaign financing, lobbyist expenditures, the financial affairs of public...

Complaint filed against Sound Transit for illegal collusion with ST3 lobby...

The supporters of ST3, a massive $54 billion tax proposal for light rail on the ballot this November, appear to be violating campaign finance...

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